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    jessicalynn21 – Awesome story!



    Target sells em now….saw them yesterday



    my first was posterior and tied her cord in a true knot. I think she came early because she didn’t have any other choice. think her cord wasn’t giving her full oxygen and such. 14 hrs labor!

    my second was positioned correct but he was so low and I contracted for two weeks before he came. once really labor started it was a 5 hour ordeal. I got there 5 cm dilated and by ten I still have that kid in a waterbag. poor guy. 😉


    James never slept through until he was 14 months by which point he was on 3 meals a day plus snacks. Each baby will sleep through when they are ready.



    so i posted a few days back about getting negative feelings when i have my letdowns during breastfeeding. well some how they have gone away. its so odd it seems to come and go, im also still having the fake pms without a period. anyone else feel like their body is going through these discreet cycles? i think i need to just ease up on how in tune i am with whats going on and just chill.



    The first year goes by so quickly. And every stage is so quick. It seems like yesterday that Alex could barely hold his head up let alone stand on his own. Yikes! He’s not even seven months yet. Oh well. We tooks lots of pictures last time and doing the same this time. The scary part in my parenting is that Chris is now in a big boy bed and we’re potty training. I need to start looking at pre-schools as well. Ahhh! I talk about having another child when Chris is in school but that seems so far away, not around the corner like it is. He’ll be 3 in three months. Geesh! I thought we’d do a pre-school this year but maybe we’ll wait. I wonder if we can enroll for second semester and do 1 1/2 years of pre-school rather then just one or two.


    HOTMESS- It’s normal for a baby to lose weight before they start gaining. My son lost over a pound and it took a month to gain it back. You should wake him every 2 hrs to eat. Play with is toes babies hate it and it keeps them eating, or tickle his chin to get his mouth moving.



    OH and be careful which sunscreens you use. Some have too many chemicals that are actually bad for you. I can’t off the top of my head remember which ones are ‘safe’ but just because they say baby on them does not mean they are actually good. There was a recent study about how some sun screens have accelatorated cancer. Yikes! We don’t use a lot because of my boys darker complection. Yes, I know that we can all still burn but we are careful to watch it. Just research the brands first.


    So for the past few days Travis has been waking me up when he gets home from work at night (usally around 1am – 2am) so I can pump. Last night he woke me up at 2am so I could curl up on him to sleep (it’s how I sleep best) and as he woke me up I said… Oh no, I have to pump. I can’t go back to sleep. He says.. what do you mean? I thought you already did?… I get confused… well aparently when he got home at 1am he woke me up and I told him I already pumped. He asked me when and I told him at 2am so he said.. 2am? it’s only 1am now.. so I said… then it was at 1am then and he bought it!!! He let me go back to sleep while he showered and got ready for bed. I guess I was asleep because I don’t remember any of it! hah, that’s how sleep deprived I am! I talk in my sleep (that I know of). I thought it was funny… 🙂


    Welcome Jessiedee!



    Leslie, it shoulde come back once your period stps. I feel for you and all other moms that pump. My hat comes off to you!


    What a nut job! I’m sorry you have to deal with that. Chris must be NOTHING like his family.



    Hi ladies. I don’t usually comment, but I do read yours. I have a 19 month old and 2 month old, both girls. I have been thinking about this fermented oatmeal topic. And if it doesn’t have some sort of probiotic and then left o er night to ‘ferment’, then technically you are just eating ‘soaked’ ooatmeal. Now I’m not trying to argue with anybody, but I myslwf didn’t have the heart to eat real fermented oatmeal, so to boost supply, I eat oatmeal and have a dark beer every other day and have noticed a difference. I bf my first for 10 months until I got pregnant with my 2nd. Just thought I’d clear the fermented oatmeal thing up. Hope this helps. 🙂



    Photobucket This was taken last night. <3



    okay, so i got a message on my profile tat i’m still using the wrong code. i can see my pics. can any of you see the ones i’ve posted over the past couple of days? i swear i thought i had this figured out!

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