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    I’m a little late to the party but…Clementine’s brown eyes Photobucket



    Leslie- i was ALWAYS covered with a nurisng cover or a blanket when i nursed my son in public..when you feed on demand you arent always prepared with previously pumped milk..



    Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial acts a mother can do for her child. Dramatic health benefits have been proven to pass from mother to child through breast milk.



    Erica4u2010- Some babies are satisfied from one side and don’t need to nurse off both sides at each feeding. If he’s gaining and filling his diapers I wouldn’t be concerned. The only problem you may have with this type of nurser is that you will be lopsided 🙂 You have to find what works for you and baby…that’s one of the most important things. As he gets older he may change to nursing on both sides or while going through a growth spurt he may also.



    my baby lost a little over a pound at first, i did supplement with formula cause she was jaundiced and pooping is what helped get it out of her system. she started gaining weight right away , its normal for babies to lose weight at first, it takes a while for your milk to come in sometimes took me 4 days i had colostrum but wasnt enough for her, and takes time to get the hang of feedings, and babies sleep a lot at first too. baby will be ok long as they are peeing getting enough and is staying hydrated, pooping will start, breast milk is a natural laxtive at first for babies, the first week my baby didnt poop too much maybe just a few times a day, then 2nd and 3rd week…she was going A LOT lol. When they do get older bf babies maybe only poop once or twice a week, what i found out from my friends with their babies, if you feel they are constipated and are old enough you can give them 100per prune juice mixed half with water, thats what one of my friends did with her baby worked for him.



    Mummy22; Yes, HUGE decrease in our grocery bill by moving towards a “whole” food approach. I also plan my menu out about three weeks in advance, so it eliminates spontaneous trips to the store which is what really kills a grocery budget! This may be a long post, so I apologize…if you want more info, you can e-mail me at home or on Facebook. The biggest saver is limiting or eliminating “pre-packaged” and canned goods. We pretty much don’t buy any canned foods, with the exception of diced tomatoes, and chicken/beef/veggie broth, and canned tuna. Anything you buy in a bag, or a box is going to cost more. This year, we are planting 6-9 tomato plants then I will can them and use those, but we ran out of last year’s canned tomatoes already. When I make chili, I use dried beans that have soaked overnight instead of the canned beans. Instead of being about $0.59 per can, you can get 1 lb of dried beans for the same price (or less), which is usually over twice as many beans AND they don’t have all the added sodium. When we buy meat, I look for the sales and adjust my menu according to what meat I can buy. When it is on sale I buy the meat in bulk and freeze. I have been shopping this way for a while, so now I always have a variety of meats in the freezer. We eat a TON of fruits and veggies, and I try to make that the main part of our meals. Veggies/fruit are fairly inexpensive so I let my husband graze on as much of that as he wants, then we split the meat course of the meal; instead of each having 1 chicken breast, we split it (which is the proper serving size) and we get more meals out of it. I buy big carrots in the bins instead of baby carrots or carrots in a pre-packaged bag. I peal and slice them into “sticks”, keep them in a Tupperware of water in the fridge along with sliced celery. I usually prepare the Tupperware once a week and they are always ready for a quick healthy snack. We eat a salad with every mealâ€I get the head of green/red leaf lettuce versus the pre-packaged stuff. At the beginning of the week, I wash and shred the lettuce into a big bowl and put a moist paper towel over it and cover with saran wrapâ€this also keeps the lettuce from wilting for about a week, and it is always ready. I also look for veggies on sale, like the other day asparagus was on sale so I bought 10-15 lbs and froze most of it for soups and other recipies to make later. We make our own bread with the bread machine now…it takes about 5 min to put the ingredients in it and then the machine does all the work. Once it is done, my husband slices it with his electric knife and we freeze it just like a regular loaf and we access it when we need it. I make a whole fryer about once a month and plan my menu around that so we use the whole bird and have little waste; we have the roasted bird one night, make pot pies the next, make a casserole the next, have chicken salads etc. Any of the breakfast foods, I make my own and then freeze, like pancakes, waffles, muffins, banana bread etc. Plus, I can control the ingredients that go into it, no more of the preservatives and corn syrup! Since I do a lot of the cooking/baking, it is worthwhile to buy baking ingredients in bulk (flour, sugar, etc.) when it is on sale. I always cook more than we need so we have lunches the next day and at least one night of leftovers, or if I need to I can freeze extra food (like soup, or lasagna). My husband still likes soda, so I buy 2 liter bottles and he takes one to work at the beginning of each week instead of buying cans. I would probably save more if I weren’t particular on certain brands…but I must have Tillamook cheese, or Umpqua ½ & ½ for my coffee! This sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t! I work full time and don’t find that this is any more complex or time consuming.



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Heyy.. I stopped Breastfeeding about a month ago and still no menstruation.. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to the come back?? Let me know on my page!!



wow, congrats bri!! happy b-day kekoa! i can’t believe my ella is 5 months already. i’ll probably cry when she’s a year!



oh- she is almost 13 weeks and I know she isn’t sick or anything. She just wants breast and is as happy as a clam today (the cute little stinker)



when I pump 4 oz and let it sit about an hour I only see about 1 mm of cream on top..barely nothing. Is this normal?



We had a couple nice snow storms here in PA as well. Snowed in and couldnt go to work so baby was in his glory on the boob all day 😛 – It was GREAT not having to pump during the day!



jude-v – I think you should trust your instincts if your baby is content and seems to be doing well. Keep getting him weighed regularly but also think about how you would feel if there was no such thing as scales. You probably would have no worries about him, right? I think some healthcare workers are too anxious about weight gain. Has your bub grown in length? Sometimes they get longer and not heavier for a while. I don’t think supplementing with formula is a good idea at this point, and I think there’s probably no point in pumping either. Just keep him at the breast whenever he wants it. Sounds like you’re doing a good job. But also the weigh-ins are probably a good thing so long as you don’t let that be the only judge of how well you’re doing.



mamabear- what do you mean how long should you breastfeed? Is this per feed session or how many months do most moms breastfeed? Just not quite sure what you are asking.



I was refferring to the emotional attachment i had to bf. I was very attached to it, i am very proud of the 15 mo i bf my son and it was a hard thing to let go of. Plus my hormones are still going crazy from the bf! 🙂

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