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    I have a question for those of you doing the soaked oats…. are you buying just regular Quaker oats or what? Everytime i’m in the store I look at the oatmeal and they all say instant or ready in minutes. Is it special oatmeal that I’ll have to get in the health food store or what? I’m confused.



    My son is 3 months old and on breast milk only. He is still waking up ever 3-4 hours at night. I was thinking about maybe giving him formula at night but I am not sure. I don’t want him to love formula so much that he won’t breastfeed. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions or experiences to share??



    I am really upset, but out of nowhere my milk is drying up… Ive tried extra feedings, pumping, mothers milk and drinking tons of H20. Nothing is helping and it is getting less and less each day. Now we are having to supplement and use milk I saved for when i went back to work…. Is there any hope?!!!



    nic- it does help, but doesn’t prevent.. but it will help LO get better faster



    I know it is off topic but wanted to share my first attempt to decorate a cake. I made it for my nephew’s First Communion.

    first cake I decorated



    mammabear, you don’t have to stop breastfeeding because your little one turns 1 year old!! Penny is my 6th breastfed baby, and I won’t stop as soon as she’s 1. However if you continue until Baby is 2 or beyond, it can be hard to stop because the child will have a deep emotional attachment to breastfeeding. My advice is to offer a breastfeed if and when your child wants it, but don’t offer unless he or she is obviously seeking it out. You’ll probably find yourselves skipping a midday or morning feed, then another… I found that my babies were most reluctant to give up the evening bedtime nurse, and we continued with that feed for a long time after s/he was fully weaned from other feeds. Good luck!



    For increasing supply my lactation consultant told me three things: A&W Root Beer, Wendy’s Frosties, or Oatmeal. I was sort of taken aback by the list, I think there is malt in the frosties and root beer and the oatmeal worked for some strange reason, so if you want to avoid anything alcoholic, maybe you could try those three. I haven’t had the chance yet as my baby hasn’t been born yet, but good luck! 🙂


    jmwolf99-i just saw your post about your LO only nursing for about five minutes. when my third baby turned about six or seven months she did the same thing. i kept thinking that she couldn’t be getting enough, but by her weight gain my peditrician made me realize that about that age your breast and your baby work REALLY well together. she was getting just as much as she needed, just very quickly compared to a bottle. also, i had introduced solids at about the same time and he reminded me that she was taking more calories from other areas than just breast milk. sounds like you are doing great . . . keep up the good job!



    Thanks to the people that offered advice. I did end up expressing a tiny bit by hand, but I could not see using a pump on my breast. I have now fed her on it and things seem to be going ok. (2 days to heal) I just have to get back my milk supply from that breast. the good thing is that I she seems to understand that there’s a definite no biting rule. 🙂



    Ugg, but they aren’t nice slaps, LOL! I feel like he’s being mean to me!! Sometimes he’ll latch really well, then pull away and start to nurse that way– on the tip of my nipple… WTH?? It’s not a nice nurse, but his eyes will be showing me he’s happy…. why’s he beating me up?



    Bri- Congratulations on your weight loss! And good luck to you with it continuing.



    thanks everyone! this helped alot! i was so nervous to feed him lol dont wanna get him wasted! haha



    Nikki —Wow! I can’t believe that Dr told you that. ‘no nutritional value ‘ in BM?!!!! Everytime I see my son’s Pediatrician she is overjoyed that I’m still nursing. I’ve been EBF my son for 10mths along with his solids and he is perfectly healthy. You do not need to give your LO Formula. Keep up the good work and don’t listen to that Dr.



    So, my son actually took my right breast, and had a good latch! I couldn’t believe it! He has really never taken that one before….except for when he was a week old and with a nipple shield. Anyway, we are slowly learning, and I’m excited. what a set back to only begin learning to BF at 4 weeks old, but that’s ok. He hates the football position, and I find it kind of hard…so cradle hold is working for us…but I really want to get the side lying position down so that I don’t have to get up at night so much. Currently I’m still bottle feeding expressed milk most of the time as we learn and get more consistent with latching. But everytime I try the side lying position, it just seems hard to line everything up…any tips? I know to put a pillow behind him, I guess to keep him from moving away from the breast, but does he just lie next to me w/o me touching him at all? Do I just scoot my body and boob to him when he is ready to latch? I prob need to make an appointment with a lac consultant. Couldn’t practice this position in the hospital since it was the most painful thing to try to get on my side after the csection. Any tips are appreciated! 🙂



    Ladies — thank you all for the advice. This board has been amazing for me over the past few months. I am going to go with the flow, and be happy that I was able to ebf for so long while working full time, and now that she is 8 months pump and nurse while at home, drop the pumping at work, and hope that my milk stays for as long as she wants it.

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