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    Has anyone heard about some pills called Omega Mom?


    Yes all mine and dh’s family live near by. My sister is always offering to watch kids so I can get some sleep, but I always say no. I’m not very good at taking people up on their offers of help.



    thank you luvbeingamom for sharing your story, i really appreciate it. I have not seen a real increase in my supply yet but am still trying. second day of eating the oatmeal too.



    I know I feel bad too. We have way more pictures of Braeden that I do of Damion, Damion’s 9, so that was before I had a digital camera. On the other hand, Damion has real photo albums, Braeden’s pics are all on the computer. I’ll have to get around to printing them out one day so he has a baby book too!


    Lawsons Mom – I’m not too familiar with your history of BF. I take it your bub only takes bottles of BM but won’t nurse? I’m not sure if starting earlier with EASY would’ve changed your outcome. I was always very scared of Alyssa preferring the bottle vs. breast so I didn’t introduce a bottle until she was 6wks old and it was only once per day, then 1wk later it was 2 times a day. She nursed for all her other meals and it stayed that way for a while after I started working. Now that she eats every 4 hours she only gets 1 bottle a day and she nurses for her other meals. I’m lucky enough to only live 1mile away from work and Travis takes care of her during the day so I just go home to nurse on my lunch hour. It just gives me another opportunity to nurse her instead of giving her a bottle. I’m glad for this since I don’t seem to pump a whole meal for her at a time. I have to pump at night to ensure she has enough for the 1 bottle she gets a day. Now we’re working on building a supply. At any rate, you’re right… too late to change what’s happened now. But don’t beat yourself up over it. Take comfort in the fact that you’re an effective pumper and that you’re still able to give her BM! Kudos to you for that. Pumping is NOT easy! 🙂



    jessicalynn21 – Good for you!!! Hopefully it embarrassed her enough to stay out of other business. HAHA!


    Lawsons – Ah, good to hear I’m not the only one with a small baby. Alyssa doesn’t look small to me, though. I love her little fat rolls!! 🙂


    Member that book does wonders…I am sleep training my eight month old and it works! If you ahve any questions…post to my page!



    Thanks styx, guess I’ll carry on as I have been!


    Laura- I wouldn’t worry about the head. My first always had a large head. We couldn’t do tummy time for awhile because his head was so big he couldn’t lift it for anything. John was born with a smaller head, so we thought he’d have my head but it has grown and caught up fast! He’s reaching the 80% from 10%!


    James fell off the settee when he was 6 months. The worst thing was when I fell down the stairs holding him. I must have been about 3 weeks pregnant with Ollie at the time but obviously didn’t know. I tripped about 5 steps, I pulled James into me. But at the last minute he turned his head and it smacked off the end of the banister. It was horrible he was screaming and his mouth was covered in blood. I phoned NHS direct, and whilst I was on the phone he went all lethargic and fell asleep. I was so worried I rushed him straight up the hospital. He was fine but don’t think I’ll ever get over it.



    I am so spaced out that I haven’t noticed if my supply has ever dipped or not and I have gotten my period once. Crazy!



    scarlet- you’re offering breast and bottle first, right? just make sure you are otherwise they will fill up on the solids and not want the milk, which is the most important. Also, i disagree with your doctor. Ella is 13 months and i know she gets enough food during the day. i know that she doesn’t wake up because she’s hungry, and i know she never did. I think that babies just wake up during the night sometimes. that’s almsot like the putting cereal in the bottle thing to make babies sleep. if they’re not ready to sleep through the night, they won’t. Try not to stress. Sometimes babies change their eating habits. Maybe she’s become more efficient at nursing (I know she’s older, but it’s still possible). And she doesn’t hang around as much as she used to. But that’s because she is too busy wanting to do things and practice her skills. It might not mean she’s getting any less milk. As for the bottle. She might just prefer nursing, so she takes just enough to make her not hungry. I know Ella started doing this. She wouldn’t drink as much from her bottle because she wanted it straight from the tap. This could be the case. I hope so! Try not to stress too much! Good luck!



    lauraoct-thats what it sounds like but i’ve not yet experienced that..i’m a bit green to this bf stuff…but if thats what it is i hear the way to fix it is to pump pump pump…


    I agree that there are no disadvantages to breastfeeding, there are however obstacles to overcome. Some have fewer than others… some have none at all. On a side note, I have NIP many, many times… however, this past weekend I NIP at the mall with no cover. It was a little awkward at first, but it was really no big deal. The anticipation of doing it was far worse than actually doing it. lol Anyway, now they’re old news and it’s NIP sans cover from here on out! 🙂

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