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    I am considering getting breast augmentation in the future, my question is for those who have breastfed or have been engorged, does having implants feel similar to that way? Like the pressure or the hardness or does it soften up? Curious, thanks ladies



    26th of March? If so, it is probably just post bleeding but it could be a period but unlikely. Some women do get their periods back weeks after giving birth while breastfeeding but it’s rare. Typically it around the same time as food is introduced because the amount of milk tends to decrease. Congrats on your new one! Good Luck with breastfeeding. It’s a hard but very rewarding task! My son is now 17months and still going strong. Well, he feeds about three times a day and takes the cup other then that.


    i got a pump for christmas (i dont have it yet, but i am supposed to be picking it up from my gmas house soon) and i was just wondering, do you refrigerate the milk or freeze it? how long is it good? im just not sure what to do with it once its pumped. and then how often do i pump if i still want to breastfeed sometimes? sorry if those are dumb questions lol…just makin sure my baby will get the best stuff !!!!



    Congrats Bri!! Although I’m most certainly not wishing away Beckett’s young months, I can’t wait to say I’ve made it 1 year BFing too =) Job well done mamma!



    Malted Milk– i went to a lactation consultatant– ovaltine! no joke ladies, and plus side, two glasses of it is almost equal in vitamins to your prenatals as well- just check out the back label. and its super yummy!


    anne14marie- ive been pumping to store up on my milk for when i go back to work which is next week, i usually pump in the morning when my baby is still sleeping and im pretty full then because he sleeps alot through the night so i pump one side and get anywhere from 4 to 7 oz out of that one side. i save the other side for when he wakes up… i also pump whenever he is taking a long nap so i know i will refill before he gets up. ive been taking the fenugreek of and on and thats when i get 6 or 7 oz out of one side!! so far my entire door od my freezer is full of milk! the only thing im now worried about is if my son will take the bottle at daycare. i have given him a bottle before and up until just the other day he was fine with it… now he cries when i out it inhis mouth but as soon as i stick my boob in his mouth he is happy. i even tried breastfeeding until he got sleepy then slipping in the bottle so i wouldnt waist the milk i had in it and he woke right up and cried!!! idk maybe it will be diff with other people giving it to him,,, i just dont want him to starve. the good thing is that i work at the daycare he is attending so i can go and feed him on my breaks. also my nipple gets fat looking after i pump also.. its wierd lol



    No period yet and Anna is 4 months. Any truth to first periods after pregnancy being really horrendous?



    I am excited at the thought! Thanks! I really want a girl! hehe. though i am sure i will end up with 3 boys! hehe.



    sunshinemaria – I’ve been getting mine since September. It sucks and mine drops too. I just eat more oatmeal and pump longer. You supply should be back up by now. I had mine on the 1st as well and I’m back up to normal. If you are fighting off a illness then that could also be a factor in your supply dip. I did that months ago. It was awful. I had my period then Kekoa got sick (wasn’t eating much) and then I got sick and didn’t make as much. It was frustrating but everything is fine now. Just keep at it. Be sure to take your vitamins as well. You lose so much blood that it’s hard for your body to work overtime. good luck!



    Am I slow?? I just learned that you pronounce Medela as Madeela. LOL! I had to call customer service to ask some bra questions and it shocked me. hee hee! I’ve always said it as Madella. Oh well, I think I’ll continue to say it wrong because its such a habit! 🙂 Hope you ladies are well. :o)



    I am going to visit family in Florida next week so my son and I will be flying there, thankfully it’s only a 2 1/2 hr flight. He is 3 months old and is BF. He doesn’t take a bottle from me very well when I pump so I plan on nursing him while on the plane. I try not to nurse in public so I am not sure what reaction I will receive. I picked my seat …the very back row!!! Has anyone else flown with their child at this age? Any suggestions would be great…Thanks



    Thanks a lot!



    kimberly-drinking 40oz does seem like quite a lot! that makes no sense to me that he’s drinking that much but not gaining weight. i am 100% with you on breastfeeding my son. at his last dr’s appt he only gained about 1.5 pounds and my dr said i should start him on solids, he went from the 45% to like 10% maybe?…i chose not to. he’s only 4 months old and i don’t want to add anything until at least 6 months, so for him i added extra feedings. my son never goes hungry, always lets me know when he needs to eat and i will get him out of bed to eat in the middle of the night even when he doesn’t wake up. it’s worked very well for us, and he’s gained more weight already (previously i was trying to get him to sleep through the night w/o feedings, but i chucked that idea and said who cares if he’s waking up to eat i’m ebf and he always goes right back to sleep anyway so i feed him as much as he needs in during the night) i will also tell you that i track how much my son eats and it’s usually about 25-30oz. when i work he gets expressed bottles of milk if my son ate 40oz/day he’d be sleeping all night long! also check out they gave me so much piece of mind about ebf babies and weight gain. it talks about how most bf babies gain a whole bunch of weight their first 3 months but then it kinda of tapers off and they don’t gain as much after. i was going to give you the direct link but there is so much info that you can read up on from that site it’s amazing! it’s my favorite one, go to breastfeeding and then baby weight gain issues and you can just click around and read so much different stuff. i’m not saying dr’s are wrong and weight with babies can be a HUGE issue, but you know your child best (just as i know mine) and i’m very very committed to breastfeeding, thought i’d only be doing it for the first 6 months but now i’m set on at least a year! i started taking alfalfa tablets cuz i was told it will add fat to my milk, i’m officially a cow, lol! i hope i’ve made you feel a little bit better. i was in your shoes about 2 weeks ago and totally freaking out about my sons weight and such…but i’ve tried to relax and know that he’s getting all he needs from me! best of luck!



    Another thing that I did for sore nipples was pour some water into a nursing pad and put it in the freezer. After frozen I would put them in my bra sort of like a little ice pack. It worked wonders for me when I was sore from pumping.



    Thanks Ladies! I’m excited. They are a lot of work but well worth it. I have an easy child with Kekoa though. He’s never been a problem. Now that I am at home I think it is soooo easy. It was much harder while working.

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