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    I just got implanon implanted on my arm yesterday so far very uneventful 🙂 It did not hurt putting it in at all!! It was about 4 hours after that it started to hurt like a bruise. Has not affected my milk supply in anyway, infact I actually pumped an ounce more then I ever had this morning… the entrance site is alittle bruised and it is sore so I am soo happy my husband is home and could help me position Tori for feedings.



    Bri, I agree, a night away won’t fix anything – especially since in my eyes, the problem is so much more than him not paying attention to the baby. He’s an alcoholic, and it causes major issues. He’s not violent – he would never hurt us, physically at least. but the fact that his alcohol is more important to him than buying food or clothing, is just not good enough. We’re working on a solution now though, he wants to quit, just can’t do it, so we’ve agreed that the next time he drinks I take away his computer for a month. And he can’t live without his computer, so we’ll see. If that doesn’t work though, then I’m leaving him, and he knows it. I just can’t do this anymore. But he seems to think that having that one night away together will fix things. I don’t agree, but on the other hand, he’s trying to quit drinking, so shouldn’t I do my part, and give him the night too? I dunno… I think I might go with what my MIL says, and just have her babysit for the evening, instead of all night. emilee, I’m sorry you’re having a tough time too! I can’t give much advice in that department, I actually enjoy sex again.. I hated it the whole time I was pregnant, so it’s kind of nice to enjoy it again.



    emilees – I think I dealt with something similar and it got really really bad. DD’s teeth also seemed to graze my nipple and it got to the point where there were actually indents of broken skin. Very painful. Have you tried nursing him in a different position from normal? That’s what I ended up doing on that side for about a month. I’m pretty sure in our case she was moving my nipple to a different part of her mouth, either to make nursing less painful where she was teething or just to help with teething period. I’m not sure, but eventually I healed and we haven’t had problems since. If you’re not too sore, unlatching might help for a short time, but if you’re getting really sore… it might take repositioning. Good luck!


    Someone mentioned the suply and demand top I like the idea of that.



    tiffany, my milk has too much lipase this time. when it freezes it gets that sour taste. its too bad because i had to throw alot out that i had just in case there was an emergency. funny thing is it wasnt like that with my first. i could freeze it just fine……….katie, im the exact same way. i have my boy and girl and that makes us feel so content and complete. i also feel like theres usually an odd man out in sets of three and i wouldnt want that.



    illy2 – I was on a meeting today with an LC and she said that any kind of oatmeal is ok. Even cookies!!! Yummy!



    Bri, you got one of the necklaces? I am ordering Zach’s next week after I get paid. I can’t wait. We wont give it to him till his birthday on the 9th though. 🙁 I needed one more little thing for his birthday and that is going to be it.



    LC – Zoey wanted to nurse a lot when she was younger but she wasn’t very efficient at it and had a strong desire to suck. However, she was definitely considered a sleepy baby. She still slept 18-20 hours at the time of her 4 month check-up. It stressed me!! She’s almost six months now and as long as she gets a few long naps in a day, she’s good. She’s probably down to 14-16 hours which is a vast improvement. I spent so much time stressing about it. Wasted energy!

    2ndtimemommy – He hasn’t told her yet. I told him he could wait until after our vacation (which includes the three of us adults and the three kids) because I want it to be relaxed. It’s going to be hard for me to pretend like we’re not together but we’re all going to get along better that way. But I told him he HAS to tell her when we get back (within 2 weeks) or I’m done.

    @potty training – Lilly’s brother Seth has Asperberger’s and is just now getting potty trained. As such, she didn’t want to train until he did. She’s a little further along than he is (no accidents) but she isn’t keen on the poop wiping (doesn’t want to risk getting it on her hands). So they’re a little behind but the Doc’s expected it. She’s developmentally normal, just didn’t want to leave her brother behind. Even last night, after she pooped, she ran down and went to him and told him she pooped in the potty. He hugged her and told her he was proud of her! So cute at the bond the two of them have. Twins! Ahhh.



    scarlet- thank you. Can I ask how you manage to only give your baby one bottle a day while you are at work? Do you work full-time?



    Hi ladies. On the subject of beaches. I will be bringing my LO to Myrtle beach for 2 weeks in September. I already bought a beach tent. Any other suggestions or things that I should expect. Bri mentioned the eating of the sand..that sounds like fun. My dr said to use as little of sunscreen as possible. maybe just for the fee and stuff. She suggested a hat FOR SURE and light clothes. California baby is not sold here in Canada, so I am not sure what kind of sunscreen to buy. I have Aveeno baby and it has oxybenzoyne in it, so i barely use it. Do you think a health food store would sell all natural sunscreen???



    Bri, being afraid of waking up like that does make sense. Thanks, makes me feel better! We have been a couple of weeks without an episode, so hoping that he is growing out of it. Out of all us kids and all the grandkids, Ayden is the only one that has had these, so its all new territory!


    I am in month 2 and just started posting in month 22 also. I like month 2 so far, everyone seems to get along. I hope it doesn’t turn negative.


    marli- i swear by the linsonoh line. I don’t pump often but when i do it gets the job done in 5 mins. I have the double electric it’s about 125$ on amazon.



    laura- i think you’re worrying over his head for nothing. i agree if the doctor isn’t concerned i would not be either.



    dandeluv, ur right..i was just researching a cpl days ago about the details of what happens when u soak the oats and in doing so realized the difference in soaking vs. fermenting..pretty interesting! i hadnt realized that if u are going to make oats a regular part of ur diet or consume them in big quantities that u need to soak or ferment them or else it can have negative affects on u. apparently that used to be part of the food label on oats years ago but they stopped including that little tidbit of info since people would find it a hassle to have to let em soak.

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