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    Leslie, that’s funny. I see other ‘normal’ babies and think they are tiny! HAHA! I wish I had a tiny little guy to cuddle with. Makes me want another one just to be able to cuddle a tiny baby for a moment.



    lauraoct, at our hospitals, it is standard procedure to use ‘baby boy’ or ‘baby girl’ followed by the family’s last name. Doesn’t matter if you have baby’s name picked out already or not. 🙂


    If done right, I think Rx Formula would be a great idea. Unfortunately, we live in a time and society where something like that is very unlikely to happen… why? Because we are a country founded on the dollar. For many moms, BF’ing means less $$ spent (not really for me since I bought an expensive pump, several accessories, bottles, cleaning products, etc). If all mothers (less than those 5% who truly can’t BF) resorted to BF, the formula industry would take a major dive… and we can’t have that. I’m sure that would create some rippling affect for many other bigwigs who only care about lining their pockets. And that’s just ONE way our society would be affected. Think of all the extra $$ that would have to go into giving us all the resources needed if this was forced up on all mothers. Employers would HAVE to supply us with pumping stations/rooms. All states would have to have laws changed so that we could all nurse in public with no ramnifications… the list goes on and on. It’s a great idea in theory… but very unlikely.. sadly. It’s no different than all the people out there who promote eating well, making healthy choices, etc… all the while we have McDonald’s ads shoved in our faces, the crap food is extremely cheap and so accessible. They set the stage for us to make easily make the WRONG decisions and then we wonder why everyone is getting so sick. It’s everyone’s individual responsibility to educate themselves to make healthier choices. Some people just don’t know any better and buy into anything anyone tells them. Kudos for those of you who educate and try to make a difference…. ok rant over! lol



    Thanks ladies. There are stupid people here too. It’s just a little less common to run into them. Jessica I can’t believe someone would say that. Maybe down South I could see it but not here. I just read The Help for a book club a couple months ago. It’s eye opening. For someone that grew up here and never experiencing anything racial it was shocking. You here stories but never anything what really went on down there. My parents were born in the 40’s and Thank God they grew up here. I wonder how we all would have turned out if they were from the South? I probably would not two little Hawaiian babies right now.


    firsttimer, I know how hard it is. My oldest did this also. Sorry to tell you it took him until he was about 13 months before he stopped and it was only then he let me cuddle him back to sleep. I know its hard but baby will settle at some point.


    Where is this ‘repaste’ button?



    I was surfing through Ebay and found this product called ‘Slurp & Burp’. It’s piece of cloth (sort of like a sling) that you put over your shoulder and under your opposite arm. It has an opening were you stick out just enough boob for your LO to latch. You can have your belly covered, your LO uncovered and show just a tiny amount of boob, if any at all. Ebay has them for a cheaper price than their website. I bought one a few days ago and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I don’t mind nursing in public at all, but like someone said earlier, not all people think of it as something natural. And I don’t want a pervert peeping at me! Besides, my dh doesn’t like it when I pop the boob out in public without covering.


    Megan soaking the oats overnight seems to work best I have found.



    Okay well, to anyone who is here online…before I panic and rush off to the emergency room. I squeezed my nipples just now in the bathroom ( testing for sensitivity or anything) and there was Colostrum! Now first off I dont even believe I am preggies (hopeful but also realistic) so…this is something you produce WAY later in your pregnancy…I am fine if this is just a hormone imbalance……but HECK…I googled it and people are talking about breast cancer!! Ladies, before I rush off for a mammogram do any of you have any experience with this happening after going off the pill?



    ama-llama- You can take an alfalfa supp (in the vit section) to increase your milk fat. Have you changed anything in your diet lately that might’ve caused the change in your milk?


    i have a question if i hand expressed milk into a drop in liner bottle and put the lid on it would it be ok to use if i went some where? and if so how long would a bottle stay good like that in the fridge?



    Luv2Bamama- those are really good ideas. i have a bread mechine havent used it for a year! i think im gonna get it out and start doing that it tastes so much better too! thanks for sharing i think we all could use some money saving ideas these days!
    angela123- i just talked to my gyno about this the other day i m currently trying to lose as well. she said not to drop below 1600 cal, but i noticed a decress in my milk supply so im not going below 1700 or 1800 cal a day, and she said prob about 2-3lbs a week is fine. iv been doing zumba and not really counting cal, iv just been eating healthier seems to be workin lost 4lbs in a week and a half! lots of fruits , and i make fruit smoothies for snacks , eat whole grains, and ground turkey, chicken. seems to be working.



    i cant breastfeed but i can pump for my baby maybe when he gets out of the nicu he can but havnt desided yet, i dunno if he will latch on if he is being fed but bottle in hospital due to me living so far away



    Oh Honey! Congrats! My husband and I recently decided to start somewhat trying to get pregnant. My son is 17months and I’ve had mine back since 9 months. Now I’m obsessing. I hope I will get pregnant this month. It looks like my fertile days should be this coming week. We’ll see at the end of the month. If not then oh well. We’ll keep trying and may end up with a summer baby if it takes long.



    Congrats Bri on a year of breastfeeding and happy birthday Kekoa! What a bright-eyed little munchkin he is now. I also had to strip Clem off to wake him for feeds in the hospital and some horrid midwife came and told me off for making him cold. I held an 8 day old baby yesterday and she seemed so tiny, yet she was about 2lbs bigger than Clem when he was born. She made Clem look like a monster now. Where did our tiny babies go!?

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