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    I think I need to start preparing myself to quit nursing. I am weaning myself from the Reglan, this is only day two and I have only dropped one pill a day. In my three pumping sessions I got a full 3.75 oz less than normal. And that is only dropping one pill a day! If I go cold turkey I bet I dry right up. All I can say is the LO and I had a good 6 1/2 month go. I am so sad….



    I give a lot of credit to moms who pump. It adds a whole new level to breastfeeding. I only pump once in awhile and I hate it. I still have not had my period. I gave birth in September so its been over 1.5 years since my period and I am loving it.



    Tory, It may be a nursing blister.. you can look it up. My son had one for a while.. it doesn’t hurt them according to my pediatrician. It will go away on its own.. My son’s went away around 3-4 months.. and he is still nursing..



    are u guys doing just once a day of the oats



    Emma- welcome to the over active letdown club! We have jackets lol. Pump a little bit before nursing, it helps alot!!!



    gladek – My son too! When he was really little it dd help me because I was learning myself. But, once he got old enough to want to watch others he couldn’t stand to use a cover. I probably won’t even bother this next time. HAHA! I’m used to being able to get latched on without anyone the wiser.



    Bri I’d go for other bc options but if I do end up getting my period I haaaave to take ortho because it regulates the cramps that are so severe I have to go to the ER. Seems to be the only thing that has worked without resorting to pain meds….



    Kickboxer-nursing marathons are great for supply. In the beginning some just don’t pump alot of milk. Never judge your supply on the amount that is pumped. Your baby is more effecient at draining your breast than ANY pump can. The only way to know if your baby is getting enough milk is the amount of wet/dirty diapers. Try the nursing marathon and during that time only offer your breast, w/o supplementing. Good luck!!! You should see a difference.



    phatbaby—my baby is finally sleeping long stretches (she’s almost 17 months and is still waking up once a night last night: bed at 7:30pm up at 5am, nurse then back until 7am) i also used a bunch of tips from the no cry sleep solution…..just keep doing the bedtime routine–stick with it. that’s the only thing i did right from the beginning and i usually never have trouble getting my little one down…..we did try screwing around with her bedtime and then we figured out that if we put her down any later than 8pm, she had a hell of time falling asleep or would wake up more often. it’s been a long long long process for us to get her to sleep without crying it out–so good luck!! 🙂

    2babys—keep at it!! my nipples were killing me too and i was told that my baby’s latch was great also from a lactation consultant. sounds weird, but one day they just stopped hurting. keep with the lansinoh, air dry your nipples, tylenol if you need to, and don’t wash your nipples with any soap. i had a bit of cracking and a little blister as well. 🙂



    nikkiandfred – Obviously since my second is only 10 days old that I haven’t gotten it back this time but last time I got it back when my son was about 9months old. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I thought because it had been suspended for pregnancy and then three quarters of a year that it would be awful, long and painful but it wasn’t. Mine lasted a couple of days and was business as usual. Nothing to write home about.



    ~*I have been lucky enough that I’ve only had to breastfeed 2 times in pubic and once being in a doctors office room where no one but the ped saw me lol! I know that I will have to while eating or shopping soon and I hate that I panic some when I have to go somewhere longer then an hour from fear of me having to feed him! It’s sad that people make such a big deal about seeing a women feed in pubic! I told hubby I just need to let go and do my best to keep covered but if someone sees me so be it! Girls walk around with breast popping up out of thier tops and such so why should I feel the need to panic if someone sees me feed my child? I never thought about this with my 4 other children as they were on formula but brestfeeding opens your mind to so much more! Also some of you have pointed out how best milk keeps babies safe I have a good one for you! My other 4 children weren’t breastfeed well my 1st I did it for the 1st 3-4 days and stopped b/c of pain and me being only 16 I gave up to easy and had no support what so ever! But anyways they all have/had GERD (where everything they eat comes back up and goes inot thier lungs they loose weight and stop breathing) and were all on meds and ended up having life or death surgery for it! (They are all fine now) But with Jackson he is showing signs of it BUT his weight is GREAT!!! I have never once had a baby grow normal! I’m not use to having to buy bigger diapers and cloths so early on! The doctor said b/c he is breastfed it is more fatty then formula and it keeps his weight up even tho most of it comes right back up! Also it has less acid in it! So yeah I believe 100% breast is best!!!!!!*~



    Ok I have a ? hopefully I get a respond here.. I have a four month old that I am b/f and I might be pregnant again……….Has anyone elts been pregnant and still b/f….And what about after the baby is born and your first one is still b/f . Will I be able to b/f both if I have to?



    seoban- When my LO was doing that to me I made him take a pacifier. Of course he didn’t like it & wouldn’t take it at first, but like all things, they come around. I would offer the pacifier constantly & hold it in his mouth for him for a few seconds. I would keep it in my bra for a few minutes or dip it in BM. It took about & week but he eventually took it & it is A LIFESAVER!!! He is 6 months now & I plan on weaning him off of it at about 8 months. But so far it is the mute button & we love it!! lol



    Congrats, SunShine!



    doublemama – Interesting. I feel letdowns but I obviously don’t have it. I feel absolute joy when I get a letdown. It’s a calming sensation when I’m feeding. Sorry you feel the other way. That has to make it hard. I know you enjoy breastfeeding as well and so to have negative feelings can’t be easy.

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