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    I had a C section On the 26th..I had the normal postpartum bleeding (semi normal) I thought it was going away..(sorry TMI) but it was the old stuff..well I woke up this morning and it was bright red again? Is this a mensis? Or is this regular post partum still..I should mention that I had An abnormal bleeding issue and was put on blood thinners about 4 hours after delvery..but I haven’t had those for a week now.



    lilymae- I too had a hard time BF my first three. I have been succesful with Emma. DONT GIVE UP. Stick to it through cracked nipples, breast infections, sleepless nights..when you feel like there is a string from your boob to your babies mouth that will never be broken..keep on it!! 🙂 IT WILL GET EASIER. And in the end it will be so worth it. Use Lanolin cream on your nipples, it worked wonders for me. Also when you are done BF squeeze out few drops of milk and let it dry on your nipples, that should help too. After a while when your little one has it down you can pump and have your mate give a bottle to give you a little break….



    arca06 – Have you tried a different bottle. Sometimes it takes time, energy and money to find the right one. My son used to take born free but my nephew refused them. My sister tried all the expensive ‘good’ bottles but ended up with the playtex drop ins because that is all my nephew would take.

    rae979 – Don’t be worried. As your baby gets older she will go longer and longer. Eventually you will want her to sleep through the night so no worries about your supply. You are doing great. About weight. It isn’t how much she weighs but is she gaining? As long as her curve is constantly going up then you don’t need to worry. If her weight flat lines then you may need to look at boosting supply or worst case senerio…formula. But, until then you are doing a wonderful job.

    About poo! My son used to only poo once a week. This is common for breastfed babies because the milk hardly has any waste. They use everything in it and there isn’t anything to poo out. No worries. Most doctors don’t start to worry until it’s been way over a week. Then they don’t really worry but may need to ‘stimulate’ the baby’s bum to get her/him to go.

    Eva – I’m so sorry. My son started refusing bottles too but I was lucky that he was already 7months when he did. They started mixing it with cereal or offering it in the sippy. But I don’t know what I would have done if he was younger. Is there anyway of breastfeeding at lunch? I go everyday to feed Kekoa at lunch. Also, like I said before, maybe try a different bottle. It could help. It could be the flow of the nipple too. Is it too slow. If it’s too slow then your baby could be getting frustrated.



    I’m really just whining here, but if anyone has advice let me hear it (preferably on my page because this forum gets so long it’s hard to catch up!) My chest is so sensitive I can’t stand for anything to touch it unless it is snug enough not to move or is very loose, like a big soft t-shirt. When baby latches on the left side it hurts so bad I almost cry…it is like a burning, stabbing feeling, but it eases up during the feed….but strange thing is it comes and goes even when I’m not nursing baby! It also sometimes happens on the other side but not so bad. Also, I just had a clogged duct on the left side, but I think it’s about cleared. Also, he bites down and I often don’t realize it until I unlatch him and see the crease, and I know that can be causing some problems, so I am trying to unlatch him before he does that. He also has the most powerful suction I have ever experienced!! When he latches on he immediately starts swallowing with every suck, so I’m sure part of the burning pain is my let down trying to let down fast enough to keep up with him!



    I bled from birth for 5 weeks, had a week off and then got my period at 6 weeks!!! Had it every two weeks for awhile and now am finally monthly again. Thats with breastfeeding exclusively. Thought for sure I’d have a couple months off but NOPE! Luckily it doesnt affect my supply at all that I’ve noticed.



    ozbaby-everywhere is different, but I’ve never sterilized bottles, except when they were brand new. I just use hot soapy water. My doc says there is no reason to. I know some docs encourage sterilizing, though.
    I do sterilize all my pump parts once a month just for kicks, I guess.



    I have been breastfeeding/ pumping milk for my daughter for 10 weeks now but i am considering stopping as a i have been diagnosed with PPD and finding it stressfull but i feel guilty because i wont be giving her the best anymore, what do you think i should do?



    prego – I gave birht to my son (vaginal) in Oct 07. I got my first period Nov 08. Got my second Jan 09.



    thanks, ladies…the pain got unbearable today, and I actually found out baby Blake has thrush and now we both have a perscription…thank God becuase it has been horrible today! I was about to switch to the bottle…! Anyway, once we are both healed, I may think about seeing a lactation consultant just to make sure things are all working right…thanks for the great idea!



    Oh I gotta agree! Yoga is the best! HAHA! Gotta see my profile picture. It’s of me doing yoga at the Grand Canyon a couple months before I got pregnant. I love yoga! It sooth the mind and releases nervous tension in the body, I try and do it every day.



    kim p.s. my son is in the 10th % after being in the 25% I know the difference isn’t as much but maybe breastfed babies do that sometimes. oh have you been using the same scale each time?



    kym22- I get the phantom periods too. It sucks! I have all the symptoms of period and PMS but no bleeding. I get the worst mood swings and attitude, that ugh feeling, tired etc. etc. My lo is 7 months old and no period yet, but every month I get the symptoms. I just figured out that was what was going on…



    WTG Bri. I am soo happy for you!!



    ok, have any of you tried brewers yeast? I heard that helps too. I really am not appealing to the idea of smelling like maple syrup:P



    That’s great, Bri. It’s lovely when a doctor reinforces your instincts!

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