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    fermented oatmeal for supply increase. a lot of women swear by it. i never had a supply issue so i have no personal testimony. anyhow 1 cup old fashioned oats to 1 cup water left overnight to soak, warm it and eat it how you like (sugar, butter, maple syriup, etc) Also nurse, nurse, nurse. when you pump, pump past your flow stop. you’ll likely get a second letdown and an ounce or two more from it.



    EllasMommy23 – I agree. I didn’t want him to start trying to lift my shirt in public or anything so while at home I just let him try. Of course he lost all sucking ability so if he did get anything it was a drop. He rarely uses a straw and only drinks from cups now. We stopped bottles around 7months when he was refusing them at school and moved directly onto cups. I do miss nursing him too though. Because he was a little older when he weaned we would nurse right before bed. We’d rock and say our prayers. We’d cuddle and such. I do miss that. I still rock him and say our prayers together but it just isn’t the same as nursing him. Oh well, I’ll get those experiences with his little brother and I do want a third child at some point.



    I only feed from one side at a time as well and my supply has been fine!



    lawsons mom, that’s strange i have the same stuff and its odorless. maybe there is something wrong with the sample…expired maybe? i am pretty sure it shouldn’t have a ‘chemical smell’. it is safe and does not have to be washed before BFing. i stopped using mine because i find its greasy and does not wash out if you get it on your clothes.



    micaela, it sounds like your son is reverse cycling, which is when they tend to feed more at night. It happens sometimes when Mommy is away from them during the day. As long as his diapers remain wet and dirty I would guess that he is okay, but if he slows down on the night feedings, then I would want him to eat more during the day. Perhaps try tasting your milk. Some women have an excess amount of Lipase in their milk, which causes the taste to change after pumping, and then babies tend to refuse it more often. It won’t hurt them, but they don’t like the taste. If your milk tastes soapy or sour, you can try scalding it on the stove right after you pump, that usually gives you more time before the milk begins to change taste. I looked at your profile, and noticed your baby is only 3 months old, so I would just be very careful to make sure he gets enough milk, as ALL of his nutrition should be from that right now. May I ask why he is having cereal already? Does he have particularly bad reflux? I only ask because cereal at this age is nutritionally unneccesary, and in fact can hurt their tummy if given too soon.



    I stopped bf just 3 weeks ago… I ebf my baby 4 his 1st. year … two days ago I noticed I have a hard lump on my left breast… supposed it is milk so what I am supposed to do let it be or try to take it out??? it does not hurt or anything it is just hard. thx 4 the adv.



    My dh and I went to the mall yesterday with Ella. We decided to use the nursing room at Sears. It was absolutely disgusting. There were milk splatters and puke stains everywhere. I had to stand the entire time. It was so gross, next time I will be nursing in the car if I need to, heck the bathroom would’ve been more sanitary (but I refuse to do that). I’m still not quite comfortable NIP but I’m sure that will come with time. My question is about pumping. I just started today and am wondering if it is okay to add freshly expressed milk to milk that is already in the fridge. I was only able to pump about 1 oz and would like to have at least 4 in total so we can try to introduce a bottle to Ella later today. Also when are you ladies pumping? Are you pumping throughout the day or just in the morning? haha, 20 questions but I’m also wondering when you pump when your LO’s are being given a bottle (is it at the same time, while your out or when you return home). I really don’t want to decrease my milk supply but it would be nice to leave the house for more than an hour every once in a while.



    deeyore-thanks oatmeal cookies are my favorite lol…I am not having production problems I am having appitet (sp) issues and I figure if I am going to force myself to eat it should be something that can boost my supply



    phatbaby57 – That’s so cool! I remember when Chris turned a year. I cried so hard! HAHA! I also thought I’d stop pumping then but of course I didn’t. He didn’t drink cow’s milk very well so I kept pumping and sending it to school with him. I stopped pumping at 15months when I stopped working.



    OMG I never thought about milk not freezing well! How can you tell if its gone bad?

    I pump so sledom that my freezer stash is usually made within a day or two of when I know it will be needed… For example I pumped milk this saturday and sunday, so that my mom could have bags for when she babysat last night.

    I got home last night and made a bag so she can feed him this saturday when I have to work again.

    I just can’t stand the ‘extra’ milk i start making when I pump too often – I swell up much faster bc Im feeding and pumping…



    godiva, my boy has been out with us everywhere we’ve gone since he was 5 days old. restaurants, fast food places, the grocery store, mall, the pool, playground, road trips etc. i feel like they should get to see the world around them and the people in it



    Hi Ladies; I have a quick question for you. I am a full time working mother who does not let down into the pump very efficiently. I’ve been compression pumping and manually expressing each session for the last week with minimal resultsâ€I usually 2 oz total per pumping session. I pump about 6-8 times per day on top of nursing 5 times a day just to MEET my daughter’s feeding needs AND I just found out that daycare is having to break into my frozen milk stash that I built up while on maternity leave. I only have about 30 oz left in the freezer. Since I’m not able to pump enough to add back into the freezer, I’m worried that once the stash runs out I’ll need to start supplementing. I’m already eating oatmeal, nutritional yeast, and taking fenugreek. What are your thoughts on going on Regland or Domperidone? Do you think it would help, or just be a waste of money since I don’t pump efficiently?


    My mom and my MIL are both pro-bfing, my mom BF both me and my brother for 9 months apiece, my MIL BF my DH (the oldest) for 6 weeks, her 2nd son for 6 months and her 3rd for a yr. So I guess I am very lucky that no one in my family has ever said boo about how I feed my baby. When BFing my DD my boss’s wife was still BFing her 2 yr old and he never gave me any crap for pumping. This time I am worried about going back to work as my new supervisor has no children and knows nothing about Bfing, so we will see.



    Can I increase my supply if I pump after each feeding? I am pumping once a day when I feel my boobs the fuller. I go back to work in October and want to build a good supply of milk for daycare. I have pumped three times in three days and have gotten 2oz out each time.


    noah- i pump any time of the first i wouldnt get hardly anything..your breasts have to get used to the sensation of a pump at first you wont get much..i usually do it between LO is 10 weeks so my beasts are in the swing of things now 🙂 good luck

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