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    OK guys, Emma is 3 months old, and for the most part (except one time last night) I have been exclusivley BF. Well today when I peed I noticed a bit of blood (Sorry for the TMI) not bright red, but like the end of your period…WTH?? I thought I was safe from that crap!! 🙂 Anyone else start their period? Or spot??



    oh and yeah, babies bms can be frequent or not. It really depends on the baby. As long as she doesn’t seem like she’s in pain, it’s highly unlikely that she’s constipated if she’s exclusively breastfed.



    Today as I sit here typing this I am totally freaking out – I feel like when the baby comes I wont know what to do…..I think for the most part ‘breast feeding and pumping’ is getting to me – I plan on breast feeding for as long as I can but I am only on materinty leave for 3months, so when I go back to work I plan on pumping and breast feeding….My Mum and Mother In Law will be looking after the baby during the day so I will obviously have to pump for them to feed the baby – my issue is….How many times a day / night should I pump for the next day – can you even do that?! I know they say that you should pump at the times when your baby would feed….but I cant pump at work – I dont have any privacy as my desk is an open ‘both’ and we dont have a seperate male / female toilet! Also if I pump a whole lot at night or early morning (and not during the day at work) and I freeze or refrigerate my milk will it be enough for the next day or will my supply go down – is it okay to do that…as in pump extra to store because I cant pump as work?! I feel like I need to do my research but where do I start…..It’s all just getting to me and I seriously want to cry – I cant even ask my Mum or Mother In Law because they were on maternity for at least 1year so they have no clue how pumping and stuff works!!!! ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT LADIES!!!!


    so does breastfeeding really make your period not come for a while? that would be lovely lol…i would just worry if i was preggo or not.



    Oo Luv I don’t think you’ve mentioned that on our monthly page! How exciting! I get clucky again now and then but I think we’re done.



    ‘babynguyen’ – I would breastfeed a little first maybe half the time as usuall then offer the cereal and follow up by finishing bf. Babies only know Breast milk as food that fills up there tummy so they may get fussy if you try cereal when they are hungry. The feeding with the spoon is just play time. And it is true that the recommendations for solid feeding has changed from the broad 4-6 months to an advised 6mo. –



    prego- That depends on the person. I had my first period 6 weeks after delivery but alot of people can go 6,9 12 plus months.



    I haven’t posted for a long time but I still do follow the site. Anyway I have read a lot about women who want to increase their supply. I have also struggled with a low supply and have found Alfalfa to really help me. The best part is that it is super cheap. I buy mine at Walmat and the bottle has 300 tablets and I pay like $4 for it. You are suppose to take 2 tablets 3 times a day. You are not suppose to consume more than 6 a day because it can cause your blood sugar levels to drop, therefore if you have Diabetes you shouldn’t take it. Just thought I would share because I haven’t ever read anything about Alfalfa on here.



    armymom,- yoga, warm showers/bath, Yogi tea for nursing moms helps to relax too and you can also take Fenugreek seed. Good luck!



    kimberly I don’t think I would add formula at this point especially if he is geting 40 oz. The average a baby gets is 25 for nursing anyways. There are a few reasons that it is good to start solids before 6 months and this might be one of them. It is actually easier to digest then formula that is why docs still tell everyone they can start at 4 months because it actually digests easier then formula. Not to say that the ladies on here would have some really good advice but I would recommend you going to They have been around for ages and have some LC’s on the board that would be able to help. I just haven’t ever come across someone with ample milk and baby still dropping weight. If you go to tho keep us updated. I have a membership there too so maybe I will see you!



    How many of you out there are full time working, nursing Moms? Just curious how you do it. I get up at 5:30 and go to bed about 10:30. I am lucky that my LO sleeps through the night but by the time Friday gets here I am so tired. I was used to getting 9 hours of sleep a night before baby so i am losing a good 10 hours a week and am so tired….. Anyone have a really good routine I could try to mimic? If my LO doesnt go to sleep by 10:30 my wonderful husband stays up with her. I would really like for her to go down at 9:30.



    congratulations bri



    My goal for breastfeeding has always been one year. Its been a struggle because of pumping at work and such, but I am adamant to make it. After a year however, I plan to not concentrate so much on pumping and just see what happens to my supply. We love our morning feeds so I will try to keep those up as much as possible but when its done its done. 4 more months to go and it will be a major accomplishment for us!



    Penny i 8 months old and has no idea how to drink from a bottle – she doesn’t know what to do with it. But she can drink water from an open-topped cup now, so will never need to use one. Suits me! They’re hard to clean.



    Mercer – I just thought of another thing. The worry is that milk will pool in the mouth and sit there decaying the teeth. Bottlefed babies don’t have to suck as hard especially with the older/faster flow nipples. I can see them falling asleep while milk is still dripping from the bottle and pooling there. Breastfed babies, at least at an older age, usually don’t have that problem. I know that now that my son is older milk isn’t spraying all over or even dripping. Maybe when he was young but then he didn’t have teeth. I’m sure your flow is probably not as high anymore. The suction pulls what your baby needs and then the rest isn’t pooled. No worries!

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