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    cindermoon, have you tried giving him something to hold when you are nursing. Isabella loves clawing at me too when we are nursing and when she has long nails-it hurts! So I have been usng a burb cloth for her hold and everytime she reaches for my breast, I hope the cloth in her hand and she plays with it while eating. It has really helped!


    My first period since having the baby was on January 1st. Since then, I haven’t been able to pump very much while at work (5-6 oz compared to 10 before). So, since we had the long weekend, I decided to forego as much solid food as we could and just nurse Evin whenever he will take it to try to get my supply back where it needs to be. I am sticking to it, but I managed to catch a cold and he’s cutting another tooth so we’re both just miserable. As it turns out (boy am I a ding dong), he doesn’t want to sit still nurse so it’s not going as I had hoped. Perhaps this is nature’s way of beginning the journey to end our nursing time together. I suppose I’ll see when I go back to work tomorrow if it did any good.



    So Jordynn has this new thing that she likes to do. When I am BF she likes to clench her little gums down and it hurts so bad. How do you stop them from doing that? She has no teeth and is 4 months on the 16th.



    mariejcp- I had a c-section and wasn’t put in a room or allowed to see my baby for 16 hours after birth! I was so furious!! The hospital was to full and they don’t allow feeding in the recovery room. They gave him 5.. I repeat FIVE bottles of formula before I got him. Yes I agreed to allow them to bottle feed him in the nursery because I didn’t want him to starve because the hospital wouldn’t give him to me! But I never expected them to give him 5 bottles. When I finally got him I tried to nurse and he didn’t want to nurse for HOURS.. no wonder he was too full on formula! He had horrible stomach problems the first two week trying to digest the formula. My milk came in on day three in the hospital and I was on pain medication. It didn’t seem to affect my milk supply at all. If you do need to have a c-section INSIST that they bring you your baby as soon as you are able to hold him!

    celticbabe2009- I have a sleepywrap which is similar to the mayawrap. I haven’t tried to nurse in it- thanks for the idea! Also I found out why he is having an issue nursing.. teeth! He has TWO breaking through and he is only 12 weeks old.. young I thought?



    Hi, does anyone have any good tips to help increase milk supply? I am worried my son wants more cause he has started waking every 2hrs at night! Maybe a growth spurt? He will be 4 months on the 21st of March. Thanks so much!



    I have mentioned here a few times my 9 month old daughters liking of nipping me at feed times.. Well i have had a really sore nipple the past few days and i looked this morning and i have a small cut under my nipple that i can only assume she did biting me. ( she doesnt bite that hard mostly) Anyway it has caused a small lump under the nipple and is quite painful. When she latches it feels like she is slicing my nipple off for a second then it eases and is just sore. It feels like im back to the beginning on that side. I cant even give it a rest as she gets most of her milk from that side as the other side doesnt produce anywhere near as much sine i had my last bout of mastitis… Any suggestions other than Lansinh which im using to make it feel better and heal quicker…. Im scared it may get infected….



    i believe the site you are taking about is


    My son is 3-1/2 months old, I pump twice a day Mon-Fri to work and can only pump 3 to 3-1/4 oz. My nanny says sometimes my son still seems hungry after having his bottle. But, no matter how much water I drink and how much I pump, I can only pump the 3 oz. I do not want to give him formula as I nursed my other 3 sons until they were over a year old. I never had to pump with my other children though. I need to increase my milk and someone suggested drinking Organic Mother’s Milk tea to increase my milk. Has anyone used it and does it work?



    hi ladies, I am a new mom, my baby is 2 months old and she is really really fussy when i try to bf during the day and usually she cries and acts really agitated that she refuses to continue so I have resorted to bottle feeding her expressed milk during the day. I try to get some bf sessions in at night if she wakes and in the morning. I am worried that my supply will go down if this continues – I’m currently expressing after every feed and I take fenugrek and blessed thistle to help keep my supply up. I guess I’m wondering if I should abandon pumping and just aim to get her bf – are there any moms that exclusively pump and bottle feed?



    yes i only pump, ive never been able to get him to stay latched on. Pumping is definitely no fun i just hope to keep my supply up



    Hi Ladies – I am new to this board – have 8 mth old son – have questions, some advice and I recently came across an awesome product we can all use. How is everyone tonight?



    How is everyones experience with employers allowing you to pump? Im searching for work (im a care giver) and im just crossing my fingers that i will get to pump ever 2-3 hours at work.. im pretty sure they dont legally allow me too.. any suggestions on asking them potential employer if they will let me pump?? im so afraid to ask and them decide thats why they dont hire me.. but i can’t accept a job that doesnt allow me to pump.. my kid has to eat and we cant afford formula, even with WIC.



    I was wondering if any you have given a pacifer to your baby?? Sometimes I wonder if Brandon is just wanting to suck or if he is really wanting to bf.



    megang22, letting her suck till the breast is empty works for me, i also offer the other breast and start on that breast the next feeding. my breast are already lopsided so i don’t care, lol



    I saw this on CNN and thought it might inspire some of you new moms just starting out bfing to keep going.

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