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    I never supplemented with formula during the dips around AF time. I noticed that even though I was pumping less in one sitting than I normally did, each time I would pump I would consistently get at least an ounce so I tried to add in more pumps to get the amount I needed (still often dipped into freezer supply and it was during these times that I depleted my supply during the first year). Pumping more sucked though especially feeling crappy because of period coming. Gotta tell you, those were the WORST times! Putting in sooo much work to get what the baby needed. Gotta pull through though!



    jacque – yes ALL the pain will eventually go away. It takes awhile. It took me at least a month & now my little one is 4 months & BFing is easy, convienient & completely comfortable! Keep up the good work & it gets much eaisier!


    Thanks for the input. I will keep trying differnt things. I really don’t mind him sleeping with me most nights….I do miss cuddling with my husband! ; )


    @Tarste: I agree with the other ladies. Definitely call your lactation consultant. I call mine all the time. It’s to the point where they know my voice now. It’s amazing how much help and support you need when breastfeeding, but it’s SO worth it! Hang in there! 🙂



    LESLIE – I’m sure you’ve done it, but tap your nipple on her top or bottom lip. Some will open wider when you touch one or the other. Just be patience; remember she is learning too. It really takes a while- some babies are ‘born nursers’ and some take time to learn. Try to point your nipple up, over her mouth (toward her nose) this way when/if she opens you can whip it in and it’ll be your whole nipple. You have to be quick!!!! It really takes practice on both your parts. My son and I were ‘learning’ for the first month or so- just stick with it. Best advice I have though, would be to make a visit with a lactation consultant. They will help you TREMENDOUSLY!!! Good Luck!!



    mybabysuprise – I don’t know about you but I want my boys’ first Disney experience to be with me. If the grandparents are with us then great but not without. So, even if you are still nursing you’ll be there. HAHA! Oh and honestly, I went with my family when I was 5. It sucked. I have bad memories about it because everyone else got to go on the big rides and I was stuck on crapy rides. it was much better when I was older. I still remember my dad taking my sisters on the tea cups and I had to go on the stupid Dumbo ride with Mom. Ok, I know both are lame but it sucked being the youngest and not being able to go on all the rides. I guess it’d be different with Mason since he’s the only child but still.



    Oh, and with both of my girls, my AF came 8 wks pp and man was it HEAVY! Everyone is different though! Wish I had gotten a longer break though!



    sarrah-xo- Colostrom is the good stuff its full of all the good anitbodies your baby needs. And yes that is just enough for your baby. The more you pump the faster your milk will come in. You will need to be pumping every 1-2 hours…sooo thats all your gonna be doing for awhile! but it should come in pretty fast as long as you keep it up.



    Lawsons Mom- I definitely wouldn’t worry about the late bedtime at 2 months old. I don’t think she’s old enough to get thrown out of wack.



    after Aiden nurses I’m lucky to get an oz total…I think I’m making just enough for him. The evenings are hard because he wants more than I’ve got (or faster at least) but I read that this is normal and I shouldn’t supplement? He’s getting his wet and dirtys but he’s definitely fussy in the evenings!



    I got my hair cut today and it came up that I was still nursing. She was shocked when she found out my DD has teeth and I’m still breastfeeding! I told her I very rarely even notice she has them and she said it gave her shivers just thinking about it! So annoying.



    Lawsons mom- since you brought this up i just want to make the observation for how much more open-minded all of you ladies are here in the BFing forum are compared to the months pages. i actually feel confident to voice my opinion here and not be afraid someone is going to jump down my throat because i am confident in my parenting choices. so thank you all! some of those ladies in the 4 and 5 month pages sure are rude by times!



    HAnnah-my guys was always green. he seemed fine and the ped never seemed concerned.


    i fell pregnant whilst breast feeding and on the mini pill. The pill i took you had to take within an hour same time each day. I wasn’t ebf by this point but he still fed in the afternoon, bedtime and upto 3 times during the night.



    Butterflykisses my baby has acid reflux. The doctor diagnosed her with just a description of her symptoms. Most DR’s will try to not put the babies through those tests but some will. I gave Tori Zantac (prescribed by her doctor) and it did work for about a week and then completely lost its affect. Her reflux peeked at 1 month and now (with no medicine) is starting to decrease. If it is reflux watch what you eat very carefully because although it may not be your diet your diet can add a tummy ace and gas into the mix and that calls for a very unhappy bebe and very unhappy mommy.

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