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    I just have to let you ladies know I fermented oatmeal last night and I just dont have the heart to eat it lol



    benbubby – I’m sorry to say but it does sound normal. Stats are for formula fed babies. While your baby is getting up a little more then usual it isn’t anything to worry about. At 4 months it could be anything from a growth spurt to teething. He may just need a comfort as well. I do co-sleep so my big boy does eat all night long. Sometimes it’s every hour and others it’s only once or twice a night. Babies will start to sleep longer when they are ready. He may just need the comfort. If it’s really getting to you then maybe co-sleeping would work for you. I love it and it’s completely safe when breastfeeding. I would also ask why so little of sleep during the day. My son is six months and sleeps three naps, two are about a half hour but he’ll take a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. Sometimes sleep during the day will help them sleep at night. They need it to grow.


    Think I’ll get some next time I’m in mothercare. Think boobies sounds so much better than titties.



    ohhh and NO MORE FOR US! I got my boy and girl but even if it was a girl and girl I would say the same. two hands/two babies. makes sense to me. I am one of four and we had a blast. I kinda wish we could have a thrid so katie could maybe hae a sister but I’m not emotionally willing to go through another pregnancy.



    Oatmeal question… Are Quaker porridge oats the right kind?



    lol i know it sounds silly but i think we should have a ‘code’ word for formula on this page…im sick of these ads at the top giving money to these companies! the one running now is for nestle..i didnt know how horrible htey were till bri mentioned it and i looked into it.ugh!!



    LC- I would think if your daugher was not getting enought milk she would wake more often. She is still young so I would not doubt that she sleeps alot. I would think her eating will increase with a few days.however, one day my daughter would not wake for feedings and we checked her temp and it was on the low side. So I would say, just make sure you bundle her good and make sure she is warm and not cold. Maybe check her rectal temp to be on the safe side.



    jpeanut- i don’t think they mean that they give bottles every time. you would just nurse when baby wakes, play, baby would sleep, etc.



    We took Zach out to the beach when he was about a week old. Kept him in the shade under an umbrella and then had a little beach tent that he was in most of the time as well. As for sunscreens, here is the list from the study Bri was just talking about…


    I guess I should also say that what I’ve been doing lately w/ Alyssa has been working and she’s sleeping a lot better now. She nurses at 7pm and then again at 11pm and I pump around 1-2am. She didn’t keep me up last night all… it was all the pureeing I was doing. I didn’t get to bed until midnight or so. Woke up at 2am to pump and then Alyssa woke up at 5am to nurse. I had maybe another 30 minutes of sleep until I was up again to get ready for work. lol…. hopefully I will get some more sleep tonight. Oh, I got 3oz last night while pumping so that’s 2oz of ‘extra’ milk for storage. Slow and steady…



    benbuddy, I would also have a long conversation with your doc about it! mohter’s inituition is usually correct!



    You know in several countries it is illegal to advertise formula! I have been saying for years that is how it should be in this country too. I have also said precription would be the option. I look at it like a drug with known side effects. Moms need to be known the risks and decide if it is worth it along with the doctor. It’s like a formula fed baby is TWICE as likely to die of SIDS then a breastfeeding baby. That’s high but you won’t be told that at your prenatal class because they don’t want to make moms feel guilty, Sorry, I’d like to know what I’m getting into first.



    lawson-i just started offering it in a sippy cup at 12 months along with a sippy of water everytime he eats. at first when he took the milk he just let it run out of his mouth (he did that with bm too) but over time he got over it and took in more and more of it. we never had a reaction and we have no family history of food allergies.



    Dandeluv – We all understand that. But that’s what it was called several years ago and so we just never changed the name. Fermentation process does happen when left to soak and the compounds change, usually with yeast. Since none of us actually know the actual enzyme that changes we don’t really bother with symantics. HAHA! All I know if that oatmeal does work with some but never to the degree of letting it sit in water overnight.


    Hey ladies. I was just wondering if anyone else has a le leche league around them? Mine meets every first wed of the month and are SO supportive of anything you need or questions you have. Most of them are still BFing their 2 year old chilldren (which I wouldn’t do I’m stopping at 1 year) but they get all the support and its nice to talk to other BFing moms and compare experiences and have that support. Just bc I know a lot of BFing moms are struggling bc of society. I know I sure get dirty looks when I BF in public so its nice to have that. Its just like this forum, except in person. Loooove it!

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