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    wow….my son is amazing, lol. I have been using a nipple shield since he was born due to some nipple confusion when we had to supplement at the hospital…and I just got used to it and stopped trying to get him to latch without it. He is almost ten weeks old and I just thought I would try yesterday and he latched on without a problem and has ever since…amazing!



    Its good to know that it is possible. I have tried to get him to latch lately i have even tried with the nipple shield he does ok but i constantly leak from the other side while he is trying latch on. And i hate leaking i feel like i am wasting milk. i will keep offering it to him it would be nice to pump at work and nurse in the evenings, Its good to know it still might not be to late for that, i definitely think that pumping is much more time consuming than if i could just breastfeed him.



    ash5388; Hi =)
    What new product did you find that we can all use???



    im only 11wks pregnant and stressing about breast feeding already. Tried feeding my son and it was so painful and was drawing blood rather than milk. I want to try feeding again. Can you express milk and keep in bottles like formula milk?
    Would anybody recommend using those nipple shields to help moving from breast to bottle too?



    Haha. Ive got the opposit problem! My LO wazs in the NICU for two weeks and pretty much only bottle fed breastmilk so now she doesnt want the breast. Im glad im BF, but I had no idea it was so hard– it really is so tricky.. i have so much respect for moms that have BF their kids– we rock 🙂 hehe



    megang22- I try to let him bf from the first breast until he needs to burp, then I put him back onto that breast to make sure it is empty. Then I always try to offer the second breast. Sometimes he takes it and sometimes he does not. Either way, I start the next feeding with that same breast.



    samanthaandgirls – That’s funny! My husband has given up. HAHA! I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding since February of 2007! I didn’t want sex during pregnancy and then afterwards they became Kekoa’s. HAHA! He just weaned himself not even a month ago. But, I’m now 22weeks with my next one. My boobs are pillows for my son now. Comfort for him….not hubby! Since I will be giving birth around New Years and then nursing again for another 2yrs he sees no end in sight. This next one is another boy. I think I may want three. Maybe the third will be a girl! HAHA! Well, we’ll see how this one goes. But, poor Hubby doesn’t ‘own’ them anymore. They belong to the children.



    I find it so sad that breastfeeding is seen as abnormal and troublesome by so many 🙁 My in-laws are this way, but thankfully they keep their mouths shut for the most part. It should be interesting when they find out I plan to EBF ’til 7 months… 🙂



    ssecondchance – I always used the medela ones and I liked them. I just wish they were a little stickier because when they absorbed the milk, they would always shift. Anyway maybe try changing them more often? I only remember even needing pads for the first month or so. I bought so many and then all of a sudden just didnt need them. Guess Ill save them for the next one.



    haha yeah I remember that one! Poor baby girl has been quite a stinker this week. She had her first poody diaper since Saturday which I know can be normal but those farts I swear could knock out a horse. Thank goodness today she got some relief. Now to conquer the breath issue!



    jody 04- read this ,………..



    yukstar – Just like esyogurl said – During pregnancy most women notice a drop in supply around 2-4 months. Some don’t but it happens a lot. It normally isn’t anything too drastic but I noticed it because I have always had an over supply.



    I am one of those unlucky mothers that even thought I exclusively breastfeeding, and pump 3 times a day i got my period at week 4, my son is now 12 weeks. I just got my period again, and for the first time I see a great decrease in supply. I did not realize it at first, because sometimes when I pump I just don’t get a let-down, but realize today that my supply is about half. Help!! Anyone in the same situation, what did you do? How to get the supply back up, or will that go automatically? How long does it take, it is so bad last night he hardly got any before bed, I have enough frozen to give him a bottle, or is that going to hurt my supply even more?



    Over-the-moon- try actually bfing. It’s much more effective for emptying your bb’s and for production. Also, I used to soak oatmeal (not instant) in water over night and heat and eat the next day. That helped me. Drink as much water as you can of course and try to relax. Goodluck!



    mybabysuprise – Pumps never get it all out. I have a friend who EBF for over a year and never got more then 2oz at a time. Her baby is big and well fed too. It happens, some people just can’t pump but are awesome breastfeeder. What I suggest is keep at it. Also, after using the electric pump, hand express for another five minutes or until nothing comes out. I found that I could get another ounce just by hand expressing.

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