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    Im so sad idk what to do any more….my milk supply just wont come back. My breasts arent even firm anymore….



    well i just browsed through the comments, i saw someone talking about babies loosing almost a pound after birth… so did my son, doc said it was normal, and as long as he was back to his birth weight in two weeks, they didnt see a problem! which my son had gained a pound and a half. and on the topic of leaking milk.. with my first son, i was spewing milk EVERYWHERE for no good reason… this time (my second) i only leak when i have a let down.. and sometimes just the pressure of my bra will stop the let down.. so just because your not leaking doesn’t mean you dont have milk! nurse nurse nurse! nurse the baby as often as you /baby can! and after a few days of that, try and squeeze a bit out just to see if you get some.. as long as your baby is peeing and pooping normal, and doesnt act hungry after a feeding, i’d say your good! my little piggy is on a growing spurt so i feel like i have no milk, and it takes alot to get any out (without the pump) and then when he sleeps six hours im engorged!



    luv2beamumma-wow can’t believe u have reduced ure shopping bill so much!!!! would love some tips plz?? 🙂 thanks heaps




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    I’m breastfeeding exclusively and have a very good milk production. I gave birth 6.5 weeks ago and today was overly tired which isn’t like me. I had lochia up until a few days ago and just now I noticed red blood when I went to the b/room. Period? Already??



    Bri – thanks for the advice yesterday 🙂 I’ve never had any issues with supply or latching. Actually when I had my daughter the Lac Con told me, ‘You have perfect nipples for breastfeeding’ Hahaha! At 22, I thought, OH GREAT!!!!!!!! 🙁 Now, I feel lucky lol. I’d probably give it a week or two, then start to pump. I did have cracked and bleeding nipples with the first and thrush with the second – so I’m hoping to avoid those problems all together this time around!!!



    michelle – My son slept through the night from day 1. We had to wake him to feed. When I went back to work at 3 months he got sick and started waking. I started feeding and now he’s 1 and still waking. It depends on the baby. Some will start to sleep through the night at 2 months and others 1yr. I wish I wouldn’t have started feeding him at night cause now when he wakes up he needs it to go back to sleep. Do what you feel is right for your baby. I’m still feeding Kekoa cause I know that is what he needs right now.



    number2luv-we have one really nosey neighbor. I asked my DH how many times he thinks he’s seen my boobs by now. Husband just laughed. I also ask him if he ever thought he’d get to see so much of me and get so little. Poor guy. He’s a trooper though, and I think about as tired and uninterested as me…about. I just wonder if this is a breastfeeding thing or a new mother thing. It does annoy me somewhat to have next to zero interest in sex. I used to have a nice, healthy drive.



    Bri, i rarely pump, since i dont have to go back to work until my daughter is a year and she is with me all the time, and on the breast is more efficent then pumping anyways atleast thats what i was told, so i know my supply issues arent just a pumping problem it was a definite supply issue. my daughter was 8lbs 13oz at birth, was 11.5lbs at the beginning of january and had dropped down to 9lbs 10oz at her 4 month check up because she was basically starving….. in a week shes already up almost a full pound.



    I delivered my 25 week gestation baby daughter Thanksgiving day at 6:40 am so its just now been 48 hours. I pump every 2-3 hours since Thanksgiving night for 10-20 mins but only got 4 drops one time. Most of what I’ve read says it can take a week for my milk to come in especially since I had a preemie and a csection but I’m looking for any advice to help come in sooner, I’m scared it wont come at all! I drink tons of water but does anyone haveany suggestions on other things I can try to help? I also try pumping at her incubator bedside but nothing.



    i’m such a loser. During the day I can’t wait for Ella to take her naps. I just need a break after trying to keep her from eating the dirt out of the houseplants! But when i put her to bed for the night i miss her so much! lol it’s so stupid. But i do. I hate Wednesdays. Tim works 3-12, so i’m asleep by the time he gets home. I hate that. I miss him, and i’m all alone without Ella or him! It’s nice to have alone time, too, though, so i guess i’ll just enjoy it.


    btw, my hubby was wishy washy in the beginning basically he yearned to feed the baby too. He also thought formula would be more enhanced because of all the added vitamins and such. Just because the label promotes DHA, blah blah…Didn’t help that baby had bm jaundice and the fix was formula for a couple of days so he thought for a while that formula would be best. But now, he’s pro breastfeeding cuz the hard head had to hear it from other people about all the benefits…the same stuff I told him myself!!



    courtenay – The heart thing was something I read several months back. It was a one case thing and the reasoning by the FDA. I doubt if more research occurs that they would find it true though. I wish it was approved here though. It could have helped a lot.


    hi ladies my daughter is 5 months last night she didnt want to go to sleep, at 3:00am i tried to breastfeed her and she kept biting me. i never felt so scared to feed her.. every time she’d bite me i would jump. at 4:00am i turned off the t.v and i started to scratch her head and tried one more time and yes ma’am she was drinking and fell asleep. how can i switch to bottle? she makes all this faces like its the most grosses thing ever. when my 2nd daughter was a little over a year old i would put mustered on my nipple and i had a bottle ready, so i tell her that my milk was nasty and id give her the bottle and she loved it. lol



    Don’t worry about too much frozen milk. Donate it! There are plenty of places you can donate to that accept milk throughout the United States. Just do a google search for breastmilk donation and you’ll find lots of different options. They take the breastmilk and basically make it more concentrated and then use it for babies in the NICU. You can donate regularly or in some instances do a one time donation just to empty your freezer. You can also look into milk sharing. There aren’t many websites, but is a great website that helps connect mothers who have an excess of breastmilk with families in need of breastmilk, like adoptive parents, or mothers who are ill and cannot produce their own milk. If you have an excess of breastmilk you should look into these options and see if you are comfortable donating. I plan on donating much of my frozen milk once I’m sure my milk supply won’t decrease now that I’m back to work. I pump regularly at work and hope that in doing so I will actually produce EXTRA so I can support another baby with my milk through milksharing. Good luck ladies!

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