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    DulcianasMom – I have one but never used it. It was more a hassle then anything

    erica93 – Congrats! I’m trying to get pregnant right now. My suggestion is eat when you are hungry but eat the right foods. No junk food that has empty calories. Your body will make enough for the three of you!

    kym22 -I went back to work when Kekoa was three months. I just quit this last month when he was 16months. It’s hard. Kekoa was sleeping through the night until I went back to work. I would get up at six to get us both ready and take him to school at 7:15. I would pump at 9, feed on my lunch at noon and pump again at 3. I picked him up at 4:30 and we would go home and nurse. We ate dinner at 6 and he would be in the tub by 7. We would nurse and he would be in bed at 8. He needed the rest since we got up so darn early. I guess that’s what’s needed. You need to get a good bedtime routine down and baby off to bed by then. After Kekoa went down I would then need to go downstairs and clean and do bottles for the morninig. I would be in bed around 10 or 11. It’s tiring and I’m so glad I don’t have to do it any longer.



    Great news Bri- Congrats~



    lin – I did the same thing at the hospital, only I got way fed up with it after the first week and dropped it preparing myself for a long battle. First try – no problems!



    anniemarie my 3rd baby never took a bottle she never new how to latch on 2 it . i nursed her for 12 monthes my mom was not happy she couldnt take her over night for a year.



    Hi Ozbzby! Leak Proof Nursing Bras that need no pads, ever – uses your body heat to evaporate the milk – they are AMAZINGGGGG

    Got an email yesterday that they are having a sale too. OMG these things are freakin so cool and they work!!!



    anyone know if it’s safe to breastfeed while prego. I just found out i am prego again, my dd is 8 months old today and has only drank breastmilk!



    Hey all. Just wanted to let you all know you are doing awesome for your little ones. Well, Kekoa is now 21months and I thought he was completely weaned but jumped back on the breast. I’m soooo thankful too! SO, yesterday he fell and hit his head. After a CT scan we found he has a skull fracture and had to have three staples. So, because of the fracture they kept us over night. Thank God I can still feed! The nurses had to take his vitals every two hours. This meant looking into his eyes. Awful! As you with older babies know, getting a toddler to wake up a million times during the night and then go back is not easy. I ended up sleep with him and nursing him back to sleep every time. It worked and we were able to get some (little but some) sleep last night. It really helped him calm down. Last winter we were in the hospital for a really bad virus. They had to do all sorts of blood work and cathiter and such. Breastfeeding was a savior then too. He’s now fine and really was then too but we’re home and back to our normal routine. Just wanted to pop in and tell you all that breastfeeding is really healthy for babies AND toddlers but there are other perks as well. =P



    megang – i always nurse on both sides. finish one and then offer the other. she always does about 10 min on each side. we had issues with weight gain at first too and the doc scared me into supplementing with formula. sounds like you are doing everything right and you should just keep it up and it will be fine.



    I have just gone through my closets. I’m so proud of myself. I have gotten rid of three full boxes worth of clothes! My boobs are too big for most shirts now. By the time I get into them again (if ever) they will be forever out of style. So, I donated them! YAY! I’m thrilled to do so. It’s cleared up room. Although I’m sad to get rid of some of those clothes I know I won’t be able to fit into them ever again. I went from a 36B to a 38DD! with my son. I haven’t shrunk back and now that I’m pregnant again I just know I won’t be a B again. Oh well! HAHA!


    I love the look I get when I tell people I breastfed my oldest until he was 18 months! The only reason I stopped at 10 months with my second was because I had virtually no supply and he was just as happy with formula, as I also had a doc who tried to make me stop breastfeeding when he was 3 weeks old because of diarrhea. I kept feeding but agreed to mix in a bottle of formula here and there but we made it to 10 months. With my current baby Griffin we are going strong at 4 and 1/2 months, I plan on feeding him as long as all goes well to a minimum of 1 year but probably alot longer. I just might avoid telling people that we still feed after a year because I hate those looks. My mom is super supportive though so that helps, she fed me until I was 2 and a half and said she stopped because I was helping myself in public, I’d unbutton her shirts!! LOL



    I breastfed for a year and every single time we went to visit my family the first question was always inevitably ‘Are you still nursing?’ Drove me nuts after awhile because they knew I planned on nursing for a year. What is it anyone’s business anyway? My MIL actually went as far as to say I only nursed that long to have an excuse to keep the baby from her HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, thats why I pushed myself for a whole year, so she couldnt give him a bottle. Crazy woman.


    sfrizzel you are really inspiring! thanks for the comments on cluster feeding. I knew that was what he was doing but just thought it seemed a large amount to drink still. Glad to know its normal! As for pumping, I have been doing it 4 days now I think. I only do it once a day so that I can spend some quality time with my 19 month old before he goes to bed. My supply seems quite good not sure if thats to do with only stopping breast feeding James a couple of months ago. I was quite lucky first time round also for supply. When my 1st was born the lactation consultant came out and was helping me with his latch she squeezed my boob and milk shot across the room and up the window!!



    Jody-you are suppose to nurse on the side with mastist. You should get a second opinion from another dr.



    Anyone who’s been nursing for a while, can you tell me how long your nipples hurt? We’re starting wk10 today and mine still hurt. I know it’s not latch, they seem to just be tender all the time. Especially when I get cold! And does anyone else have a problem with their nips always seeming to be erect? Which also makes them hurt!


    Blessed: I, to, nurse exclusively, and I got my period at 4 weeks. I’m just finishing it for the second time now – LO is 9 weeks. I’ve been doing research and found that it’s normal for our milk to decrease a few days before our periods start, and it should go back up about two days into your period. I talked with my LC yesterday, and she suggested I take 1500 Calium with 750 Magnesium every single day. I’m also drinking Mother’s Milk Tea, and I just started taking Fenugreek lat night. I’ll take that just before and during my periods to boost up the supply. So far today LO’s been eating really well, and I’ve even pumped 10 1/2 ounces so far! Make sure you’re drinking a gallon of water and 4 servings of milk every day, too! Hope it helps! Hang in there! It’ll come back! 🙂

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