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    here is a link i found and had posted it oh Facebook. It was suggested I post it here too so here it is:



    Jess- BTW I luv your last picture. Reminds me of my nights….lol.. I hear you on the ‘cover up bad areas’. I have named my belly Freddi Krugar…lol



    Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I just have such a hard time getting myself comfy due to stitches and all the swelling, also my hands have had problems in the last few weeks of pregnancy so they really hurt trying to get her situated. Ah! So frusturating. She has had a few wet diapers and now had 3 poopy diapers all today at 3days old! Never thought I’d be so happy about a poopy diaper. lol Thanks for all the support!



    Our prego brains get traded for b



    we still feed like crazy when i’m home but yeah freedom from the pump is nice indeed!



    for ladies with older lo’s: Does anyone else still have sleep problems with LO because DH doesn’t follow the same rules you do??? I am about to go crazy and he does it in EVERYTHING. He undermines and undoes every good habit I teach her. He now has got her hooked on Decaf Tea and flippin’ cheetos. I mean REALLY. She barely eats right now as it is and when she does you give her JUNK. She needs milk, juice, maybe some water and food that counts. I Know he thinks it is cute and sweet but he is creating a lifetime of bad habits for her and in MANY different areas. He lets her run around at restaurants (so mortifying), he even put her up on the bar at a restaurant and let her walk on it (granted there was barely anyone there…but really? She doesn’t understand that difference and it is still inappropriate). He undid that I taught her to lay down at bedtime and naptime and go down on her own without crying. Now I am having to reteach her that. I am so frustrated at his lack of parenting support and things that are best for her. She doesn’t eat at the table anymore. She walks around with her food. She will hardly eat a real meal, she mostly just snacks throughout the day now. Okay….so sorry for my rant. Of course most of you don’t even know me and I’ll be surprised if anyone responds. I just need some support.



    I just sent a request. It’s Jessie Muncy. Also if anyone else wants to add me feel free.



    My little family. We aren’t exactly sure where those boys came from, but they sure didn’t pick up any of daddy’s coloring! The doc gives us a hard time about it all the time! 🙂




    puddin1 – When I’m low in iron I get weak and tired. I feel like I need to sleep a lot more then normal. I also feel like just crying because I’m too weak. You can get suppliments at the store. Take them with some OJ cause it helps your body absorb the iron. If that doesn’t work then you might want to talk to your doctor.



    DulcianasMom- YES, listen to Bri! You don’t need your ‘milk to come in’ to feed/satisfy your newborn. Newborns want to suckle more then actually eat right after birth. DJ was literally attached to me all the time. I think it took 4 days for my milk to come in also. My baby never had anything but breast for 6mons!



    nicely-you could take some ibuprofen until your engorgement eases a bit to help with the pain and swelling. also sometimes icing helps them to feel better too.



    Hi ladies, I was just wondering if any of you have experience with going from exclusively pumping to breastfeeding and pumping. I tried to breastfeed in the hospital but he latched badly and I ended up with bleeding cracked nipples (he was 9 lb 6 ounces when born with a very strong suction!) so I pumped for 3 days at the hospital and since I’ve been using my medela pump in style pump and getting 4 ounces every time. Problem is he’s a mommy suck and is in my arms all day or he cries so pumping is becoming very difficult for me. I’d love to be able to breastfeed now, he’ll be 4 weeks on Tuesday. Any advice would be great!



    felicia: yeah, I’m sure that’s it…if you just started her on the bottle then it’ll take her some time to adjust to it, whenever my daughter does take a bottle (which is rare) it’s a lot less than when she BF’s. Just make sure she is having wet/poopy diapers!


    I’ve found an answer to my own question…I am going to get permission from my diabetic midwife to start expression and freezing of colostrum at 35 weeks, which will give me one weeks worth ahead of surgery at 36 weeks, on the Proviso that if I get uterine cramping I will stop – here is a link in case anyone else is having the same dilemma….



    Any tips to getting a letdown while pumping? I can only seem to pump while nursing at the same time.

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