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    BTW shes a lil over 5 mos. now



    I am thinking about breast feeding my child. I am only 15 weeks and this is my first childbut I heard it can be painful. This is my first child so I am a little scared. I also am a DD size cup and although my doctor said size doesn’t matter I am still like I dunno…. Any suggestons?



    rebneter- it’s a supply and demand thing. so if you’re pumping after you’re done feeding her then you should be fine, i always pump at least 10 min after i’m done feeding my son. but i try to time it so that i don’t pump and then need to feed him an hour later, cuz then my milk’s not replenished enough. also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids. also they say that you have the most milk in the morning (however i’m not a morning person and i swear i have more milk at night) as long as she’s getting enough to eat from you then just pump after so that your body thinks you need more. it’s def. worked for me. i’m also trying the fenugreek and mother’s milk, but i hate tea and haven’t tried it yet. hope that helps!



    9yrs-I would suggest pumping after each nursing session for a min. of 10 mins. If you have a dual electric pump make sure you pump both sides at the same time. that will help encourage more milk production and let-down. Also try and relax while pumping and think of your baby. This can help more milk production. I would suggest that you wait until your baby is at least 6-8 weeks before introducing a bottle so the baby doesn’t get nipple confusion. Sucking milk from a bottle is a completely different process then suckling from a breast and the baby needs time to really master suckling. If not they may find its easier to just drink from a bottle (they dont have to work as hard for it because the milk just flows from the bottle) and you may have a hard or impossible time getting your baby to nurse again. Good luck!!



    Has anyone gave their babies a pacifier? I just starting giving my 1 mont h old baby one but not too sure about it because I was told it could confuse baby with mothers nipple….what do you ladies thing?



    So I was going to post this really awesome you tube video of Mr. Rogers but remembered the rules. Blah blah blah…. Anyways, it’s about milk and babies drinking. It shows animals and moms feeding. At the end he says the feeding your baby is one of the best way to show love. It’s cute. If you want to see it, go to you tube and search for it. I got the embeded link and can’t post it because it’s graphic. Whatever…



    its painful but cold turkey is the way i did it with my first. I dried up within a couple of weeks.



    Hi Ladies, I would really appreciate your input- I have recently opened an online retail store and I would truly appreciate your thoughts. I want this to be a success since I would love to work from home. Please any thought, opinions or ideas you may have; I would love to hear. Please leave comments and my page and thanks again!



    Angie she might just be going through a growth spurt. It sounds like you are still able to pump enough for her. Or she is getting older so she might just be treasuring the breast feeds more since she has bottles all day. As long as her weight is steady and she is giving 5-6 wet diapers a day I would say things are fine. The norm for breastfed babies is about 25 oz a day give or take a few and during the time you are gone that intake should be around 1 oz per hr that she is at daycare.



    Oh Kym, I’m sure everything is fine. I know it can freak you out when it happens. Give it another night or two. If it’s dry again you might want to call your ped and ask. It could have been a freak thing.



    Misz – With my first baby i had the sorest nippples they even bled sometimes they were that sore …. This time around i have been fine, just make sure you are shoving enough of the areola in their mouth, if they are just sucking on the end of your nipple thats when they will get sore 🙂



    Little- my daughter and I have had thrush for about a month and a half. From what I heard its hard to get rid of. But at the same time I’ve talked to women that have gotten over it within two weeks. I guess I’m not one of the lucky ones Lol. We r on our 3rd cycle of meds! It sucks it really does. But on the up side for me as least the pain decreased. Its not all that painful to nurse anymore. One thing I was never told was put the nysatin directly on the white parts in ur LO mouth. I was told to put it inside each cheek but she didn’t have it there she only had it on her tongue. I didn’t know anything about thrush so I listened to my dumb doctor Lol.



    hi ladies.. what is that vitamin or pill you can take to increase ur milk supply? i use to get like 4oz each side and now i can only get about 2-3 with both! im scared im gonna lose it i dont know what im doing wrong and its getting painful to try an pump for so long!



    This link has some good info on Vitamin D-



    lucky, kelly-roo – how old are your babies?

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