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    my daughter was small 3.4 , she was twin. I pumped for 3 an a half mths bc she would not latch, and then one day she did and does great. My son still wont nurse so i pump an bottle feed him. Dont give up!!



    yeah reglan was recalled ….. and act004 i myself have a soy allergie its awful i cant hardly eat anything at all no fast food no boxed or processed foods its all horrible and i also have other allergies to peas green beans and things like that the allergie only gets worse with age too uugghh… and when i had to get tested for other food allergies to like potaotes and watermelon and pretty much all foods i became severly allergic to while i was pregnant. getting prorper nutrition is really hard for me because i am so limited to what i can eat. i feel your your little boy!!



    his urine could be slightly yellow because of something you ate. otherwise if he is acting satisfied after eating, and still is having the recommended number of wet diapers everyday he is most likely ok. even at nearly 8 months my nipples seem to take on a different shape everytime my daughter feeds. i doubt you need to worry about that.





    my dd only feeds on one side sometimes. mostly @ night. ill pump on one side at the same time shes nursing on the other



    tanners mommy: look up the Moby Wrap. It’s literally the best! It’s one long piece of fabric that you wrap around you, and you can put the baby in it in so many different ways, ocluding a breastfeeding position. It comes with a booklet and instructions. It’s $40, but that’s about how much any good wrap costs anyways. Just google Moby Wrap and the website will pop up. I bought mine brand new on Ebay and didn’t pay shipping. They sell it at some wholefoods stores too.



    ok well we finally had a poopy diaper but WOW was it a ton so much so it was coming out the front the back and leg holes and all over his legs and had a bad smell to it and was pretty dark in color still won’t latch just fusses and he never does he didn’t even cry when he came out! so for him to even make an upset face is really rare……….maybe I should give his ped. a call ……… he’s not lossing weight though so that’s good and he pees about the same amount…..



    mrofficer… dont worry I had the same thought when I was preggo… actually when he was born he latch right away.. loke 20 min. after he was born and they hand him over to me… you feel nothing at all…. all you feel is the inmense love you start having 4 your lil’ one… you look at him/her and you cant stop thinking is he/her mine??? is he/her eatting?? ohh they are beautifull… my fav. part of all.. even now that he is a year old I still enjoy it when he sees me withouth a bra on he ask 4 it and how can I refuse it??? this is the best of best… he is gentle and he cares on not hurtting me at all… GOOD LUCH AND ENJOY IT TIME WILL FLY.



    babyknight, it is best if you chill the freshly expressed milk before adding it to the milk that is already in the fridge, but yes, you can mix the two. I don’t really pump ever… I’ve only gone out once without the baby, and pumped when he normally would have been eating, it worked out fine. I used to pump though, and would pump after I had just finished feeding, or in the evening after he went down, as I knew he would sleep longer. Now I don’t bother anymore, since I’m pretty well always with him, and not going back to work until September.



    Just to add to BRI’s point about ‘not knowing how to eat/over eating… I think itt is absolutely amazing how when your little one is nursing your milk changes. The beginning (foremilk) is more of a thurst quencher; then the hindmilk satisfies their hunger and lets them know they’re full. Formula babies don’t get that transition, so they tend to eat, eat, and eat.



    expecting-2b-patient – I’m so sorry! This is such an important thing to me that if my caregivers weren’t doing as I asked I’d change. I know it’s family so it makes it a little harder but you need to be firm with them. Make sure that if they are going to watch your baby then they know how to handle your milk. Maybe even write down the rules and put it on the fridge. You need to put your foot down and stop this misuse.



    balsam just the smell will tell smells horrible when its gone bad!


    some advice needed please. James never had a dummy/pacifier he just used my boob for that. I wasn’t planning on giving oliver one either. He also is using my boob for the comfort which i don’t mind. However i’m thinking of giving him one as i feel like he is just attached to my boob all day and thats not really fair on james. James is only 19 months and needs his mammy to play with him. I never wanted them to have one as i’ve seen what a nightmare it was for friends when they tried to get them to give it up. Whats everyone’s opinions on them, and how have you dealt with the removal of it at some stage?



    Kinta, shortly before we had Zach, my doc looked at me and asked if we had gotten a nursing basket ready yet. I looked at her and went WHAT? She suggested taking a basket and putting special toys in it that could only be used while I nursed. Take a few toys out of commission, maybe get one or two cheap new toys and start off with that. Remove a few other toys and put them away so she can’t play with them so that in a week when she is used to those toys you trade them out. Keep rotating toys…they quickly forget about what they have so a few days of not playing with something makes it ‘brand new’ when its reintroduced in the nursing basket. Rotating the toys also keeps you from having to buy new stuff all the time too. Every once in a while you can toss something from the dollar store in, like a new coloring book, but its not needed. My boys are 18mo apart.



    Ladies I need your help I am leaving Danny for the first time EVER tonight and going to my sil bachelorette party I am thinking I will be gone from 6pm-2am AT THE LATEST how much milk should I send? Also I am the DD so I will be able to nurse as soon as I get back to him

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