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    Lawsons Mom – I agree, six months is the min time frame but I’ll be self weaning so it’ll be around that time that Alex starts picking things up to eat.


    Hannah- I feel the same way!!! I haven’t seen and bleeding but I had my first period in April haven’t had one this month but I feel all emotional and tired with cravings. It’s odd. We’ve been talking about another baby but I want to wait a few more months. I just got my body back. Also, we’ve only had sex 4 times and he pulls out everytime but we all know that isn’t even 89% ok!! I just hope ant flo comes soon. I know they say its almost easier to get pergnant while Bf because your period isn’t normal



    Babes79 – I feel this way too, I’ve got 9 days until my due date. Most people I will end up doing it around I’ll feel comfortable around, although I was given a breastfeeding shawl thing for when I do feel uncomfortable around certain people or certain situations. There are a few people I don’t really want being able to see my BBs on display, but like I said I personally am fine with most people I know I’ll be around. Good luck!



    hahahahaha, ama. that is really funny.



    babybean, it is true that you can nurse through a pregnancy, however, it’s also very common for your supply to take an alarming dip, and sometimes dry up completely. I don’t really know what you can do about it, I know that some herbs which are used to increase supply aren’t safe while pregnant, but I’m not sure which ones. I too would like to get pregnant again fairly soon, but I’m afraid to as well, because I don’t want my son to ever have any formula, but if I get pregnant, I’m not sure I’ll have enough milk to get through the first year without supplementing. If you find out more, I want to know to!



    Hello girls, I’m an ebf mom of a 2 month old. I was wondering if anyone can help… Why is it that I have one good day of nursing… abundant milk supply, nice full breasts of milk, regular let down even when not feeding. Baby will feed well from one breast only per feed, will be totally satisfied and will therefore sleep well and have good bm. Then usually the following day my milk is reduced, I have problems with let down, baby is frustrated, hungry, will feed off both breasts and still be looking for food. She sleep less, want to feed more often…cry more 🙁
    I hate days like these…I wake up in the morning and can judge by the first feed how the day will be. Can anyone help please?



    balsam…it is extremely rare for a baby to not be able to digest breastmilk, however its becoming quite common for moms to have to cut out certain foods so that breastmilk can be more tolerable by the baby. the big main culprit is usually dairy. it takes two weeks to see a difference after cutting it out. if there are still issues after two weeks the next thing they ask to cut out is soy. 50% of those who cant tolerate dairy, also can’t tolerate soy. fortunately, often times babies out grow this by a year and go on to drink cows milk just fine.



    I should also add that I did eliminate all dairy(including whey and casein), soy, nuts, caffeine, highly acidic foods, and cruciferous vegetables for two weeks (before I knew about the oversupply issue) and nothing changed. That is how I know that it was not a food sensitivity in my case.


    need help: I have to go out of town for a funeral and I’ll be leaving my baby at home 🙁 How many oz of bm does she need? is it still 1.5 per hour? She is 16 weeks old now. Ill be gone from 7 am to about 11 pm.



    I need some help with my week old girl. i am very tired of breastfeeding. I am getting to where I am like ‘ hurry up and get off my boob.’ and I feel awful!! but she eats and stops, eats and stops, eats and stops…Im having difficulties 🙁



    I am so frustrated right now. My cousin-in-law had her baby today at 4:18pm. I have been talking to her for a while now about bf and all the benefits and she wants to give it a try. She had him at a horrible hospital that is against bf. They do no allow the baby to room-in and they assign a schedule (of 3 hours!) for you to go to the nursery, which is on a different floor. She has been asking to nurse him from the beginning and they said that he had not had a bath. Then they said to wait until 12:00am!!! Are you kidding me? 8 whole hours??? She is desperate and they don’t want to let her in. I am in here going crazy and it’s not even my baby, I can only imagine how she is feeling. All I keep telling her is to drink a lot of water and when she does finally get to see him, to beg the nurses to let her in at least every two hours so she can get a good supply established. It’s weird. I feel like I am her LC… and I am still struggling to get the hang of things myself.


    Really 2 weeks old, wonder what thats doing to their digestive system.


    Nobody even offers. I asked my bosses mom who is our accountant if i could use my bosses wifes office because she never even here and pretty much told me no because they never knows when she’s gonna be here. I can’t stand my bosses mom. She asked me the other day how long i was gonna nurse for and I said at least a year and she turned her nose up at me. I didn’t know what to say. Their is only one other lady here which makes 3 and none ever breastfed. The only other person here is my boss and he is super busy.



    I was wondering if anyone could post the recipe for fermented oatmeal… I went back quite aways, but I still couldn’t find it. Also is ‘MMT’ mothers milk tea?? How does the oatmeal taste anyway.. it doesn’t sound very appealing! Thanks in advance for the help!



    scarlet-you just made me laugh a little. isaac is 13 months old and has sleep through twice. i’ve given up on even trying to get him to. it’s just to stressful. i’m not sure there is a time frame of when they should be sleeping through but my little guy still wakes at least twice.

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