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    Micaela- Thank you. I was worried about just being in a bottle wasnt a proper storage also, but i guess it is ok



    Hey, ladies!! Well I’m pregnant again and really want to successfully breastfeed my second!!! I had to stop at 4 months with Lilia coz my breastmilk wasnt good enough. I aim to pump and breastfeed. My question: how do you ladies store breastmilk??? I was always advised to throw it away after 24 hours, which seems ridiculous to me??? Thanks allot.



    I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and the one thing that is slightly turning me off breast feeding is that it will ruin the look of my breasts.I have 460cc silicone gel implants under the muscle.Anybody had any experience with major breast change after breast feeding with implants?Thanks.


    My baby is 41/2 months old. After I had him I only had lochia for about 4 days heavy and 1 day light. I have not had ANY bleeding since. I was breastfeeding exclusively till about 3 weeks go when he stared on cereal due to reflux. With my other two children, my periods returned right after birth and I had my period even while breastfeeding. This time, we only waited 17 days pp before having sex (I KNOW…). I have extreme boughts of nausea, sore breasts now that progressively feel worse during breastfeeding, boughts of cravings, heightened sense of smell, gaining weight in tummy area…and other signs of pregnancy.. took a test but I don’t rely on them since I have had problems with false negatives in the past even from blood tests. Anyway control line was dark and there was another light line very close to it. But maybe a shadow? Could I be pregnant from that early? thought I felt slight movement



    About vitamin D drops, I’ve been giving them to Ava since she was about a month old, basically out of pressure from other moms lol I can see it in the winter when I probably won’t take Ava out for as many walks outside, but in July I just didn’t feel it was necessary … but at the same time I don’t think it hurts to give them any. It really does depend on your climate though, and how much time you spend outdoors with baby.



    my lo will be six months in TWO DAYS! its insane! Problem is we haven’t started solids yet. I know he really needs to get started but it’s really hard. I breast feed soley and I feel like if I feed him solids he won’t want to eat and I will be full of milk that won’t get drank! Any tips on introducing solids? I don’t know where to start!



    okay so i just have a Question…My little one is 2wks old tomorrow…im breastfeeding and last wk i was pumping about 2 1/2 to 3 oz of milk about every 2hrs(combined from both breasts) now im lucky if I get an oz and a half…anyone else having this prob or know why this is happening??



    I would like to recommend besides Fenugreek, Motherlove milk plus and Motherlove milk plus special blend. Someone recommended it on my baby forum and I ordered a month ago and it helped me. I have been taking Fenugreek for 4 months prior. This Motherlove is a liqiud form and is more potent than dry herb form. O actually ordered from one of online places and it came cheaper than from manufacturer. I take it 4 times a day, when I pump. It has a nasty taste, but who cares!



    Eva – I was expecting the worst and believe it or not it is cake. Maybe cause I’m still breastfeeding that it’s easier but I haven’t had a huge one…yet. I was on the pill when I got pregnant and so it used to be only a couple days. My first one was this last summer. It only lasted a day. My next one was six weeks later. It lasted three. So, I suppose it’s up to your body. I’m sure some women have huge ones and others don’t.



    jude-v My baby was slow to gain also. He lost down to 5lbs. 14 oz. (was born at 7 lbs) and he was a very content fellow, so I was shocked at his weight loss! So, some really young babies are just content no matter what! We had latching issues so I had to pump for a couple of weeks. Once he started nursing I had to nurse more often to up the supply. Try nursing every 2 to 2 1 /2 hours for a few days…your supply will increase and baby will probably start gaining faster.



    newmomtobe85 – You need to do what you think is right. Will you feel better if you stop? Will you feel worse? Guilty? Breastfeeding keeps your hormones off balance. Mine still aren’t the way they should (14months) but I’m fine with it. Weaning can cause depression too. I would just weigh your options. No one will fault you for weaning if you are really sick. Depression isn’t easy without the hormone imbalance. We’re all here for you either way. Whenever you need a shoulder or just someone to vent to we are all here.



    andante- don’t worry about how much your LO is getting. What he’s getting sounds right. As long as he is satisfied and isn’t trying to eat every hour you’re good. The tea really works but it’s GROSS! If you can tolerate it, you’re better than me. My health food store made me capsules with the ingredients in it or would sell me empty ones and the tea and I would put it in the capsules and swallow it. Much easier. LOL. My LO took 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours until she was about 5 months. Then she upped her intake to 5-6oz. They’ll make sure they get what they need. 🙂



    jandrews – I was concerned the first time I flew too. But it was cake!! At three months Baby should be fine with a cover. Get a window seat if you can. Claim one or a couple of those tiny pillows to help with comfort. After boarding I would get settled with Kekoa and throw my apron on. I would nurse on the way up and the way down. The sucking helps with the pressure. If your baby is a good sleeper then 2 1/2hours should be easy for you. Nurse your baby to sleep and hopefully s/he will stay asleep until you land. Now, we are planning a trip to visit relatives in Hawaii in September. Kekoa probably won’t be nursing then (22months-ish) and so it will make things a bit more difficult. It’s also a 5 1/2 hour flight from Seattle. I would rather make that trip with a nursing infant.



    Bri & armymom- thanks so much for your advice and help. When I breastfed my son, I was one that supplemented with formula and also took benedryl for allergies (did not know the damage it causes to supply) started to drop in supply. I also worked full-time then as well. I was able to bf for about 7 mths before throwing in the towel. This time around I will abosolutely not supplement with formula and I work 2 or 3 days a week and will be pumping those days. I hope that my supply will hold up but if not I will do what I have to do to build it back up. I am planning to bf for one year.



    here’s a direct exerpt from kellymom from a guy who made a handout on breastfed baby weight gain, jack newman—-
    It is not always easy to decide if a baby needs supplementation. Sometimes applying this Protocol for a few days gets the baby gaining more rapidly. Sometimes more rapid growth is necessary, and it may not be possible without supplementation. If possible, get banked breastmilk to use as a supplement if you can. If not available, formula may be necessary. However, sometimes slow but steady growth is acceptable. The main reason to worry about growth is that good growth is one sign of good health. A baby who grows well is usually in good health, but this is not necessarily so. Neither is a baby who grows slowly in poor health, but physicians worry about a baby who is growing more slowly than average. Growth charts are frequently interpreted poorly. A baby who follows the 10th percentile line is growing as he should be. Too many people, including physicians, believe that only babies on the 50th percentile or higher are growing normally. Not true. Growth charts were developed on information based on information gathered about normal babies. Somebody has got to be smaller than 90% of all other babies. Somebody normal.
    —here’s the link if you want to read the rest of the ‘protocol’

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