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    Just wondering when you ladies got your first period after having your babies. I know everyone is different but I’m just curious how long it took. My daughter is 9 weeks and I still havn’t gotten one yet. Not complaining that’s for sure!!



    michelles, I was at home for 5 months and I was exclusively breastfeeding. She is now 7 months and we are doing great still. I was so worried about my supply (and still am!), but it all worked out. I tried to pump and have enough milk in the freezer to last the work day and now I just pump at work twice a day and we use that milk for the next day when I am gone. On weekends, we nurse a lot and that usually brings up my supply a little bit come Monday.



    i dont knw how much longer i can bf. its so stressfull. it was easier when i was pregnant. i never had to worry about filling my babys belly



    Oh and I can pump 3 oz out of the left breast and only 1- 1-1/2 oz out of the right. Do I need to worry about this inabalance of production? How can I balance it out? Should I feed her the left breast first and let her finish the other to build supply or the other way around?



    I have a ‘Hooter Hider’ but hardly use it as I perfer not to breastfeed in public. I go out of my way to either have a bottle ready when in public or know I’ll be able to make it home for the next feeding. I’m weird.



    mommymegs I have also heard alot of moms say that they tried giving formula at night so little one would sleep longer and 9 x’s out of 10 it doesn’t work. I don’t really think 3-4 hrs is all that bad for at 3 months. I usually let my LO sleep the first stretch in his bed and then bring him into mine around 2-4 and while he eats I sleep. Its kinda funny because I will wake up like 1 to 2 hrs later and he will still be attached so I make him atleast switch sides. LOL



    I think it is wonderful that you are EBF. However, at some point you may need to consider supplementing. I know that this will make me sound awful but for its for the very same reasons that you want to BF…It may be what is BEST for your LO. I don’t think you should stop BF but adding 1-2 bottles a day of formula won’t hurt. It sounds like your Drs are concerned, not gaining weight can be serious.



    i am soooo tired today and do not feel like working. i really need caffine but already had my two sodas. What do you guys do when you REALLY need a boost. I thought decaf coffee might trick my brain but its not working!



    My GYN reccommended that I take Gardasil (the new vaccine for HPV, as I am 26 I can still get it) BUT I am wondering if it’s safe to take while breasfeeding, so I am wondering if anyone has gotten it? I tried to research it a bit but its new and there isnt much information regarding it. Any help would be appreciated, I am unsure what to do, THANKS



    mamabear – I agree! There is no need to stop. Actually, the WHO recommends breastfeeding until 2yrs of age. But, as for what Baby should eat, pretty much anything. If it’s healthy then your baby should be able to eat it. Ok, honey should still be avoided but my son has been eating steak since he was 10 months old. He eats like there is no tomorrow and still breastfeeds. It’s easy now at 18months. He breastfeeds when we are at home, before nap, night time and when he just feels down. He drinks from a cup during meals and when we are out and about. It works well.


    natesmamma: there used to be a girl in my month, 10, who e-pumped. her baby wouldnt latch either. as far as i know, she is still pumping. unfortunately, she no longer uses this site!


    hi all, Skye is 4.5 months. I have not started solids at all yet. I am getting told from the world! that she needs water/solids? I was holding off until she shows obvious signs. What do you guys think? At least 6 months?

    Also, getting her to sleep is a problem. i nurse/rock her and try to lay her down over and over….all evening long. i am getting frustrated. i have let her cry….awful,awful. she cries for ages and is soaked in sweat and in a terrible state. any suggestions? thanks



    my little guy is 5 days old and is latching on really well. he is always eager to feed but he falls asleep during most feedings. i know he needs more and i am afraid i won’t produce as much milk because he is always falling asleep. does this happen to anyone else and what do they do?



    ********Okay I need help/advice…my son is 2 and 1/2 weeks old and has has green poop a lot…in fact it has NEVER been yellow…usually it’s an orangish/green color. I read about this early on and I thought maybe it was the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance so I started only nursing him on one side per feeding. I am started to wonder if it is a dairy allergy because when he’s done eating you can tell he is getting the hindmilk because it’s very white and rich looking (in contrast where in the beginning it’s clearish looking)…what do you guys think? What should I do? He doesn’t have his 2 week check up until the day before he turns 3 weeks. I will be devistated if they tell me to stop nursing him. He has plenty of wet diapers and poops ALL THE TIME, but never spits up. Do you think if he had a milk allergy he’d be spitting up?



    i don’t know about the amount, but malt milk seems to give me quality milk, i sing the praises of horlicks

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