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    JessieDee – Congrats and welcome. Glad you aren’t having too many troubles but there is always bumps along the way! I had one issue after another with my first and I think that helped drive my passion. You are right, it’s not judging but passion for something that is incrediable. Hope you stick around. It’s a fun page to be a part of.



    ama, hands free pumping bra!!! All my teaching friends swear by them because it means they can be pumping and grading papers/planning lessons at the same time! As for pumps, I got my Medela Pump in Style double electric through my insurance company. With a RX from my doc, they covered it. Some do and some don’t, so check with them first. Make sure you get the name of the person you talk to AND time and date, just in case they try to deny the claim. Oh, and you do have to go through a medical supply company in order for insurance to cover it…



    Bri- Thank you! I think I am going to eat it for one more day and then stop and see what happens. I dont know, but for some reason I feel like I wont be actually ‘relactating’ until I am doing it with out any supplements or anything. Maybe I am weird but that’s just how I feel! Lawsons-Thank you! I have been thrilled with my results. It has only been a month. My LC even said that she has only seen one other person have as good of results as me at the 1 month mark. Granted she has only helped 4 women try to relactate. I meet with her once a week and she usually calls me in between to make sure that I am still on track. Some days I really think about skipping a pumping session or sleeping through at night but then I think about how far I’ve come and how much I enjoy giving him breast milk even if it’s just a little and that gives me all the motivation I need. 🙂 I was wondering how much water do you ladies drink? If you even know? lol I know that I drink about a gallon a day but I am trying to build a supply. It’s hard for me to drink it but I just force myself. One of the girls I work with even asked me if I was pregnant again since I was running to the ladies room so often. haha



    Please help ladies! I have a delightful six month old boy. We have breastfed since he was about 3 weeks old, prior to that I expressed and fed him with a bottle. I was told by the midwives etc to feed him on demand and I have always done that. He feeds around every two hours, but sometimes is just playing around. My problem is night time. He has NEVER slept through the night. He continues to wake up every two hours all through the night, just as if he is feeding during the day. You can imagine how difficult this is. My feeding advisor (at the feeding support group), says I should not feed him during the night, but pat him back to sleep. That’s a laugh. He is very strong, and scratches and pulls at me, and screams in temper. If I don’t give in then he becomes fully awake and stays awake for hours, totally shattered. I do understand why she is telling me to do this, to break the cycle of feeding, but I’m so shattered that I find it EASIER to let him ‘feed’ for two minutes and get back to sleep, than it is to ‘fight’ him and stay awake most of the night. It’s causing huge problems for my husband as he is a very light sleeper, and even though we sometimes sleep in separate rooms, the baby still wakes him. He then obviously has to go to work the next day. I feel sorry for him (as well as for me). I’ve just started him on solids and whilst I thought there was a slim chance it might make a bit of a difference, nothing has changed so far. Any help at all would be great, anyone else solved this type of problem? I’ve also tried a dummy/pacifier but he basically grabs this out his mouth and fires it across the room lol. Thanks xx



    jessica – Lol!!! I have been trying for days and I just read how to do it! Thanks Bri.



    phatbaby57 – LOL! No problem! 😀


    thanks for the advice on blocked duct. Have pumped and tried massaging whilst baby feeds.



    I wanted to remind everyone that is you have questions you can come to our breastfeeding advice Facebook page. You can find it at!/group.php?gid=114910208563121



    Where has everyone gone from this page? Last time I was on here it was burnin up?



    alyssa-another thing to remember that your baby’s belly (and rear end) will make some noises…this is normal. The belly is digesting and makes more noises than a formula belly. I had to learn to not listen to the belly but how the baby was acting concerning the pooping. My daughter will go days and days and days with nothing but holy heck when it comes…look out!



    Anybody know what is a safe rate of weight loss while breastfeeding?



    Wow thats great. I still have 30 to 40 pounds to loose. When I stopped breastfeeding I actually gained weight.



    Just an update….since I came on here so many times complaining that my period hadn’t come back and I wanted to ttc…well, I FINALLY got my period back last month, and two weeks later I became pregnant! So here I am, no complaints now! Oh yeah, my son was 14 months old when it came back…



    This is him now

    Getting ready for the game



    Catherine-That could be normal, but I would call your doc, just in case. Can’t say that it ever happened to me. Good luck!

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