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    Iva-God says no breastfeeding mother would think that breastfeeding is offensive? I disagree…I was (and plan to be this time) a breast feeding mother, but there’s a time and place….and it’s not the corner booth at dennys. I will pump for public use, and breastfeed often in the privacy of my home. I don’t want to see it when I’m out in public, and I don’t want my kids to either…. even if it is ‘natural’ it should be a little discreet.



    The most familiar of all breastfeeding positions is called “the cradle hold”- your baby’s back is lying above your forearm, when your elbow “crook” is supporting his neck and head. For this position there is less need for a breastfeeding pillow, therefore it is especially easy to be used outdoors.



    mist- I had the same thing happen with my supply when I was nursing my son. Quit taking the bc. Drink a beer, eat the fermented oats, and have a glass of malted milk. Put baby to breast as often as he wants. Even if it’s every hour. The rule of thumb is that it takes as long to build supply back up as it took for it decline. So if it was a week ago then it should take about a week to build it back up. I wrote a blog about my struggles and some of the things I learned to help me with my supply issues feel free to take a look on my page. THe good news is that I was able to nurse my son until he was 13 months…even with all the problems. Even if your breasts aren’t ‘firm’, you’re still making milk, hang in there! Oh and btw, I was using the ‘mini’ pill that is supposed to be safe to take while bf. Unfortunately if you read the side effects it does state that it can cause a decrease in milk supply in some women. Just thought I’d share that…


    MG5 Congrats on making it 4 months! i remember in the begining telling myself i can do it just one more week and now im at 6 months. **Aly i understand how it is with the in laws. Mine dont get it either. When that grown ups movie came out they all kept joking i was going to be like that women with the 4 year old nursing she was only 4 months at the time. Thats just one example its never ending. I know im doing the right thing for her even if most women dont like to do it any more. I really love reading this forum. It helps to know there are others out there lol



    as you can see everyone has their opinion on what you should feed your baby first…cereal no cereal..never feed fruits first do yellow and orange foods first…really no 2 babies are alike, whatever works for your baby is what works..mine eats fruit and veggies just fine..and i believe in pureeing her food, and making it myself..while others think you should never puree to each his own. do what you think is best for you baby and what works for yours.



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I wish I was as lucky as the women who didn’t get their period for months after the birth of their lo. I got mine 2 weeks after I stopped bleeding from the birth. It would have been nice to still not have to worry about the cramping and bloated feeling and all the other stuff…..



The tip of my 5 month olds tongue was purple this morning, I think she may have just been sucking on it, or bit it with her gums. have any of you ever had this happen or heard of it happening? she is behaving like normal, breathing fine, and it is not swollen and feel normal. But is anything has any advice I would appreciate it.



Help! After begin back at work for 6 weeks now, Anna has now decided to refuse the bottle. I introduced expressed breastmilk in a bottle to her at 4 weeks. She has never liked it but my mom has always been able to get her to have two 3-4 ounce feedings while I am at work 3x a week. She does come in at lunch for breastfeeding. Yesterday she screamed all day for my Mom and did not even take an ounce. Should I be offering a bottle for her on my days off, like today? I have a no bottle policy on my days off and would hate to change and have to pump on my days off!



Larissa789 – I’m sorry sweetie! I know the feeling, kind of. I was a 36B when I got pregnant. One of the first signs of pregnancy was the girls were growing. Before I was two months pregnant I was already a 38D. By the time I gave birth I was a 38DD. It was crazy! Kekoa is now 13months and I’m still breastfeeding…they haven’t gone down yet. I was told the most boobs do go back down but only droopier. I’m not looking forward to the flat pancake like boobs but it will be nice to fit into some of my clothes again. HAHA! I have a whole wardrobe that I can’t fit into because my boobs are soo huge. It sucks! I had to buy all new shirts. At least my jeans and slacks fit, right?



Chrissy-Congrats on your persistence BFing your baby! Its so much easier than said! I was up crying many a night the first weeks thinking there was no way i could get through it-just take it one day at a time and try not to stress too much-
Remember the more you continue to give your baby supplementing you are going to have to continue until you get your milk supply up. Its supply and demand so say you are nursing youe baby 5 will continue to make what the baby suckles out…so if you give it a bottle how can your breasts know to make more…if that makes sense. Also after you hear the baby not getting more milk let the baby continue to suckle if you can stand it…this will signal your body that it needs to start producing more milk! Good luck!!



just wondering if anyone here is still breastfeeding their baby that is over 1 year ??



Heather-08-01 – Around seven months my son stopped taking the bottle. This was really stressful since I work. My daycare would mix it with cereal after he refused it. They would always try the bottle first. We also began working in the sippy cup. It got to a point where I would just bring his milk in a sippy and a little bottle for cereal. My son hasn’t had a bottle since 8months. Have you tried a sippy yet? It might be the flow or just how the bottle is. If your baby is taking cereal then you can try that while you are away too. Good Luck!



lp – i had one cup of coffee or caffinated tea everyday while bf. I would drink it whle i was bf. It never bothered my son. Give it try and still try to limit the caffine intake b/c that does pass through your milk (try 1/2 and 1/2 coffee).

3rd – Try keeping a sippy cup next to the bad so instead of latching him to the breast he can cuddle and drink a sippy. I always have a sippy of water near my sleeping children. That way if they wake thursty (like i always do) they have something. It also gave me time to cuddle with Jake without having to bf. Jake wasn’t really getting anything in the end. I think he just did it for comfort/habit. I know that b/c when i stopped monday, and didn’t pump, my breasts never felt different or full. haha. oh well. I am sure it will be fine. The emotional part of it was the hardest go get over. Good Luck!



I’m so jealous of you UK ladies who have such easy access to the good stuff! lol

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