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    scarlet, we keep mine all downstairs in its own deep freezer. It only gets opened long enough to get a new stash for upstairs, or fill an ‘order’ for my friend. In the deep freezer, it lasts for a year. I don’t notice that Zach is any less full or anything when he gets the frozen milk as opposed to the fresh, so even though they aren’t nutritionally equal it never seems to really make a difference. I guess its just like drinking a glass of water and drinking a glass of milk. They both take up the same amount of space, and you are (usually) thirsty again in the same amount of time, its just you get more nutritionally from the glass of milk. Maybe not the best comparison since BM is more like food… As for when baby comes, your milk will change to address the youngest child’s needs first, so it will go back to colostrum and work back up from there.



    Hi ladies. I reached my goal of exclusively pumping breast milk for my little one who turned one last week. Now i have gone cold turkey and no longer pumping. i’m getting mixed tips on how to help the milk dry up without getting engorged. some say to wear tighter bras some say to go braless. any helpful tips from your experience.? thanks in advance.


    Why am I the only one woh can’t get these stupid pictures to post!??!



    bouza-thank goodness! you had me all worried that i still hadn’t figured it out!


    I think the time and place to feed your baby is wherever you are when they are hungry. Just my opinion.



    Does anyone know if you can donate blood while breastfeeding. I’m having a problem with low supply at the moment and don’t know if that can make it worse.


    That means 203 more days to go! 😀



    alyssakd86, as long as baby is happy and gaining weight, you are fine! BF babies can go weeks without a poo, so don’t worry too much about that! You will find that with the lack of poo, you get more painful gas. This does NOT mean that baby is constipated! If baby can pass gas, baby is NOT constipated. That is a huge misconception. The only time baby is really constipated is when baby goes and it is hard rabbit-pellet like.



    you go LUV!!! I’m trying to get that point with shopping and cooking and I find I am little by little…there are a lot of great ideas in there, thanks for the tips 🙂



    Woww nice. i wish i can breast feed. but i am stuck to a pump.. lol



    I am still breastfeeding my son who is nearly 9 months now, yet my period started exactly 5 weeks after he was born. The midwives and health visitors were surprised, but thought i must just be unlucky – and to be careful not to get pregnant. My mum had a similar thing with both me and my brother!



    Thanks ladies! I’m so happy for my little man but I’m sad too. Oh well! They all grow up sometime. We’ve been having a wonderful day but now he’s napping so i’m off to clean. This weekend is his luau and I have to do. My husband said he was coming home early today. We’ll see if that happens. Then, maybe I can really get some deep cleaning done.


    rae: my guy constantly goes between 7-10 days without a bm. but, he is also 3 months old. if i remember corectly, its only 6weeks and under that should be having a bm every day. if you’re concerned, you can always take him to the dr. my dr told me to give him a couple oz of water a day to ease my mind lol



    manda21 – I was sore when Kekoa got teeth too. He also started biting me so I had to retrain him not to do that. Now that we both have gotten used to his teeth we are fine. But, at first I could definately feel the teeth (top) rubbing against me.



    For all of you breastfeeding moms that are on Facebook, you should check into the ‘breastfeeding is not obscene’ group that is protesting Facebook’s decision that breastfeeding photos are obscene and not allowed on the site.
    They are having an online ‘protest’ this weekend, asking people to change their profile pic for one day, to a picture of a breastfeeding mother/child.

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