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    That is because most doctors spend all of a few hours learning about breastfeeding out of 11-13 years of school. So do your research. Roosa I am very glad that your child didn’t have any problems introducing food that early but I think I would consider yours to be one of the few lucky ones and not part of a norm.


    Anyone have any experience with Mother’s Milk Tea? I’m thinking about starting to use it next week. I’m thinking a couple of cups a day (though it says at least 3…I think that’s excessive). How much does it help? I think my 11 week-old needs more than 3 oz every 3 hours, but that’s all he gets when I’m at work. He’s satisfied by it, but I really think he needs to be eating more than that. Any info would help!



    Ok ladies. I think I need a pep talk… I love reading and posting on here, I have been since I was pregnant… My little guy is now 6 months. I have struggled with a low supply since he was about 1 1/2 months. At work today I only pumped 7 ounces combined from 3 pumpings. He everday day get about 2 formula bottles at my aunt’s now. I have tried the fenugreek, soaked oats, more milk pills and nothing seems to get me up past that amount. I want to keep doing this but no matter what I do nothing helps. Weekends seem like he never leaves the boob and I am just at a loss as where to go from here. I have been to a lactaction consultant before and done what they requested. He didn’t even gain a pound between his 4 month and 6 month visit.



    mommymegs – I wouldn’t recommend it. In my experience, those that started formula tend to slowly lose their supply and are completely on formula within months or weeks. When your baby goes through growth spurts s/he will need to eat more. If you are supplimenting then your supply will never build. Of course, there are moms that don’t want to night feed and when their babies start sleeping through the night it doesn’t matter. I’m just saying that I know you are probably really tired but things do start to get better;. Three months is typically when things get a lot easier.



    Hi everyone…I am having some problems and wonder if anyone has similar experience or advice. My baby is 5 months old and ebf, and has not been gaining weight well for the past 3 months. He has dropped from 85th to 10th percentile on the who charts. We have seen two pediatricians and a pediatric nurse, and all say that he is not getting enough milk and I should give him formula (and now solid food). I am committed to breastfeeding though and have been working hard to increase my milk supply, but still he isn’t gaining weight. So two weeks ago we rented an infant scale to track how much he was eating – and we found he averages almost 40 oz per day! isn’t that a lot? could he possibly need more? He eats really well and often, and is developing well and generally happy. But he hasn’t gained any weight for two weeks. Has anyone had a similar problem? any ideas? our doctors insist the problem is with me, not him.



    Do any of you have the ‘expression bustier’? I saw it online and it looked really cool so i bought one. I pump after almost every feed and it can be a pain when it ties up both your hands and this was a hands free ‘pumping bra’. Just wanted some opinions if any of you ladies have purchased one of these.



    sunshine, that is sweet.. how old is your baby now? My daughter is just starting to pull down my shirt if she wants to nurse so i am careful about what I wear out with her now lol



    tommiesmommy – Is that the stuff that makes your sweat smell like maple syrup? I thought i read that somewhere, or was that a different herb?



    natesmomma, do you only pump? No nursing? I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, but if that’s what you’re doing, wow, I’m impressed! I didn’t think the milk would come in without nursing Baby. I hate pumping, and now that I’m a SAHM, I never bother with it. Much easier just to feed her directly, and no hassles with pumps and bottles and freezers and so on. You ladies who pump and work and still EBF are just amazing.



    Mercer, actually the stats are still out on that one. They know that bottlefed babies who drink right before bed have a higher risk of tooth decay but not so much with breastfed babies. Probably because of the sugar content. I also think it has to do with genes. I was EB until over a year when my mom introduced solids. I continued to nurse to sleep until I was TWO! I didn’t have my first cavity until I was 18 years old and heading off to college. My son is going on 20months and still nurses before bed. We brush his teeth throughout the day and so far there isn’t any sign of decay. So, for me, I wouldn’t worry too much because it is breastmilk not formula that is putting your baby to sleep.



    13yearslater: I was told to undress bub or change their nappy to wake them up and try again. Newborns are very tired little creatures.



    When I am up and about I always pump in the car. I put up the sun visor thing and put a blanket over myself. I can’t go for 3 hours without pumping or feeding



    1byfaith, my daugther spits up a lot also, too much in my opinion. i spoke to her pediatrition and she said she might be overfed, that sometimes she just want to suck not feed.but i don’t think i produce enough milk to overfeed anyone.


    OK, I’m gonna get a little personal here. Im 22 and its my first pregnancy. I’m 8 almost 9 weeks along so I have a little while to research. i am really struggling with the whole breast feeding issue. I understand that breast feeding is the best thing for my baby so i pretty much know what i want to do. I have a few concerns though. Along with the pain I know will be there.. Im worried about it being akward. The only thing i’ve ever used my breasts for are sexual things, and im afraid thats gonna make breast feeding weird. Im also concerned because i was molested as a child and ive always had a lot of issues sexually and sometimes with my breasts. If anyone has any experience with this, or had the same concerns and decided to breast feed, please let me know how it turned out or any advice at all would be helpful.



    Okay my baby (4 wks old) had green poop this morning………trying to figure out if she is getting a good hindmilk/foremilk balance. How do you know?

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