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    Hi ladies, I have a question. I will be going back to work in a month. I still want to BF. Right now I am pumping in addtion to feeding my LO. In a day I get about 20oz pumping, What can I do to make sure my suppy does not go down when I go back to work? thanks!



    You know I gotta say breastfeeding in the beginning was definitely hardest because it took a lot of getting used to and a crazy supply and demand schedule. However, I feel like I struggled a lot in the 9-10 month period too! I had a new level of stress because with solids and daycare and pumping pumping pumping my supply was steadily declining. My goal was a year and I didnt even think I would make it! Then at around 11 months I completely changed my way of thinking. Stopped taking Fenugreek just ate healthy, pumped less and stopped stressing. Sure enough my supply remained completely adequate for what we needed, and even pumping isnt that bad since I really only pump twice a day (as opposed to the 4 or 5 I was doing) – and no more midnight pumping! Wyatt is turning one next week and since I have had my reprieve, its easy again. I feel like I was able to revitalize myself and it was no longer a countdown to stopping. Now that I reached my original goal I know longer feel the pressure and we are just going with the flow. I am so happy to say we have every intention of still going past one year!!



    Today is my first day back @ work and I miss my little guy Sooooo much!! I am thankful that he is with my parents. So far I breastfed him once I got to my parents house @ 7am and then I pumped here at work around 10:30am. I got about 6oz. I will pump again @ 1:30pm and then again @ 4pm. My goal is to get 12 oz total so that he can have it for tomorrow. I work partime so this should be ok. I do have some milk at home in the freezer to.



    For laying down to feed, we do left side left boob, right side right boob. I try to arrange it so my last feeding of the evening is on the right side so that if there’s a middle of the night feeding it’s on the left, which means LO is in the middle of the bed and i’m not pushing DH off the bed. Plus my left side has always been the more comfortable side to feed from. For positioning, I lay my arm out straight and my LO is on her back with her head almost or a little touching my arm. And having my body parallel with hers helps too. Good luck with everything! Laying down to feed has turned into our absolute favoirite, but we sure had our share of problems getting here!



    felicia marie – My son was 9months and I thought it was going to be bad. It was actually really light. a lot lighter then it normally was. It never went back to being heavy. I think it depends on the person but don’t expect it to be horrible or easy. Just think it’ll be normal.

    phatbaby57 – Sorry, I don’t have any options for you. My son never took a paci. He did however have a blanket that he’d suck on the tag. Is there an item that he really likes that you could use instead of you? My son held his blanket while nursing and then would suck on it after he was done. Made for a wonderful smelling blanket but hey at least it wasn’t me and it could be washed. He’s now 2yrs old and still sucks on the blanket while he goes to bed. I love it. I’m thankful he’s not a little toddler walking around with a paci sticking out of his mouth. Yuck! He has the blanket with him most of the time or it’s in my bag. But at night he cuddles it and is the best sleeper on the block. HAHA!



    HCHINA: I’d say pump the breast that you are sore on and feed him on the other. It will give your breast time to heal. It really does work- even if you just pump everyother feed. Just to give it a break for a few hours. It might even help your ‘least effective’ breast because you’ll be doing more feedings on it and that’ll help boost the supply on it. You might be feeding him a lot more on it if you are gettin a lot. But in a couple days hopefully your boobies will be like new. Good Luck!



    I don’t know if this is a silly question: for those who have babies that sleep in their own room in their crib- is it difficult to nurse still? I co-sleep with my son who is 9wks, making nursing a breeze, as most nights he wakes every 2hrs STILL!! I’d like to transition him to his crib soon, but if he’s waking that often what a pain in the ass this will be!! Also why is he still waking so much through the night, shouldn’t he be sleeping at least 6hrs???



