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    I am going to be visiting my parents in a couple of weeks. There is a 3 hour time change. Any suggestions on how to adjust the little guy. We will be going 3 hrs ahead (pac-stand time). Also I was wondering about pumping. I am going to be going on a day trip with some friends, probably be gone for 10 hrs or so. I will pump for my mom but can I go the whole day without pumping???I would really not like to have to take my pump with me to an amusemet park…lol. BTW I have an oversupply. If I empty my boobs in the am do you think it will effect my supply if I don’t pump for the rest of the day? Even if i go back to normal the next? I am also sooo worried about a 5 hour…why the flip am I going to do with a 20 lb 5 month old on my lap????? I guess pretty much stick him on the boob the whole time. He nneds action action and gets very bored easily. Any suggestions about this too???



    i’m constantly saying i married the pick of the litter of dh family. him and his brother are complete opposites and if i had married him i would have probably crushed his spirits and smacked his jaws daily. ha!


    Typing and feeding so please excuse.


    Ours doesn’t, it was on his yellow book. The yellow book is where all health visitor appointments, immunisations, weight gain etc. Think it was becauise it was shift change over when he was born.



    Lilmama: I love both my flips and my fuzzibunz. Both have their advantages/disadvantages. Now that I have the fb, the flip seem really wide through the crotch, but I like putting them in the diaper bag because they don’t take up as much room. I LOVE that once I stuff my fb it’s just like a disposable. It makes life SOOO convenient. That being said, it’s a pain to shake the insert out… I guess if I had to pick, I’d pick the fb. Cute, slimmer, and easier to use.



    no breastfeeding related…for those of you who have a staircase in your home, do you have 2 baby gates, one at the top, and one at the bottom, or just one?



    firsttimer- i’d just keep nursing. you’re nursing, right? not bottle feeding anymore? couldn’t exactly understand. But i would keep nursing as long as it doesn’t bother you too much. i know it’s difficult, but otherwise you’ll be up all night! haha if you want to let him cry it out that is your choice, but i am very against that. as one lady on here, phatbaby, says ‘i’ve never met a teenager that doesn’t sleep through the night.’


    LMAO Bouza… ok so I did it! lol I was getting so mad! I thought i had to repaste on the photobucket thing. So much work! ok now let the picture posting begin!!



    I just bought the amber necklace! My lil’ girl is 11 weeks. Could she be teething already? She is literally chewing her fists. Not sucking, chewing! And she is drooling. Not complaining, though. That’s why I bought the necklace now. To have it handy when she does complain.



    laura- you can also use a hot compress on your breast of get in the shower and massage,the hot water helps support letdown and if it is a clogged duct you might be able to work it out with the heat, massage and trying to express some milk..good luck!!



    LadyJade – It may be nothing. Some women just never dry completely up. Not to reference dairy cows but here I go…just like a cow, if our breasts are stimulated then we won’t dry up…ever. HAHA! We could go on producing our entire lives after our first child if we wanted to. Also, you are TTC, you may be pregnant and your body is producing quicker because it remembers. I wouldn’t worry just yet. Wait until your period is late to test and find out. If you do get your appointment you may want to just get checked out by your OB. It is suggested to anyways before TTC.



    Ama-We got in a lot of trouble for posting nursing pictures so we created a facebook breastfeeding page. If you would like to join I will send you a message



    Is anyone’s lo really sensitive to spicy and garlicy foods when you eat it? Noah is really gassy and fussy after I eat anything with loads of flavor is there anything I can do?



    charmedby3tobe – I breastfed thoughout my last pregnancy without any nipple pain. My son was 17 months when I got pregnant. I didn’t lose supply either. I don’t know if I’m just lucky but I know of several ladies that have breastfed throughout and then tandemed without any problems.



    I have had mine in for 6 yrs. they are under the muscle. I had no problems breastfeeding or getting milk with my son, as a matter of fact I am 27 weeks along now and leaking!

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