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    I was wondering if anyone has a good supply and they are not taking any types of supplements?? My only reason for asking is because when I was bf’ing my son (4yrs ago) I stressed alot about my supply like some of you have shared. I took fenugreek, blessed thistle and reglan myself. But I would always think, what did moms do before the knowledge of all these supplements. Things went ok. So I was thinking that I caused my problem to be worst by stressing over it.



    My armpits really itch when I’m breastfeeding. It’s almost like the milk is being pulled from so high up in the breast it’s coming from my armpit. It drives me crazy! Any one else expereince this?



    hi ladies i had a question my son is a month and half he will be two months on the 23 i wanted to know how do you know to go up on feedings i am doing half breast milk and half similac he is eating like 3 oz sometime 3 and a half and i was wonder is that on tract with how much he is supose to be eating?



    gabe–try saline solution for your nose and althought its not a quick fix-honey that is produced within 50 miles of your home will help you fight allergies. a tsp a day..i feel ya though, the pollen is giving me a major headache!



    for those of you who use blessed thistle does it make you more hungry?? i just read people take it to increase your appetite and i definitely do not need to increase my appetite.



    do you know if non-alcoholic will increase supply the same way as regular beer



    mylittle man- my baby is 7 weeks old and he still chokes on my letdown…i sit him up for a minute and pat his little back then hes back at it again.. he’s been doing it since my milk came in too.



    awwww thanx to everyone that replied, I really have hope that this time will be successful!!!! I plan to bfeed him for at least 12 months which will sure beat the 8 weeks I did with my DD…. Only 18 weeks till I am on this forum full time……



    Hchina- I haven’t tried the nipple shield, but maybe I should I haven’t even thought of that. I will say that I have had more good days than bad and Jackson took really well to breastfeeding. So I have been blessed! I just hope that the soreness stops. Good luck. O and prayer is the only thing that has worked for me so far.



    Any of you have a hard time producing milk? I did my first pregnancy and I would like to prepare my body now for breastfeeding. I have heard beer, red raspberry tea, milk thistle, root beer. Any advice for the BF moms?



    ash070658 – Pretty much alcohol works its way out of the milk just like blood. So, about a shot an hour will absorb. Definately, if you aren’t drunk anymore then go for it! Once my baby was sleeping through the night or I knew that I had at least X many hours until he’d wake I’d have a few. No worries. Again, if you are completely sober you are fine!



    Becky C – sounds like a milk blister, I get them all the time. Try putting a warm washcloth on it before you feed your baby, or feed her after a hot shower… it does really hurt when she sucks – sometimes it takes quite a few days to pull through, but her sucking should get it out. I do sometimes squeeze it between compresses and feeding, but do this very gently, you don’t want to hurt yourself.



    jeffswife -How old is your baby? Most babies get gas early on because of the immature tummies but they usually grow out of it in a month or two. My first was gassy but it never bothered him. My second is extremely gassy to the point where we have to work the farts out of him to make him happy. I told my ped and she isn’t concerned yet. This was at his one month. We’ll be talking about it again at 2months. Mylicon works for some but never worked for either boys. What helps Alex is laying him down and pumping his legs. Pressing his knees towards his chest and rolling them around. I can usually get a loud toot out of him and then he smiles!! I’m hoping he grows out it soon. Bottles won’t help because they do create more gas then breastfeeding. They pull in more air while bottle feeding. Hopefully you’ll get through this soon.



    hey does any one elses bub make a straining noise when they poo?? his poo is always soft but he seems so uncomfortable when he strains…


    MEGS/ ANABEY- Sorry that you are both having such a hard go of it. HUGS to you both

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