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    My wee one is four months old today…that’s four months of breastfeeding and no formula (except for about 2 ounces while in the hospital). It feels like such an accomplishment!!!



    im very excited as i just found out my insurance will cover the cost of a breastpump entirely! they even consider ‘going back to work’ as one of the reasons a woman might need one! all i have to do is get my dr to fill out a form and i take it to pick out a pump! im so happy!



    lilli – no offense taken at all 🙂 I’m off work for a year so really I probably never would have had to use a bottle! In six months someone other than myself has fed him 4 times. Also, I did want to say that I think this forum is awesome. I kind of torture myself with it though coz I’m pumping and feeding and just wish I was breastfeeding! I think if I had had the support and info offered here I wouldn’t have given in in those first few weeks, even though I had tons of LC’s helping. Some of the issues they were saying I had, you are all saying is normal! Too bad I hadn’t found this site while pregnant…



    My son would never take to being covered when nursing…so I gave up with covers at about two months 🙂 I think less people notice what I am doing now than when I was draped with a cover!



    emmalouliz – I didn’t want problems either so I just went the old fashion way…condoms. Yes, I know they can be a pain but I also got pregnant while on the pill. I didn’t want an IUD because I knew I wanted more within five years. After baby number 3 I’ll think about getting one in place. Also, if you haven’t gotten your period, it’s very unlikely you’ll get pregnant. Now before people jump all over me for saying that, let me explain it ‘can’ happen. Your period only comes the month after you ovulate for the first time. Most women don’t get their periods back until solids are introduced. Soooo, by using condems you will know that your supply won’t be effected AND you probably aren’t fertile yet anyways.



    dedileb- Maybe try swaddling the baby to get him content and comfortable. It is important for you to stay relaxed. If you become nervous/frustrated he will sense that and become frustrated too. Take in deep breaths and relax. Does he already latch properly?? If so, continue to offer your breast, it will ge better.



    I bought the ‘No-Cry Sleep Solution’ book and it seems to be helping some. We are two weeks in and he is definitely going for longer stretches. Now my problem is he recognizes the sleep routine and seems to get worked up earlier. also if anyone can explain this and knows how to help. once i get him down for the night for the first time he sleeps like ten minutes and then wakes up and is up for an hour to and hour and a half. then he does great the rest of the night. not sure why or what to do about it.


    Thanks everyone! I agree, Alyssa IS beautiful and she IS a handful! lol. I love it, though! She’ll keep me on my toes and make life interesting! You can’t tell in this picture but she isn’t 100% unassisted. When she pulls herself up and lets go, it’s only for a few seconds and then she hangs on again! lol

    Last night she finally managed to push off the ground, bring her kneeds under her and got on all 4’s and swayed back and forth for a little while…. I think she’ll be crawling by this weekend.



    oh yeah bfed babies can get sick. my man has been sick ever since he started daycare but he typically recovers pretty fast. I credit bfing to the fast recovery.



    andreagoth – There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to nurse with pierced nipples. You will need to take them out when you nurse because they are a choking hazard, and they can affect latch.



    YES!! Great idea about going to a support group. No one in my family breastfed. Actually my Mom said she never wanted to be ‘tied down, or bothered’- so she was no help and my mother-in-law was the sameway. I’m not much for going to groups alone- but I HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, LOL! I felt this was a great way to also and talk to some Mommies who were breastfeeding also. I’ve been 3 times and its wonderful! Plus you learn so much– even just from watching other’s nurse. I feel so uncomfortable nursing in public (actually I never have) so breastfeeding my son there helps me a little to get over it and become more confident.



    Lauraoct- I believe your baby is cluster feeding like mine! Everyday in the evenings 8 pm to be exact my DD Just wants to eat. eat. eat. eat. In the begining I just thought she was starving because of how she was acting she just wouldnt stop crying and kept wanting more more and more. I usto pump in the day time and give it to her but she still wanted to keep eating. I did some research and found out my baby waas cluster feeding. Its best not to give bottles because it ‘interferes’ with your milk production. just google it and youll find more info.



    secondstar – They are about the same. Alex was 15lbs 4oz at his 2month appointment. It’s crazy. My mom had originally bought some clothes that were 6month but they were also summer clothes. She took them back to get 9months since he’ll definately be in 9 months this spring and summer. I feel bad for some of the clothes that were 0-3months that I got. Granted it wasn’t too many articles since I already had a son but it feels like a waste of money for him only wearing them once or twice.



    Jealous, jealous, jealous. I was thrilled earlier because I can finally pump 4 oz (combined) at a time now. But that’s if she hasn’t eaten in about 3 hours. She’s not a big eater anyway. But gosh. What I would do for an over abundant supply. My sister is due in July and she’s a smoker (sigh) and I know she’s not going to give that up. She only bf’ed for 6 weeks with my nephew before giving up. I am really hoping I can build enough of a supply to feed my Zoey and feed my soon-to-be neice too. She and I haven’t talked about it but I’m pretty sure she’d be okay with it. It’s important enough to me that my neice get breast milk too that I am willing to put in the extra effort. Fenugreek is my best friend. I’ve also started with alfalfa and brewer’s yeast. I can’t find blessed thistle anywhere. And about fermented oatmeal…can someone explain it to me? I’m not really sure what it is but if it really makes a difference, I’m going to try it before I resort to reglan. Thx! (Still jealous)



    I am going crazy! I got on here and saw babyknight’s post and responded…then scrolled down and there was my response, but her post was gone. Scrolling down, it appeared that I was seeing all old posts. I hit refresh and there was her post again, but my response was missing. I hit refresh and it took me back to my response and the old posts…refresh again and my response is gone, but the new posts were back. Anyone else having issues, or is it just me??

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