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    scared-i would at least give it a try. it isn’t sexual at all. it does hurt at first while you and baby are learning. buy some lanolin and see a lactation consultant if it hurts more than a couple of weeks. when done right bfing shouldn’t hurt. also just so you know i was molested by an older cousin when i was younger so i have a few hang ups as well. i’ve not had any hang ups about bf if anything it has helped me. it is such an amazing personal emotional thing! and hey if you do try it and it makes you uncomfortable stop doing it and start formula. that is certainly an easier route to take than starting formula, think your making a mistake and then trying to bf.



    LauraID – Haha, I just realized I think I misunderstood your post. So ignore my last post. When you’re feeding, it’s hard to know if you’ve reached the hind milk, but if you hand express once at the beginning and once after your LO has eaten for a while, the colour of the milk changes from a thin watery colour to a thicker, whiter colour. That’s the fattier stuff.



    Angela- so when you are laying on your left side you feed from the right boob; then when it’s time to do the left boob, do you roll on your right side and move your LO? I probably should just focus on getting us proficient on the cradle position since that is what he is doing now…and we have very little experience so far with getting latched even that way.
    thank you for your help!



    do babies out grow using you as a human pacifer? if not how do i break it? we waited until he was about 2 months to introduce a paci and it took him about 4 to 6 weeks to really get it but just this week he is refusing it again and wanting boob. he’s not really eating so i know its not hunger. i didn’t mind it when he was younger. i knew he was just building my supply and i have an awesome supply b/c of it. i just don’t know the reason now and he is doing it so often my nipples are wanting to get sore again. i feel like i have a 4 and a half month newborn!



    hi ladies i developed this ugly blister on my nipple-which crusted ova(ew i know) and has been bleeding and hurts like hell….any suggestions about what i can do. I dread nursing that side and the other side is my least efficient boob! Help!


    SO tomorrow John Jr will be 3 months. That was my limit on BFing when I first agreed to it. Now that its so much easier with no pain I’m going to keep it going. It took 8 wks of work and pain that I now feel the need to still go at it. John has been gained weight which makes me feel really good like I’m making him grow. The only thing that I wish I could change is him sleeping in our bed. Its just easy when I hear him fussing at night to pull the boob out, rather than getting up and goingto his room. DH has been a champ about it though because he was the one who wanted me to BF. But I’m tired of sleeping between them. I get to hot! lol


    My nipples didn’t stop hurting until about 2 1/2-3 weeks pp. The pain was SOO bad and would just tense up and hold my breath and bare through it. My nipples were in really rough shape and bled to the point that when my LO spit up there was sometimes blood in it. 🙁 We are now 11 weeks in and it’s a piece of cake with no pain at all. So, to anyone thinking of giving up because of the pain.. IT WILL GET BETTER!



    huxley – Call your doctor and I would recommend asking your Ped for meds too. A ‘small’ case can turn HUGE in the matter of days. It’s a yeast infection and will be passed between the pair of you if you don’t treat both of you and sterilize everything that comes in contact with your baby’s mouth and your breasts. It hurts like Hell when you get it so I’d get meds now before you get a full blown case.



    ok my dd(2 weeks old) has been staying up at night anywhere from 2-5 hours at a time and i thought it was gas so i tried pumping her legs…etc nothing worked. so i got the mylicon (sp?) drops and gave her some last night when she was acting fussy again. after a few minutes she pooped A LOT!! i thought whew finally mommy gets some sleep. but no mommy didnt. she stayed awake from 2-6 am. any ideas/suggestions on what is going on? she wakes every 2 hrs during the day so shes not sleeping too much during the day. im at such a loss. she acts like shes hurting but idk



    cosmomama- sounds like your baby isn’t needing as much at night. soon your milk supply will regulate to your needs and they won’t be so hard and you might get to both breasts.



    anyone else having issues with their babies pushing away from the breast with their arms? I keep moving him arms out of the way, but he keeps pushing off me with them and it makes breastfeeding so hard! I don’t know if it’s intentional or not. I tend to think not since the don’t have control of their arms yet, but I feel like I’m forcing him. He does it right away, so it can’t be because he’s full. Anyone else have this problem? Or know if it’s intentional, or just a consequence of not controlling his arms?



    Hannah: you’re cutting out a lot of calories, but a lot of the calories you are leaving are carbs/sugars, which your body doesn’t really use, but instead converts to fat. Instead of a smoothie, try some baked chicken, veggies, and beans. Although the beans are carbs, they’re broken down more slowly, so you’re body actually uses them, and they have protein in them. Banana nut crunch is pretty high in sugar as well. Try oatmeal with some fresh berries instead. Hope this helps some. Oh, and don’t forget to snack through-out the day: cottage cheese, yogurt, celery, etc… You don’t wanna go to long between meals.



    I usually don’t have a problem with people when I am feeding in public, but I’ve recently run into an issue with another mom from school that I’m not sure how to handle. She doesn’t want me to feed my baby in front of her son, or even to talk about it. I was chaperoning on a field trip at my son’s school on Tuesday, and at lunch her son asked what the baby was going to eat. My reply – milk, But then his mom freaked out, and starts telling me not to say anymore, and not tell him how he gets the milk. Not like I was really going to say, oh yeah, I feed him from my boobs or anything, I thought ‘milk’ was a fine answer on it’s own, but sorry, if he’d been hungry I’d have fed him there, and who cares if her son saw it. Anyway, he was over at our house for a playdate today, and I had to go hide in my room to feed my son so that his mom wouldn’t have an issue, but I totally think this is stupid. He’s 9 years old, and he’s going to figure out sooner or later that babies eat from boobs, why should I have to hide in my own house? To make matters worse, his mother is one of those mom’s who keeps track of things. Like DS1 has slept over at their house 3 times since the baby was born, so now she figures I öwe’ him 3 sleepovers at my place. That’s all well and good, but it’s hard to have kids overnight with a new baby, and sorry, but I’m not hiding out in my room all the time, just because her son’s over… not too sure what to do….



    Dr. Sears’ website has some interesting info on the benefits of co-sleeping. Maybe have a read and at least you’ll have some ammo to shoot back with?



    Oh and quick q is it only fermented oatmeal or all oatmeal that helps with supply?

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