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    I will start weaning my son off breastmilk in a couple of weeks. I’m really nervous about it…he loves being on the breast..I still even nurse him in the night, couple times!…what I want to do is not have to pump during the day so I’m assuming that I have to push the pumping further right now instead of pumping at 11am..and 4pm..i’m pumping at 1130am and 4:30pm…then next week, I’ll pump at 12:30…then 5pm…??? sounds right? so actually by May I want him completely off the breast..



    I’m curious to see what everyone says about breastfeeding. My baby is 3 weeks old and I’m doing my best to keep breastfeeding I found it hard though/ Lately he is asking for it about every 2 and 1/2 hours. I think he is getting enough. But I have tried to pump (so that my hubby can help me out at night) but I don’t seem to get enough. I get a little less than 1oz and baby keep asking for more. Can anyone recommend a bottle for slow feeding and also how can I get more milk when I pump?



    Sorry Ozbaby, I thought that was the article that had that dosage in it. I’m still on the 160mg/day and getting ready to wean down from it (although I’m really scared of losing my supply). Anyway, here is one of the bits I found very quickly to support this dosage: The traditional and most accepted dosage of domperidone as a galactogogue is 10-20 mg three to four times a day for a total of 30-80 mg daily,(10) though Dr. Newman has recently begun recommending up to 90-160 mg daily (30 mg 3x/day to 40 mg 4x/day).(11) The ramifications of long-term higher dosages are unknown in breastfeeding mothers and babies, though diabetic patients with digestion problems have reportedly used up to 120 mg daily for as long as 12 years with no apparent ill effects.



    Hello everyone…i havent been on here in soo long but I just wanted to say hi to everyone and happy holidays…me and kennedy are exclusively bf’ing 6 months now and going strong 🙂 thanks to everyone who helped me out soo much in those early months (bri & littlecavalier in particular)



    anne- I have recently learned that for me anyways the fenugreek seeds work better then any other form of fenugreek and i am almost convinced it is working better then the tea I was drinking. I boil them for 10 min to get get them soft and then eat a few teaspoons a couple times a day ( well I swallow because they taste nasty) lol but I am feeling full in the mornings again and wasn’t before.


    I’ve had days where I kinda resent breast feeding and then days when I love cuddling her in and bonding. I think it’s very normal. And honestly even though I plan to nurse her (she’s almost 7 months) for as long as she wants I also can’t wait until I stop and can take me time again. She just won’t take a bottle if I’m anywhere near by which means that we hit situations like this past week where I have severe food poisoning but even though Hubby is around you still have to feed the baby. Anyhow at the moment she still nurses about every hour and a half during the day so to all the boyfriends and husbands yes that’s pretty normal and unless they’re leaking no it’s not too much food. It’s actually easier to over feed them with a bottle then a breast.



    The human body is amazing. When I nursed 1 baby, I leaked from the oposite boob. Now that I have twins I don’t leak. It’s as if my body knows that their will be a baby latching on soon and it should save the milk. lol I try not to shower before a feeding because the warm water makes them leak.



    Hey ladies. It looks like Kentucky is finally doing something! There is a bill that will fine anyone interferring with a breastfeeding mom. That’s awesome!


    Thank you Angie2008, I had heard of some pills, but I’m not sure. I guess I will have to call my doctor and ask if there is a fast remedy for it.



    hchina – yes, continue breastfeeding. I know how bad it hurts, mine bled for 2 weeks in the begining but one day it suddenly goes away. It is a sweet victory! I think if you stop BF then your nipples will never toughen up & get used to your LO. Just focus on the fact that it is best for your baby – and us moms would do ANYTHING for our babies 🙂 Keep up the great work!



    Hey ladies, I have the flu, horribly! What can I take for it that is safe while nursing. I feel horrible; aches and pains, sinus pain and pressure, sore throat, chills, etc. I just want it to go away!



    Hi ! I need some advice ladies… My son is 6 weeks. Is it normal that he still eats every 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours ? And is it normal that he sometimes eats for more than 1 hour ? I feel like a giant nipple and all I do is breastfeeding ! I can’t help but dream of the day he will eat every three to four hours for only 15 minutes ! Oh, and he has A LOT of gas and colics… Poor guy… and poor mommy ! 🙂



    Ok, so I am not giving up, but I am accepting that only pumping 1 – 1 1/2 oz a breast is all I am going to get. I have tried everything except the reglan and pills like that. But I am not really wanting to go that far. I had major depression during pregnancy and it was HORRIBLE and I am not willing to risk that again nor anxeity. (I hate not being in control of my emotions and I hate that panicky feeling.) RJ is content on what he gets when he nurses and I guess getting a few oz of formula a day will have to be ok for 4 more months until we can switch to cow’s milk. (It has only taken me 8 months to be ok with this lack of milk, but hey he gets mainly breast milk and only gets formula 4 days a week at daycare.) I am also a lucky lady to have strong women like all of you to look to for support when family isn’t so supportive. Keep up the awesome work ladies. We all deserve pats on the back for the hard work to build/keep supply.



    Little- one more thing my doctor told me to eat plain yogurt because it has live cultures that kills the yeast. They say plain yogurt cause it has less sugar but I bought lite and fit flavored yogurt cause it has less sugar the plain. (Yeast eats off sugar). Anyway she said eat 4oz a day. And clean ur nipples after every feeding. And change breast pads frequently. I also gently clean my LO tongue with a wash cloth this isn’t something u need to do but I’ve noticed it takes a bit of white off but be very gentle.



    Okay everyone I need an honest answer. I have never used my breast milk just formula. This will be my last baby so I want to try. Problem here, I smoke is it really still better then formula? Anyone with knowledge here is welcome to message me, all comments accepted.

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