    I always wanted to breastfeed for a year (well, express into a sippy-cup at 6-months, completely off breast-milk by 1-year), but everyone kept telling how much it hurts, etc. To be honest, it doesn’t hurt. It did when my milk come in, but that was because she became too demanding with it (thankfully, that’s settled down). My nipples were soar and cracked and bloody. She ended up sicking up my blood, which scared the Hell out of me, as I was unaware it was my blood, but things are going surprisingly good now. My biggest fear –she doesn’t get enough breast milk. She is 1/2lb above her birth weight, at 13-days, which is awsome, so she must be feeding well, but I’m scared she just isn’t getting enough. I’m scared I don’t hold her correctly, I’m scared her latch isn’t ‘right’… Am I being stupid in feeling these things?? Lol. I feel stupid.



    I haven’t breast fed for a couple of days due to pain and now my breast are soft. I try to breast feed but he doesn’t seem to get anything from the breast. can anyone help cuz i so want to continue to breast feed any suggestions on how to produce milk again?



    HannahKay – At two weeks they are growing so fast, usually over an ounce a day. This means they need lots of food and yes you may be nursing every two hours or even more. I know it’s crazy but it’ll calm down soon. As for nights, it’s hard cause in the womb they don’t have a night or day so many babies come out thinking night is day. Try keeping her awake a little longer in the evenings and hopefully she’ll start to revert to a day/night schedule. Until then you just have to rock her. Try to keep her in dim lights at night and lit rooms during the day. It might help. Keep it boring at night. As for gas, I’m with you. Alexander is just now starting to grow out of it. Mylicon didn’t work for him or his brother. Pumping the legs is the best way for us to relieve him of gas. It cracks us up actually cause his farts rival those of a grown man. At least his isn’t stinky. It’s getting better but anytime he’s fussy we lay him down and pump the legs. We usually get a huge smile and then a loud fart. Gotta love newborns!



    aleks:–when your milk comes in is not based on due date, it’s based on when your body tells you it’s time to feed your baby. You should expect your milk to come in a few days after birth. I’ve never heard of someone having their milk right away, it’s usually colostrum. That’s pretty cool. Were you engorged or anything prior to birth? In my case, my milk didn’t come in until day 4 after birth and I’d go to bed feeling ok, then wake up on day 4 full and sore!!! BTW–I didn’t have a c-section but I don’t believe that has anything to do with the release of the hormones that tell your body to make milk.



    My sister told me about this cute little website where you can get an adorable nursing cover to use when you BF in public. It’s free, you just have to pay for shipping. I just ordered one. The link can be found at . The promo code is in the link. Just thought I would share.


    Hi everyone. Im after a little bit of advice. I desperately wanted to breast feed my daughter (now 5 months) and it worked for the first 12 hours or so then stopped. When I started winding her blood puthered from her mouth and I was screaming cos I had no idea what was going on. Well it was me – My breasts were seriously bleeding. The midwives tried to help me pump – manual then machine but only blood was coming. I was advised to bottle feed so i did. Then 4 days later the flood gates opened but i was told to continue with the bottle. Well, my main query is that i am again pregnant and would like to try breast feeding again. But this time I was thinking of bottle feeding until my milk comes in then breastfeeding – even though the midwives dont like this. Has anybody done this? Could it work? I just feel it would be better for me.



    Also, a quick question, with a bit of TMI, sorry! Braeden’s 11 weeks old now, and EBF, and the other day I had a bit of brown spotting. Nothing since then, but I’m not sure if this is the start of AF returning, or if it could be implantation (not using BC) or what. I don’t have any other pregnancy symptoms, but I had no symptoms other than sore boobs with Braeden in the first trimester either. So when AF is starting to come back while EBF, can there be spotting first? And is it usually brown or red? I don’t know what to think, and I’m hesitant to buy a test right now, as I don’t have any other symptoms.



    hannahkay – I’m so sorry you had to go through that. That aunt is in serious need of some crazy meds! If I were you I would never visit that ignorant/over bearing/out-of-line witch ever again…And if you have to, let her know whose baby it is and it is none of her damn business how you feed her. And by the way, good job being the great mom that you are and for doing all that you’re doing with breastfeeding! Keep on pumping and nursing, and hopefully your supply will get back up to where it was before. Also hang in there with the colic. My daughter had it to due to my oversupply/foremilk-hindmilk imbalance,, but she outgrew it around 3 and a half months once her tummy grew stronger.

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