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    You know you spend too much time pumping or thinking about pumping when you see news headlines that say ‘pain at the pump’ and you think about a breast pump instead of the gas pump. It gave me a good laugh anyway!



    Bri- my son wanted to see everything too.. the covered worked when he was small..but as he got older, he was like HELL NO! so at that point i used a smallish blanket if i had one..
    i agree its beautiful and natural..i am lucky my dh agrees with me..hes like, F those people who say is gross, thats what boobs are feed our babbies..



    Jeniwalker…I sent a FB request last week and nobody accepted me. I’m Merry Fischer. Do I need to send it again?



    I recieved the invite but something went wrong when i confirmed…. dont worry bout it.



    Expressed milk will stay good for up to 8 hours sitting on the table. stays good for like 4-5 days in the fridge. And only warm up once…bm is live so warming it more than once can and will mess with the goodness. Oh and warmed milk usually is only good for an hour or so… has all the time frames. I will pump and place in a bottle and dh takes with him..i personally don’t give bottles as i can give on tap but i know some are not comfy with NIP…and thats fine..just remember your supply/demand. And the spicy stuff…my lo has the same problem..i just eat in moderation and she handles it pretty well. and that goes with caffeine..moderation is the key!



    rubes- Breastmilk in the fridge is good for 5-7 days, the cream will seprate you just need to mix it back its still good even though it looks weird . In the freezer, want to put it towards the back, i use breastmilk freezer bags, they are good for about 4-6 months. In the deep freezer since its opened less and is kept at a cooler temp and constant temp can be good for 12 months.



    10 years ago I got breast implants half under the muscle, half over. The incision was on the areola. Before I got pregnant I didn’t have 100% feeling around my breast. I can only assume nerve damage. Does anyone know a success story of who has successfully breast fed when the incision was through the areola?



    I’m still waitng for AF to return and have stopped night feeds 2 months ago. Anastasia is 6 months 2 weeks old. I was hoping to have another baby quickly and start trying for number two now but it seems I was dreaming.



    does anyone give vitamin d drops? mara’s dr who i don’t like and am looking for new, said to start her in tri va sol or something like that, all my friends where i live that BF have never been told to give thier little ones these drops. ?? in my book i have it says to start at 6m and mara is 5….what do u think?



    lilymae – I’m in agreement with the other ladies. The first two or three months are the hardest. There is nipple pain at first. I was told that if it hurt then we aren’t doing it right. Now I know better. Some women do have pain and others don’t. It gets better with practice on both your parts. Some babies aren’t natural at nursing either. I had a lazy sucker which didn’t help with supply. But, if you can get through the sleeplessness and the nipple pain there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It gets so much better. You will finally get to sleep at night and when you do nurse they will look up at you in pure enjoyment. You can read ‘thank you’ in their eyes. It’s wonderful. You never know if you will have a hard time or not but if you do just keep trying and it does get better.



    Warsaw – Your baby might be going through a growth spurt. If so then s/he is eatting a lot more and using what you might be pumping out. Keep pumping and your supply will adjust to what your baby needs. Congrats!



    Thanks Lilli, my son is 5 and 1/2 months. I have been using both bottles and direct nursing since he was born. He just started refusing bottles since last weeks so i don’t know why he is doing it. Perhaps you are right about the closeness thing. I will definitively do what you suggested. I am really hoping that this is just a phase that he is going through.



    I wish I was one of those women who didn’t get their period for atleast a few months while bf, but I am 6 weeks 3 days pp and i got my monthly friend yesterday….sucks for me but i’m wondering if it has anything to do with me just starting the ‘mini pill’?? anyone know anything about this??



    Hi, I’m 35 weeks pregnant and want to BF my new addition. I tried BF with my son 9 years ago, but was unsuccessful. I became engorged and didn’t know what to do (I was 18 and had no advice) In the beginning should I BF exclusively and pump and save or BF pump and give her a bottle? I really feel clueless!



    i posted about painful nipples a few days ago. my LO had gained 40g but lost it again, she was on the breast for 7 hours non stop last night – its still excruciating and shes 11 days old. my midwife came this morning and asked me to bf my baby and i cried and screamed at the thought of it. i cant stand the pain any longer. midwife suggested a 48 break from bf, so i am trying to express milk and use some formula – which i really didnt want to do but felt i had no choice as baby is hungry all the time. i cant seem to express enough milk for her either! im so frustrated. in just want my nipples to heal so i can try again :o(

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