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    manda21 – Oz is right, it’s all hormones. But, you don’t have to stop if you know want to or you aren’t ready. Kekoa is 17months and still nursing. I will probably nurse to about two. I’m also TTC right now. I’ve had a normal cycle since last September so I don’t think breastfeeding will be a problem. I’m one month short of the recommended wait time to get pregnant so I figure lets go for it. HAHA!


    hi everyone, i have a 3 mnth old breastfeeding. her poop changed about a week ago to no seeds and a different consistancy. she still goes about 6 times per day. she is fussy but always has been. is the change normal? also a little smelly. thanks 🙂



    So, the malted milk – is the carnation instant breakfast the same thing as that? I have it in vanilla and was wondering if I could just use that. I can’t find it anywhere around here! I did however see an ovaltine malted milk….too expensive though.



    camimama- your funny! Laura Ward might kick you off but your funny 🙂



    Hey ladies, my baby is 4 days old now. she’s been BF great. My milk started coming in yesterday and since then every time she eats she chokes at least once a feeding. It usually happens when I let down and then again during the feed. Sometimes it’s enough of a choke that she refuses to eat more after that which results in like a 2 or 3 minute feed! She’s eating every hour and I know she’s getting enough but does anyone else baby choke like that when the milk came in?? Did it resolve as baby got used to a faster flow?



    kirra- the other suggestions are spot on, my only other things would be making sure you push the water and eat enough. Especially in the beginning, it is so important to establish a good supply. And, come back for any other questions. Make sure that everyone knows you want to bf. Really stick to your guns if you want it. Many times hubby or others will push formula, but remember the tough stuff will pass. It is very rare that there isn’t some sort of issue bf in the beginning, but you can get through it. Think positively and try and relax. Good luck!



    My baby is 4 months old and I am only breastfeeding. I still get bouts of extreme soreness. I thought I had gotten trush in the beginning but when I went to the dr she said it didn’t look like thrush. Plus my lo didn’t show signs of trush either. I did get mastitis though. I know he has a good latch because he has all of my nipple and most of my areola, and you can see him suck all through his cheek. on my right side I have a crack and it is taking forever to heal but it is getting better. Everything was fine untill today. I got sore all of a sudden. I also get vasospasms and my nipples blanche when they get hard. Sorry this is so long but please help. Is anyone else have these problems?



    Zoey’s beginning to refuse a bottle. She’s had NO problems with nipple confusion or refusing bottles before. She’s 10 weeks today. She’s had bottles (at least one a day, sometimes several) since very early on. I think she knows anyone can give her the bottle but only mommy has the boobie. And mommy is definitely her favorite person. And I’m the only one who can eventually get her to take it right now, which defeats the purpose. I really don’t want to exclusively pump because I love the bonding time…but if it’s a choice between exclusively nursing and exclusively pumping, I’m going to have to pump. I have no choice but to work. Advice? No one is going to continue watching her for free is she starts being a terror. She screams to the top of her lungs like someone is trying to kill her. Could it be thrush or something like that? Breastfeeding doesn’t seem to bother her. I have no idea what to do! Too bad she’s too young for a therapist. lol



    ash i’m no expert but i was told as long as you don’t feel drunk it is ok to breast feed. if your not sure they sell little strips to dip into your breastmilk and they will tell you if there’s any alcohol present. in the u.s. you can get them at walgreens and walmart. and don’t feel bad i did the same thing last night…….first time out in almost a year and a half. well i hope this helps 🙂



    Hi ladies, just wanted to introduce myself. 4th September we had a baby girl & she latched on straight away, i was felt very strong about breast feeding for longer this time then i did my son (3 weeks) but i must say today i have felt a little discouraged. Yesterday itook her to chemist to weigh her and she was lower then her birth rate which is discouraging considering how much effort i have put in, im tired and nipples sore and sensitive. She suckles well but has an overbite which makes things a litle difficult. She also sounds a bit mucousy which worries me. But she has plenty of wet nappies and poos plenty too. Im just hoping it gets easier and i plan to come back on here and learn from you all! thanks for reading my entry



    ladies i need some help, my baby is 10 days old and when she was born was put straight into an incubater as had an infection as my waters had broken without me knowing.. she was in an incubater for three days. I was able to breastfeed on the 3rd day but as my milk was slow and not full she was being topped up by bottles we came out of hospital two days ago and i have been trying my hardest to feed her breast she sometimes will be on the breast for two hours at a time and still hungry. the midwife told me today to keep her on breast for 20 mins then if still hungry top her up. I have been pumping milk using an electric pump but at the most i get 1oz of milk after 20 mins of pumping and thats both breasts together! Im at a loss as to how to get my milk flowing properly and really dont want to give up as I want my daughter to have the best start to life… anyone got any ideas as to how i can get my milk flowing properly… i feel usless not being able to provide for her



    missmojo- there are these nipple shield/cups that catch your milk if you have a letdown, similar to the pads but they are hard and sit in your top, have u heard of them?avent sells them i think. i havent tried them, curious to know if this may help the leaking problem…



    When I pump, how long should it be each time?


    so should it be full blown? do you think it could be something else?



    tarste – Don’t give up yet. Have you seen a LC? I was at one the other day. I know what I’m doing and knew something was wrong. I nursed my first son until 22months. This time I am hurting nonstop. I get a good latch and then he slips to the nipple. I found out he is a bit tongue-tied. I’m getting it fixed tomorrow. I can’t wait, my nipples are also cracked and bleeding. It sucks big time because I had issues at first with my first. He didn’t latch on at all. Now I have a good sucker but he has this issue. I’m not giving up because it is so darn healthy for him. I would talk to a consultant and see if there is an issue with the tongue or if you can learn a couple tricks to get a good latch. Do you pull his chin down when latching on so he can’t bite? Push him on as far back as you can? Little things do help. For me it’s niht when I’m not paying attention that it really sucks!

    I love my boppy. I used it until my son was hanging off it. He was like 20months when I put it away. It was just easier to lay him over it. I use it all the time with my 4-day old too. Helps me when I’m trying to get that good latch.

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