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    2ndtime~ I am not currently BFing, so popping in here but I EBF my daughter and when she was 11 weeks I got AF back. It was brown spotting at first, then a strange off/on AF for 2 weeks. I had AF again 2 weeks later but then did not have another AF for 4 months. BFing can really affect your hormones, so even if AF is back it doesn’t mean she is here to stay! I think it is far more likely you are getting your cycle back than that you are pregnant, however if you are worried take a test in a week or two just to reassure yourself.



    my dh took her side about it all. they both just ganged up on me. i just wanted to take my baby away from the both of them. he wants to go back nxt weekend. im already trying to think of an excuse. thinking about asking my mom to babysit. thank u ladies for all of the support and encouragement. i really really needed it. u guys r the best



    styx, I was always told that it was any oatmeal. If you go online, you can find a recipe for lactation cookies that just use oatmeal. I was also told by a bunch of women in a different breast feeding group that I am a part of that store bought oatmeal cookies would work just not as well.



    Miley-I have no idea. I lost 25 lbs in about 2 weeks after I had my baby. I had gained about 28 or 29 total so I’m only up about 3 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight but I was overweight to begin with so I’m just hoping the weight keeps coming off! 😉 Also, WIC just called me and they’re dropping off a pump at my mom’s house for me. I have no idea if it’s any better than the one I have. Seeing as she said it’s mine for free, it can’t be that great right? She said it’s battery operated and a dual one though.. I hope it’s at least a little better than the one I have now!


    thanks for the advice my 1st son only drank out of a bottle a handful of times then refused from 4 months. I used to be able to get 5 oz in about 5 mins with him so hoping it works well. After a while i only used to express for milk with his breakfast up until he was 12 months. Do i need to heat it after its been in the fridge or freezer? You must have been gutted over that lawsons mom. What is that stuff you mentioned that was in the milk?



    god-iva, we take our LOs out where ever we go regardless of age. Generally, I try to nurse before we leave, but I wear clothing that is easy to nurse in when we go just in case. If baby starts fussing, we address the issue immediately and I usually just end up nursing at the table while we all eat.



    Levi is 2 and a half months old and her first tooth is coming in. Actually, it looks like her first TWO teeth are coming in. She was screaming, and wouldn’t stop, even in the bath, which she normally loves. At one point she opened her mouth to scream and I saw them… poor baby girl!



    here is the videa she was talking about



    styx, the fermented part actually has to do with steel cut oats which change when they soak for 7 hrs. leaving out old fashioned oats doesnt do anything to them, u can eat them straight away. try adding honey, or nuts to em to make em taste better.



    interesting article, breast milk sharing online::::::::|main5|dl6|sec1_lnk3|39015



    Or even better a shirt for us that says I couldn’t produce enough formula so I breastfeed ha ha



    I have DD’s and football hold worked best for us when she was first born. I had to work up to the cradle hold. I felt like my arms weren’t long enough. lol



    Bri – He didn’t answer his phone when I called him at 2:30. He’s going to watch Zoey today so I’ll be taking her over there in an hour and a half. He swore they were just friends – they’ve known each other for YEARS – when I asked so many times back several months ago. My gut feeling told me differently and I should have listened to it. Plus, this person had no reason to lie about it. They gained nothing and it’s not like they aren’t still friends. They just had dinner together three nights ago. I have literally laid in the dark wide awake for four hours now. I tried to sleep but couldn’t quit thinking. I let him go have lunch with this person the day after Zoey was born, while I was still in the hosptial. And they were together then. It makes me physically ill. It’s the last time I will ignore my gut and trust someone against my better judgment.



    deeyore486 – People get upset that I call it artificial all the time. I don’t understand why, it is. They are trying to imitate breastmilk. There are chemicals added into formula which can be danderous to many babies. Too many babies die because of formula. Some do to the fact that they have chemical reactions to it. But in third world countries it’s because moms aren’t aware of proper care. Nestle is the biggest offender and why I don’t buy anything Nestle…..including Gerber products. If you can avoid Gerber products please do!!



    seuban0 – That’s funny. I’ll reread things that I wrote and can’t believe what I said. HAHA! I’m not the best speller but I can use grammar most of the time. HAHA!

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