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    ok so my son had been sik with what seemed like a cold , we took him to the dr last week b4 xmas and they said it was a virus. well we wet back today for the 1wks check to see how he was doing and it wasnt good. he has rsv, so they admitted him into the hospital,now im having trouble latching him on to the left breast., bc his arm has that board for the iv. my question is if were to only be able to nurse the right side for a couple days would it drastically affect my supply? i have no pump.



    toymomma-As long as baby is gaining I wouldn’t be too worried. Some babies just spit up a lot. Use cloth diapers on her when you nurse.


    My LO was 3 months yesterday and i STILL leak…i was worried about summer vacation and wearing a swimsuit because i leak all the time…hopefully it will stop! and my LO will also go several days without pooping…when i called the doctor he said that if it was a week to call back…otherwise it might be a growth spurt (he is 17lbs at 3 months of age! and EBF!)



    cherrydarling06 – Meds are probably the best way to relactate but she has to be careful. Reglan is really bad for people with a history of anxiety and depression. Believe me I know! It made me shake and I couldn’t stay still. Lots of anxiety. Anywyas, pumping and getting baby to latch is the only way supply will go up even if she is on drugs. Fermented oatmeal works for me to build supply. Fenugreek and blessed thistle has been known to help most women. There is mother’s milk tea which contains both these herbs but it’s most potent in capsel form. Sticky rice is another old wive’s tale but I’ve noticed being fuller when I do have it.



    I never leaked, even when I’d squeeze my nips, nothing would come out. It’s normal =)



    I know that it’s hard to believe, but you will miss not having your little bundles nurse all the time. Sadie is turning one on thursday and I swear I’m getting PPD a year late. She is so big, eating big kid food, and a little kid now!! I so love our nursing sessions. Savor those moments, they will become less and less:)


    i just had my daughter on april 13 at 29 weeks, so she is in NICU. i want to breast feed and ive been pumping but i get like a drop of colostrum. how long about does it take for the actual milk supply to come in if i continusly pump every 2 hours? thanks ladies



    shazzy- my LO has been sleeping through since about 2 months and she’s 9 months now. My supply is fine. I wouldn’t wory about it.



    i hate nursing tops. i just wear a nursing bra and a tanktop that stretches at the neck easily under my shirts. i usually wear a low cut shirt, button up, or t shirts, since the tank keeps me covered if i pull my t shirt up. i just pull my tank down under my boob and unsnap my nursing bra and there u go. i tried the nursing tops but they are ugly and expensive so i gave up on that.



    no nothing has changed. i guess he must just be growing again. all i know is he is wearing me out!



    Wow, I had no idea you could warm breastmilk! I just always take it out of the fridge an hour or two before so it’s room temperature. My hubby checked a few grocery stores for me and couldn’t find Mothers Milk. We don’t have big chain stores, they’re all smaller ones. Also, I have to pump and dump for 24 hours after my surgery because of the anesthesia. So I need to try to pump about 2 days worth before that, I really don’t see that happening 🙁 I’m definitely going to try though. I’m waiting to hear back on a pump from Wic. For now, I use a single manual one and a cheaper dual electric one. Sigh..



    Also he’s not on a schedule, I feed him when he’s hungry. When he was getting 2-3 oz, he would cry and scream when the bottle was gone. Now that I have 4 oz in the bottle, he stops himself when he’s full. And he is really content after he eats now. Just looks around and smiles and is happy, no more red-faced crying.



    butterflykisses – what are the symptoms that your baby has that makes you think it is reflux? I only ask because back when my daughter was around 7 weeks, her pediatrician mistakenly put her on prevacid. She did have all the symptoms of reflux or gerd. But come to find out it was a lactose overload problem caused by a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Something that not one of the three different docs we took her to had any clue about. We figured it out through lactation consultants and our own research. It wasn’t until I treated this issue that my daughter got any better. Apparently, up to two thirds of healthy/thriving young breastfed babies have some degree of lactose overload and it is commonly misdiagnosed as reflux. Here is a link…
    Also this would be more typical if you have an oversupply of milk as that is what usually causes the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance that leads to the lactose overload. Your baby could very well have reflux, but I just wanted to let you know about this just in case.



    Bri, I had thought about that before saying anything, but I get the feeling that she is being a little more responsible than that. I have read some of the articles she has written for magazines about her experience and it seems like she has just grown up a lot! Just doesn’t come across as the heavy partier any longer. I don’t know if that is true or not though since I really don’t get into those shows either! 🙂



    Slatts- there is no reasn to assume that your next baby will feed anything like your first. I made that assumptin but was very wrong. Some babies have a hard time with bf’ing and others take to it with no issues. My first had every problem inthe book and after two weeks the LC actually suggested that we switch to pumping/bottles. My second latched an hour after my csection and never looked back. I suggest that you make sure your hospital has a staff of LC’s. You may even make a predelivery apt with them just incase you have any anatomical differences that can be remediated. Good luck!

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