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    I have a funny to share. The other night I handed my hubby my nightly dose of fenugreek while I ran to grab something to drink to take them with. When I came back he was very animatedly saying, ‘This is it!’ I was like, what are you talking about? He told me that I had been smelling strange for months–almost since I started nursing the baby. Apparently, everything about me reaks for the fenugreek and I didn’t know it. I know I have read a bazillion times that it would make you smell but since I didn’t notice anything, I assumed I got bypassed. My husband then lectured me for snipping at him several months ago when I assumed that he was complaining about my perfume. He went on to tell me that even my sweat smells like that. I was dying laughing…apparently, I’ve been torturing my poor man. Oh well, since Evin just turned 10 months, we’ve only got a couple of months of the odor to go. LOL.

    I saw on here about some men looking forward to their wives weaning. My husband is in this boat totally. He has always wanted me to breastfeed and has been supportive but I don’t think he’s really enjoyed it all that much. He’s hated feeling tied down to our schedule–even though I’ve done everything possible to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, it’s still difficult when we have to sit down and nurse for x amount of time (even though I am willing to do it in public when needed). So, though I’m very, very sad that it’s almost over I know my husband is counting down the days to when he feels that we will be able to be more mobile as a family.



    I bought the old fashion oats. Quaker does make them, just be sure it says old fashion rather then instant.



    1Byfaith – I had supply issues because my son wasn’t latching on. My sisters had no problem. If you are able to establish a good supply in the beginning and don’t have to pump for work or leaving the baby for some reason then you shouldn’t have to worry. Eat right and supply should be there.



    hairgal0104 I would get an appt. with an LC in your area asap or go to the la leche league website and find a leader in your area. In the mean time you can try soaked oats that is equal parts old fashion oats to water and soak over night then heat and eat and sweeten how ever you want. You can also buy fenugreek and take 9-12 a day. How much tea have you been drinking and there are some teas that add an herb that will actually decrease milk so you don’t start producing too much.



    some of the other posters might remember the name of a website (something about kelly in the name I do believe) I went to it once and it gives you a formula to use to help guide you in how much a baby should be eating… Can you ladies remember the name of it? I would love to bookmark it as it is very helpful. (My son is 7 months and he is content eating only 4 ounces per bottle, but my son is not a big eater and I only pump about 7 ounces total in 3 pumping sessions while at work so he gets that and a 4 ounce bottle of formula from my Aunt while she is watching him.)


    Today, I spent the day at the beach with my 12 month old. So, after we got home, I put him in the shower with me, as we were both sandy and sweaty. When we got out, I threw on a robe while I diapered and dressed him. After I got on his diaper, he sat up and opened my robe and buried his face in my breasts wanting to nurse. He’s never done anything like that before, but it made me feel so good that he wanted to nurse. *sigh* I’m so sad our nursing time is almost over.



    I loveddd fenugreek. I took the 610mg capsules 3 twice a day and then I took 4 at bedtime. I got an extra 5-8oz when I took it.



    Thanks for all of the suggestions, im only 6 weeks into this and its hard trying to get enough, i will be starting back to work in 3 weeks i hop i can keep getting as much i am able to have 2 pump breaks and lunch so i hope to do this for atleast 6 months. Has anyone else exculsively pumped and been able to do it that long? I know pumping isnt as effective. Im not sure if that is an unrealistic goal.



    Hey guys – I have a question: My little girl, Lola, is a little over 10 months and is still exclusively breastfeeding (other than solids) and still LOVES to nurse. I love nursing her – it’s probably one of my favorite things about being a mom. I breastfed my son (who is now 8) for 20 months and am planning on breastfeeding Lola for at least 18 months. Here’s the question – do any of you guys worry about nursing caries (tooth decay)? Lola nurses a lot during the day, nurses to sleep and nurses several times a night so I’m worried about tooth decay… what do you guys think?



    hi ladies, I have a question, of those with 12m or older ans still nursing, have you had a menstrual cycle? Mara is just over 13m and I still haven’t had one. Just wondering what others have had. I’m not complaining I don’t miss it one bit but alot of friends I talk to find it strange I haven’t had a cycle yet, ??? please answer my page. thanks, hope u are all well!



    sking, try the shield, persevere with it tho if bubs doesnt take too well. i find that it is almost impossible for me to bf without the shield. if your bubs is latching on well thats great, im really not sure if mine is but the shield so far has been making it better. i have been purely bf since fri, no formula, and will have a weigh in this fri…if his weight is going up then im happy and have made the right decision….gluck!



    Esoy-Sounds like your pump works just fine!


    Its hard to explain the benefits of breastfeeding (and have it sink in) to ignorant people, but even harder to a 37 YO woman who has her tubes tied, and never had kids. I feel that my friends and family should A. Either support what ever choice I make for MY baby or B. shut the hell up, and not put down my choices if they dont agree. I have 2 other friends that had babies around the same time as me, one was 8 weeks before, the other was 3 weeks after. One friend to brestfeed, but didnt have the proper education or help learning how to breastfeed, and really regrets not getting it. and the other, completely thought bf’ing was disgusting, but now that her son is allergic to milk and eggs, she’s regretting not trying as well. I know my mom wasn’t a pro breasfeeder when i had my son, but never did she say anything other than words of encouragement. Her 5 sisters think its disgusting, so I’m guessing thats how they were raised, but at least my mom has the decency to not say anything bad about it.



    felicia marie – That is too funny! When my son was younger (I think 6 or 7 months old) we started introducing the cup and the shot glass was the perfect size! Except, when we had people over there were always shot glasses on the table so I’m pretty sure everyone thought we were alcoholics. Hard to explain we only used them for breastmilk haha.



    secondchance- when I am laying down nursing Jakub I come to him. First I roll into him and do my right boob laying on my left side to get that one over with and I do it that way so he doesn’t lay on the edge of the bed but when I do the left boob I find that a pillow behind my back works better then behind his. So I just lay him on his side, pull his legs close to my tummy and latch him on. The bigger and stronger they are makes this position easier I think. I want to say we didn’t do this position very much until he was around 2 months and then once they hit around 6 months all you will have to do is lift your shirt. They will do the rest LOL.

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