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    Erica – have you tried different sized nipples? Maybe the flow is too fast or too slow. I know what you mean about buying all new bottles though. We only have two bottles. My MIL watches my LO during the day and she just washes one and uses the other. If your LO really doesn’t like the bottles you have, maybe try just one or two of a different brand. Good luck!!



    Lawsons Mom – That’s weird? I have both brands of lanolin and they smell the same to me…no smell at all. My Medella tube is the same I had when I was nursing my first some. I wonder if you got a bad batch or something?



    whattsmommy – I’m sorry. That’s got to be really scary. Wish I had some advice. Hope the other ladies can help you. I just thought I’d say you’re in my thoughts and my fingers are crossed for you.


    2ndtime~ Well I hope you get the answer that you want! I will be back in this forum in exactly one month, my c-section is scheduled for the 1st of June, my DD turns 2 next week and I plan to BF this little guy for a least as long as I BF her!



    hannah-i think the next time your dh gangs up on you with someone in your family, i would gently remind him who he has to go home with. if he prefers the way his aunt is over you prehaps he should stay with her. I’ve used this exact line early in my marriage when my mil started in on me about how i did laundry and dh started siding with her. it was pretty effective in shutting him up. well that and the fact that i told him if he had such a problem with how i did it it could become his job. your dh is just as responsible for whether or not you baby is familiar with his family.



    FINALLYYYYYYYYY the website let me in 🙂 i was trying to sign in the whole day so i can thank u ladies for ur replies , i already pump and BF as long as i can , this is my plan 😉 ….. THANX AGAIN



    HannahKay – I would think it might be someting in your diet then. If she wasn’t gaining then I’d think it was a hindemilk imbalance. But since she is then it might be your diet. Is it possible to go on a completely bland diet for a week. Cutting out dairy helps a lot of moms. It’s completely normal for babies to have problems with dairy that mom drinks/eats. I know so many that once it was cut out their babies become totally different. Poos started looking like it ‘should’ and they were all smiles.


    Just came across this reading the paper online…


    godiva i’ve been out twice for lunch since oliver was born he is 17 days. One time he slept whole time, the other he nursed. I also used to nurse my eldest in restaurants. Staff are normally very friendly. Nobody has ever said anything negative towards me.



    aprilrose, 6 weeks is a big growth spurt! And yes, there is such a thing as comfort nursing this early, but it’s not a bad thing. Nursing isn’t just about food, it’s about comfort too, and if it makes them feel better, then I don’t see the problem. My son is nearly 12 months (in 16 days, 🙁 ) and he still nurses for comfort. I’ve just started back at work, and the second I get home he needs to nurse, whether he’s hungry or not, because he needs to have his Momma close. He’ll latch on, and just sit there with my boob in his mouth for an hour or so, until he’s sure I’m not going to leave again.


    i’m lucky my mam breastfed all 3 of us and is very pro feeding. To be honest i’ve never had a negative comment from my family or the inlaws. Just been out for lunch with my friends and fed oliver in the restaurant, nobody said a thing.



    TannersMommy33 ~ I’ll try to offer the same boob to see if it works. Sometimes she does have gas, but not too often. Usually she passes it by herself when I am prepping her for burping.


    Hi ladies… TMI alert… I am 8 weeks pp and breastfeeding exclusively. This weekend I was out and about alot.. Swimming, yard work ect and I started to bleed. I am not sure if I have started my cycle but I am cramping. 🙁 I thought Im not supposed to start for a while?



    I detest ‘baby talk’ but we use ‘num nums’ for BFing with our 13 month old and make the sign. That’s the sound she’s made for months and we kind of stuck to it. It might change when she gets more vocabulary though, who knows.



    Also, i’m on facebook too. Michelle Lemos

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