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    Hi, I am 22 weeks pregnant, with my 4th child. Last ones were twins. Both times I tried to breastfeed, but my milk does not come in till day 5. Since my twins were 7 weeks early and NICU I started pumping almost immediatedly after birth, every 3 hours and at night every 4. and still it did not come in till day 5, and because it was so late, I had to start supplementing with formula, and so they refused to take the breast but wanted bottle. Anyway, is there any way that you can start your milk supply a bit earlier, even do anything in pregnancy or some kind of supplement I can take. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks



    Hi My LO refused a bottle too for a long while and my MIL had to feed her in her sleep – we finally found one she would take about a month ago – the MAM bottles – she loves them. the nipples are nice.



    1ByFaith – I thought of something that might help with the strong let down and the spit up. I don’t know if you’ve thought of pumping for a minute or so right before feeding, that way the first ‘gush’ is finished and it would be easier for your LO. Maybe during that strong let down your baby is swallowing air as well. Just a thought.



    Baby acne isn’t caused by milk squirting but spit up, drooling and so forth can. Fresh milk has anti-bacterial properties.



    Suzm- I have never heard of a milk blister! I will try the warm cloth to see if that gets it to go away. Any ideas what causes it so I can try to prevent it? Thank you!
    My daughter had green poop yesterday too it kinda freaked me out b/c she hasnt had one in FOREVER! Is that what caused it was her not getting enough of the hind milk? I’ve never heard that, I did hear they will get a ‘frothy’ poop if they are not getting enough of the hind milk.



    emmalouliz – I would say wherever you feel comfortable! For me personally, if I were sitting in the middle of a bunch of people, I dont think I would be able to relax fully. I always find a tree (like you did) or a bench a little out of the way of the main path. Sometimes we would go back to the car especially in the beginning. However, I have seen plenty of people just nursing in the middle of the park or the mall or wherever and it didnt bother me at all. I would always be looking over my shoulder. One time when my son was only a couple of weeks we were at the mall and I found a corner of the restroom with chairs because I couldnt bring myself to nurse in such a public area. Turned out to be next to REEEEEALLY loud dryers and the poor baby would jump a foot everytime they would go off. After that I never nursed in a bathroom again because the most important thing was my son being fed. The best malls ever have nursing stalls!! Just stalls with a cushioned bench and a curtain, it was awesome!!



    phatbaby my LO was going through that and always wanted the boob and would fall asleep there. I kept a pacifier in my hand and would trick her by taking the boob away as she started to nod off and give her the pacifier while I let her stay close to me until she was fully asleep. Seems to have worked so far. My question for everyone else is this: my baby is EBF and 10 weeks old. Her breath is starting to get a little funky like sour milk. Any remedies for this?



    My son is 13 months old and I still breastfeed him. I made the mistake of letting him sleep in the bed with us, and I haven’t been able to get him out yet. Plus he hasn’t slept through the night yet! So its been over a year of this and I am exhausted. When I try to put him in his crib he wakes up and screams hysterically. I try letting him scream for a bit, but after like15 minutes I feel horrible and usually let him lay in the bed. Bad habit, I know. I need help reversing this so my boyfriend and I can finally get some sleep.

    And on top of all this, when he wants nursed and I won’t nurse him at that time..he freaks out. I’m talking rolls around on the floor, kicks, and screams. I just walk away and ignore him because I know he’s not hungry or thirsty. Usually after 10 minutes he stops, but I’d like to get him not to freak out at all without having to ween him.




    I have been pumping for my EBF 5 month old daughter so that when I start a new job soon she will still be just on breastmilk. I have noticed that I am not pumping out as much milk as I have before and I feel like I am not producing like I used to. I am worried that I may have to supplement her with formula when I am not around, Is there anyway to bring my supply back up? I have been pumping all throughout the day and breastfeeding my daughter when she wants it but I feel no difference nor do I see a difference. Does it just take time to build the supply back up and will my body get the hint to make more? I dont want her on formula at all so I would really appreciate some advice and tips from anyone who can help. Thanks



    ~*I just posted a new blog about my son please if everyone could take the time to read it!*~



    Deleted – your production probably went down due to no stimulation but you still have milk. My suggestion is to nurse, nurse, nurse! The more your baby nurses the more you produce. Also, you could try expressing after each feed. There are supplements you can take, as well. Such as fenugreek, blessed thistle, marshmallow root, alfalfa. Eating oatmeal can help, as well.



    Bri- I’ve read that there can be some interest once a new baby comes. I think it was a good idea for you to let him try, and hopefully he won’t want it again. It seems like he wasn’t fond of the effort! haha


    question: i leak all the time! my son is a big eater (he’s 4 months old and 18lbs 15oz) what can i do to stop the leaking??? we are going to the beach this summer and now i’m worried i won’t be able to enjoy our vacation!


    Tanner- Thank you! My other thing is why when I pump I’m not getting much out? Sometimes its only like 2oz. How do I know more then that is coming out when he’s BF? I’m so confused!



    wyattsmommy- I’ve been dreading the oatmeal today but you’ve reinspired me. I can’t say I’ve had those results but I can now consistantly pump 2 oz every 2 hrs which is an improvement. And I’m no longer waking up empty (she is sick and actually woke up to eat several times last night). So improvement…be it the fenugreek or oatmeal, idk. Neither are going anywhere for a while. Anyone know where to find blessed thistle? I’ve got alfalfa and brewer’s yeast…but can’t find blessed thistle.

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