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    expecting – I pump for about 10 minutes on each side or the same time that baby usually nurses for.



    Babybean3 – could you lay down to nurse your little one? I haven’t seen the board before, but I would imagine nursing laying down might work? And I would think twice about not nursing on one side for a couple days. I think you could run into some serious problems doing that – mastitis, drop in supply, etc. Hope your LO gets better soon!



    My first couple weeks were pretty miserable, but advice from a LC really helped me, and it got so easy once things calmed down. Stick with it if you can! We are 14 months and going strong, and those bad first days are now barely a memory. Good luck!



    I have a three month old and he eats great. The doctor said he has minor thrush but not to treat it until it causes feeding problems or irritation. I think I’m starting to get it now too. Should I try to stop it or wait like the doctor said? Does anybody have pointers on how to fix/prevent this from happening?



    Ok, so most of you know that my 27month self weaned at 22 months, right before Alex was born. Well, yesterday he was asking for mommy’s milk. I’ve read that once they wean most will stay off even if they want to try because they lose the sucking ability. Well, I let him ‘try’ nursing again. He was really excited until he tried it. Not that he doesn’t like mommy milk but he couldn’t grasp how anymore. I’m hoping this will put an end to him wanting to nurse. I know that sounds weird and I felt a little weird about it at first because it was last summer when he weaned and he seems like such a big boy but it brought back memories. It lasted all of a second because nothing came out and he moved on to go find his ‘big boy’ cup. That was yesterday morning and he hasn’t asked about it since and I am nursing his brother like every two hours during the day so that’s a good sign.



    I never leaked either, with both of my kids! I wouldn’t worry!! Daylight saving actaully hasn’t been too bad here, surprisingly! Both kids asleep by 7:30 (usual time), so that was exciting! My 21 month old didn’t have much of a nap today, so that helped!



    this is ramdom, but interesting, and I’d love to hear your input! Ok, so anyone else feel a weird sensation in their nipples when they drink or eat something cold? I don’t think it happens all the time, but often enough! It happened when I was breastfeeding my first son, too. I dunno why and it doesn’t happen to me normally, only during the months I’m breastfeeding. Am I a freak of nature? Test it out!



    Nic: frozen peas, and let bubs nurse as often and as long as he wants. If you HAVE to, had express as little as possible to provide a little bit of comfort. If you aren’t stimulating your body to make more, it should pass in a day or two. Also, wear a snug fitting bra (I wear a sports bra type type nursing bra, especially to bed), and don’t let the water hit your nipples in the shower.



    oooohhhh oouucchhhh I have a painful spot in my armpit….. I have been leaking milk from my underarms I think so I don’t know if that’s why but this seriously hurts the skin is slightly red too………..on another note I finally got my medela advanced pump no more manual pumping 🙂



    does anyone else think its gross to give there baby chicken noodle baby food from the jar? yuck, if i wouldnt eat it why would i give it to my baby??? im very careful about what i eat, i eat fresh and no processed foods. my sis in law watches my 9 month old one to two days a week and the other day she said she bought him chicken noodle baby food and he ate that, he also had toast and an oreo! im like are u kidding me???!!! so basically the only nutrition he got all day was when she gave him his breastmilk. an oreo, really! her 3 kids are all obese and now i know why. she said that when her oldest child weaned herself at 10 months, she gave her cows milk but she wouldnt drink it so she would put chocolate in it so she would drink it. ugh im soo discusted



    it’s just maturity level. i’m 21 and i know 40 year olds that act like they’re fricken 12. it’s ridiculous. People just mature at different ages, i guess.



    Also, n one week I’ll have a one year old. I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn here. There have been a couple of times that I didn’t think I was going to be able to produce enough while I was away at work, but somehow I’ve always managed to get enough. I have a feeling by the end of next week it will turn out to be just enough. I only have four ounces left in the freezer. Ladies our bodies are amazing!



    Bri, I over’heard’ you talking about Nestle on the 5 month page. Can I ask what about them?



    Ellasmommy, I think you hit the nail on the head! His bedtime feeding is the one scheduled feed of our day. All other times I feed on demand, but at bedtime I ‘top him up’ in the hopes that he’ll sleep longer. Both the last two days he had fed only an hour before, so he probably wasn’t hungry. Thanks, I was beginning to worry!



    I start BLW at 6 months. My first son started actually eating around 7 months. Alex is 5 1/2 months and is just starting to try food. No actual eating yet though. I then went on to feed my first until 22 months. Alex will wean when he wants as well.

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