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    honestly when my boobies don’t get hard i am afraid i dont have any milk in them. especially after sleeping for7 hours and my boobs are soft. well, i just feel like there is nothing there and it scares me that i might be drying up



    ok this is my last post on this issue i promise, it’s just so helpful!—
    Sometimes, babies who are doing very well with exclusive breastfeeding alone for the first few months, start not to gain as well after two to four months. This may be normal, because breastfed babies do not grow along the same growth curves as formula fed babies, and it may appear that they grow too slowly, when in fact, it is the formula fed baby who is growing too quickly. Breastfeeding is the normal, natural, physiologic way of feeding infants and small babies. Using the formula feeding baby as the model of normal is irrational and leads us to make errors in advising mothers about feeding and growth.

    —and here’s the link as well



    I got my AF today.. my son will be 6 months on Sunday.. I KNEW I was getting phantom periods for the last 2-3 months and that’s why I’ve had so many milk supply issues. I guess it returned fully because I’d been supplementing this last month. =( I definately want to keep BFing for the year… at least now I know when to expect my milk to dip and I can prepare myself. I’m so not ready to quit yet.



    Is anyone else out there taking Reglan to increase/maintain supply? If so, how long have you been on it. I just read about all the crazy possible side effects and it has me scared to death. I am on my 3rd month taking it. I am so afraid if i stop taking it my supply will will go away!



    Dulcianasmom- I use the Brewer’s Yeast tablets. They work nicely for me. I don’t need a huge boost in my supply though. I also don’t pump that often as I’m a sahm. I just know that I used to have MAJOR supply issues until I dropped the mini pill (bc) I was taking. Then I had the long road of getting my supply up to a maintainable level. Now I do a malt(which works great for me) every once in a while and Brewer’s Yeast daily. I take the Brewer’s yeast mainly so that I can exercise and not get a drop in my milk. I generally take 2-4 tablets with each meal.



    anne- maybe give him a sippy cup and see what he does with that.


    thanks ladies for all advice. I guess i knew really but when u have so many people telling u something it’s hard ! I am on an island and know no other breastfeeding Mums. My 2 friends with babies think i am on the cruel side.
    She is not ready for food and showing no signs.She is a chunker too so i know not going hungry. i am beginning to think it is comfort sucking. she slept with me last night and it was better but again the whole evening was trying to put her down long enough to brush my teeth…… that works well if i go to bed at the same time as her but she seems to sense the minute i move.
    i did give in to pressure and gave her water but i will stop. I feel so new to this as my boys are 6 and 7now. They both nursed for 2 yrs each but that was so long ago it’s like starting over! I just need to be stronger,lol Thanks again



    13yearslater– what about when he falls asleep you take him off and burp him with the sitting up position. My dd was like that too, nothing helped her wake up so I just let her lead the way with the nursing/sleeping. She turned out fine!


    felicia, that’s so funny. Griffin is only 3 months and though we don’t use it much he makes those noises when he sees the hooter hider too. I love how fast they learn the cues of nursing!



    Is it possible to ha TOO MANY poopy diapers??? Literally, my son is wet and poopy for every diaper change..



    babybellybliss- wow. i can’t believe she said that. it doesn’t even make sense. what is wrong with people? I’m sorry that you had to deal with such stupidity, but i’m glad that you are proud of yourself. You should be! Good for you for standing your ground. What a crazy old lady.



    Laura, sounds perfect:)



    lilli1317 – I tried the disposable ones and they do not stick, but I would prefer using reusable ones…but they stick to my nipple.

    Has anyone tried the Medela Soft Shells or the Avent Shells?



    And unfortunately, I agree that many young mothers just arent willing to make the effort required to be successful at breastfeeding. My best friend started out breastfeeding, and was doing awesome! She had no latching issues and her daughter was gaining weight, but she just didnt like being attached to her baby all the time. She started formula within a couple weeks. Her daughter is now 2 1/2, and they have been thinking about having another child. She is already thinking about only pumping and giving bottles instead of directly breastfeeding. I keep telling her how time consuming it really is to pump and feed (double work essentially), especially if youre planning to be there with the child anyway and having absolutely no latching issues!



    niki-we are trying the ‘No cry Sleep Solution’ It’s a slow process but so far we are liking the results.
    The authors baby was 18 months when she wrote the book.

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