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    Bri – Gah. I always swore I’d never be the girl to stick around in a crappy relationship. I just wanted this so badly for Zoey. For her to grow up with the sense that relationships can be stable and strong. I know she’s young and I can find someone to help me set that example for her, but it’ll never be the same as having mommy and daddy together. If I’m not with him, she’ll never know one Christmas where she didn’t have to split time and love between mommy and daddy. That’s why I’ve worked so hard to make this impossible situation work. It’ll be hard to let it go. But I can’t really stay, can I? Not without sacrificing everything I believe in. I’ve already done so much of that with him. Maybe if I sleep the thirteen minutes until my alarm goes off, I’ll wake up in Wonderland.



    Not to be negative, but I don’t think it will stop the ads. The word is mentioned in the permanent text above several times, as well as in the side bar. In any event, it doesn’t make them any money for the ads, it costs them money to advertise here, and every time you click on the link it costs them more. I say if you are really anti-formula, then click on the ads a bunch of times. It costs them money and earns money for IAP. Just my two cents.



    noah- i know! i came home from a long day and expected lots of things to read. i’m going to blame it on the time difference, because everyone is either in England or Washington state it seems! Here i’m making dinner, and they’re enjoying their afternoon lol



    Just a question that’s probably been asked a bunch of times, but i was just wondering how long pumped milk can stay in the fridge for, some things Ive read say 8 days some say 3-5 and a book I have says 48 hours. Its all too confusing haha



    sorry i havent been on in ages – summer has been sooo busy… anyway i really need some tips from mommies who have bf and transistioned to introducing solids.

    I was planning to work from home with my dh with our family business until my ds was at least a year old…but I got a phone call with a great job offer for a teaching position until December which I can’t turn down….so I’ll be going back to work in September till December.

    I want to continue to bf, but ds is ready for food – he lunges at our plates at dinner, and shows such an interest in food (he will be 5mos tomorrow)…

    SO Im curious to know….where and how did you start? Mixing with bmilk? Once you introduce rice cereal, how long before other solids(like pureed stuff?)

    and for those of you already back at work with 6mos+ babes, what type of bf schedule are you on? Guess I’ll bring a pump to work?

    I ‘m lucky that wednesdays are the only days I’ll be out of the house (8:30 to 11:30am) as the other classes are later in the day so I’ll be home till at least 3:30pm……grandma will come over to baby sit….

    Anyway, any tips will be much appreciated – and please if you can copy your reply to my page in case I miss a few days on here I can still catch your tips 🙂

    DS is now at least 22lbs on just bm! Chunky momkey



    He has been retired for a while! Nice to find a fellow southern illinoisan!!!!


    Since Alyssa learned to sit upright from a laying down position she’s been doing it all the time… even in her sleep or when she wakes up. I don’t think she’s learned yet that she can lay back down. She woke up about 8 times last night… everytime I went in her room she was sitting up. I’m so glad she’s learning so fast… I just hope she learns how to lay back down soon! lol



    scarlet begonia – I know and I’m sad to say I agree. It just won’t happen at least I don’t think it will in our life time. Money is a big factor and with a down economy there aren’t going be laws that will limit production and in turn limit jobs and money. Then there’s the aspect that hte cost which is already high would probably go up because rx items tend to be more. Blah! HAHA! We are founded on money nowadays and it just won’t happen. I wish it would though. I strongly believe that formula has it’s place. My husband’s cousin had a ‘wife’ that totally flaked out and left him with three children, one being under a year. Granted she wasn’t breastfeeding but what would have happened without it? He’s not in the position to get donated milk so formula was his only option. Had another friend that had problems after birth and ended up finding out she had cancer. It was either breastfeed and die or undertake kimo and live. I’d much rather a mom give formula and be with her child then die just to give the milk. I wish she were in my state cause her son is just slightly younger then Chris, I would have nursed both babies.



    I have three baby gates in our house actually. One at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom and one going into our laundry room. The laundry room has our cat box and food in there so needless to say we do not want either child going in there. In our condo my sweet husband let Chris go down the stairs. I was at the bottom eating breakfast. After a few crashes I had a crying baby at my feet. Took a long while to forgive him let alone have another child with him. HAHA! Chris was no worse for wear though. Thank God! I believe that God gives us all that one oops. As for the bottom. I would hate for them to go up and fall down. Granted Chris can now go up and down but I like to pin him in the same level as I am. He’s playing on my other computer while I type. HAHA! Alex can actually start going up the stairs now. The other day I didn’t shut it all the way cause I was just going up for a second. Came down and he was on the second step trying to find me. Ugh! Gotta keep those doors shut!



    mjs – Sounds like there could be either a clog in the tear duct or an infection. Either way I’d squirt some breastmilk into it. Continue to do this every couple of hours. If it doesn’t go away in a day go to the doctor for some eye drops. Breastmilk has anti-bacterial properties so it’ll help clear any infection up quickly.





    I am on facebook if anyone wants to add me. My e-mail is [email protected] and my name is Vivian Bouza, just in case I never told you gals. 😀



    Amalthea, to clarify, it’s not that i think breastfeeding in public is generally offensive… if you are discreet about it, and cover up, then i’m all for it (and have done it). What I am talking about being offensive…is when I can see a woman’s entire breast in the food court at the mall… which, by the way is not only offensive…but technically illegal….indecent exposure. Feed your babies when and where you like, just have some class about it…is all I’m saying. I do find it offensive when I see too much.



    Natalie – it may not be leaking unusually. I collect my ‘drips’ from the other side when I am nursing in a breast shell and sometimes I collect a full oz. In one day I collect a full bottle of milk. I only just started doing it but I wish I had done earlier. Then when the baby isn’t settling well or my nipples need a little rest I can feed her the milk that would have been wasted. Genious!



    Can you add me to th fb page. My name is Rachel Curzi. [email protected]

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