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    Natalie- there is one other girl in here Mere-and-girl. She has the same problem. Her daughter is 5 months and she still soaks pads.



    I just invited both of you ladies to the Facebook Forum.



    lovingmommy- i use playtex drop ins bottles.. and if i know we will use the expressed milk within a couple days i just put it in the bottle, stick it int he fridge till we need it, then warm it up. i normally warm it up right before we leave to go into town (thirty mins away) and a couple hours later its still room temp, and give it to LO. My doc said it was fine to give cool, milk if the baby will take it, and im lucky mine doesnt care what temp it is LOL! but dont heat the milk more then once. cause from what i was told ( my source could be wrong) it can kill off some of the goodness in breast milk.



    rubes- I pump usually twice a day (my daughter is only 3 weeks old) and I pump about 2oz at a time. I put them straight in the fridge and then as soon as they are both cold I combine them, put them in a storage bag, write the date on the bag and then put it in the freezer. Its good for 3 months after that! I figure 4oz increments is pretty good for how old she is now…



    I had no problems nursing before (my first child) or after (my second child) breast augmentation. My incision is in the armpit and the saline implants are under the muscle. I have not noticed any major changes in my breasts either. They are a little lower than they were. But, that is to be expected. Good bra helps with that.


    Well I guess that I have found my answer. Look at this posting. It happened to someone else!



    DeeRod-i agree with heather…i nannyed for twins before i had my own son and when they were teething it was very difficult for them to eat. the sucking hurt their gums and feeding took forever compared to what it usually was. when i’d be giving them a bottle they would suck for a few seconds then spit it out. also it was like they were just chewing or playing with the nipple when i would try to feed them. just be patient while he seems to be just sucking rather than eating. hope that helps to set your mind at ease



    Yall are very lucky to be able to breast feed your children I was unable to cause I never produced milk : (



    allison, drink more. You need to stay hydrated while breastfeeding. I love water and drink gallons a day and never have chapped lips.



    My LO will not take a bottle. If for some reason I am not around and she needs to eat, she will take enough just to get by eat solid food. My cousin’s was the same way. How old is your LO? Can you put it in cereal? I’ve done that to rotate supply in the freezer because she won’t take a sippy either.



    december08babyboy – It is nice. I got pregnant February 07 and didn’t get a period until August/September 08. But, it is up to each body how long it stays away. Oh, and about getting pregnant. You are correct that you can get pregnant without having your period and it is something to watch. Always always always use protection. We are using good old fashion condems because pills can mess with supply and I got pregnant while on it in the first place. They are working just fine for us. I will probably not look into any other form until this summer when I wean. I also want to get pregnant sometime after I wean so I’ll probably not do anything as long lasting like an IUD. Good Luck!



    mommyxs3- If you wish to continue night feedings, and your LO does, too, there is nothing wrong with that! Why would you doctor tell you that at nine months? MIne encourages me to reverse-cycle since I work, and I love our middle of the night feeding when he wants it. I miss nursing for eight hours while I am at work, if I didn’t feed at night, I would never get my time with him 🙂



    mislissa – It is stressful but if you can handle it it is well worth it! It gets easier as your baby gets older too. People say it does and you think three months is such a long time but then your child’s first birthday is there and you fall into shock…HAHA! Or is that only me! HAHA! I miss having a little one around but breastfeeding a 3+ month old is much easier!


    I got AF yesterday for Easter. yay….

    I’ve had some spotting and cramping before, but this was for real. Strangely, this morning it has reduced to just spotting. Best AF ever! I think she came because we have started Andrew on rice cereal (he loves it!). He’s been watching us eat and trying to grab our food and utensils. He seems to enjoy eating, though he’s still not sure what this substance is that’s suddenly in his mouth! So cute 😛



    Bri–Thanks so much! I do have a window seat and I am hoping the seat beside me will be vacant!! DH is not coming so there is a slight chance I will have some next to me.My son is a good sleeper so hopefully fingers crossed I will be able to nurse him to sleep.

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