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    Question: I need some good breast pads. I leak alot, and I’ve been using reusable cloth pads…I like the Medela ones BUT my nipples end up sticking to them and it kinda hurts when I’m ready to take my bra off. Any suggestions.



    hchina-my guy makes straining noises. he has since the beginning. i asked the ped. about it and she said some babies just have a flair for the drama. teeheehe maybe he’ll be a famous actor one day and fly me around the world!



    JACQUECMSU: Oh, I remember that! I would dread every feeding and YES, my toes would curl and the pain would sort of dissipate after a few sucks- but oh so painful. My little boy is 5 weeks now and it’s not too bad. I need to still guide him and hold him in place for the feeding, but it’s fine! Took me about 3 weeks or so. Oh, and when people say it gets better… it really does!! You are doing a wonderful job for wanting to hang in there and even for trying- pat yourself on the back it’s hard work =)



    Does the hosiptal rent pumps? That might also be a good option until you can get him to nurse on the left side again. And I agree you don’t want to stop completely. Nothing would be worse than having a sick baby and mastitis.



    tarste:–I’m with the other mommies! Don’t stop! I had unreal nipple issues. We dealt with thrush, cracked bleeding scabbed nipples, and mastitis! I totally wanted to quit but I didn’t. I just kept setting small goals like just one more week! Now here we are nursing at week 13! Nursing does get easier and it does stop hurting!! I just wish I knew that with the other kids because I didn’t, and I quit feeding them because of it. When they tell you that breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt they’re forgetting to tell you that it could/may be excruciating for the first couple of weeks til your nipples toughen up. Try using A&D ointment on your nipples after feeding. That felt WAY better to me than the Lansinoh did.



    Leslie1212 – First off, call a lactation consultant. They will better be able to help you then we can. In the meantime you can try several different things. First, massage your breasts first. This will get your nipple ready and the milk ducts ready for a letdown. Then if baby doesn’t open wide for you, use your thumb to pull the chin down. Don’t worry about hurting her, you won’t. A little pressure will get her to open wide. Then bring baby up to your breast. If she gets on and won’t suck then use a compression hold. Slightly squeeze the base of your breast which will start a milk flow. You should see her start to gulp. When she does, stop and wait until she stops then start it again. Soon you shouldn’t have to use this technique. Good Luck but do call a LC, they are awesome!!



    I find myself feeling really lucky to have the family I have. I came from a non breastfeeding family and my mom was very concerned about me producing enough milk while I was pregnant. She’s a complete convert now. I actually think she’s a little jealous about me bfing now. She is always saying ‘seeing you and Isaac together really makes me wish I had tried to now’. And everyone else just keeps there mouth shout. We’ll see when I go past a year what happens.



    Hi ladies I havent been on here in a while hope u r all well. Just have a question about feeding Alex. At the mo he is eating about 20 oz of formula and solids twicw a day, just about 1 or 2 oz each time. He is almost 9 month sold. Does his daily amount seem ok. i feel its so low but he wont eat and more. He still gets up during the night tho but i dont know if this is more out of habit than hunder. Could you ladies give me an idea how much your bubs are feeding if they are around same age as Alex…thx oh and i have noticed this month he has hardly gained weight, but staying steady not losing



    cosmomama- same thing happens to me i also get it when i walk outside and the air is slightly cooler and sometimes i get that feeling out of no where



    lil tip- My daughter (8 weeks tomorrow) was eating every 3 hours around the clock until 6 weeks. Now she’s sleeping anywhere between 5 and 8 hours at night. But she likes to cluster feed closer to bed time to stock up.



    I was the one who wrote the comment and then deleted it shortly after. I was bashing Memphis (where we live due to my fiance’s job) and how it is ass backwards. I was saying how I was at the zoo the other day and was gawked at big time by the kids and even adults while nursing. It was at the most private, shaded bench I could find and I had two shirts on so there wasn’t any skin showing at all. I also was venting about how I wished that more of the people and more specifically, medical professionals had a clue (since I have gotten what I feel is bad advice pertaining to feeding my baby, from more than one pediatrician in Memphis) like more progressive cities such as Seattle. Then I felt bad that it sounded too harsh and didn’t want to offend anyone, so I then quickly deleted it. Oh well, it’s out there now and it is how I feel.



    number2luv, what’s wrong with toast? i get the oreo obviously, and not 100% sure about the chicken noodle, (of course fruits or veggies would be better, but I don’t think it’s that bad myself) but I don’t get what’s wrong with the toast, is there something I don’t know?



    Belly- I agree with you…On the monthly pages ( we move to the 1 month today) they are talking about these HUGE amounts they are feeding there 2 week olds from a bottle and I feel I cant say anything cause in the preg weekly it was the same way you say one wrong thing and EVERYONE jumps down your throat…I am glad I found all you ladies lol…..When people ask me how much he eats I am like I dunno when he wants lol…I was at my hubs aunts house for a party on saturday and Danny needed to eat so I just sat right there at the dining room table and fed him not thinking if it bothered anyone…Our immediate family doesnt care cause they are used to it but you should have seen the look I got from his gramma when I was singing happy birthday and eating cake with him on my boobie lol it was PRICELESS



    Ash-you should see if the hospital can rent you a pump for the days that you need it.



    lawsonsmom, i hadnt thought about the bpa in formula cans. u know some of the gerber finger foods like cheese puffs n such come in cans also. will have to watch out. luckily we dont really use many canned foods as a family. i just looked in our pantry and all we have thats canned is tuna and its been sitting there for about 6 months now lol. every time i try and give it to my mom she tells me to keep it cause ill probably eat it at some pt haha

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