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    Hello, My son is almost 11 months and I am still exclusively pumping. I would like to stop breastfeeding once he turns 12 months, I have a full time job and want to get pregnant again as soon as possible. Does anybody know of a remedy to stop the milk supply fast? It’s my first child so I really don’t know how. I appreciate your feedback !!!!



    kebler-are you feeding solids yet? My LO started at 4 months with cereal and juice and we’ve now done all fruits and vegies. She doesn’t like meat…go figure. I don’t think I’d eat that stuff either! LOL! Anyway , we’ve moved on to baby yogurt now so she’s eating food 4 times a day. Small portions. Her demand for breastmilk has went down and allows me to keep up with her needs. 4-5 ounces in an 8-9 hour period is enough for her right now. She’ll be 7 months on the 6th. She around 8-9am (cereal) then has a fruit at about 11am, long nap, up for yogurt around 3 or so and then a veggie with cereal around 8ish and off to bed by 9. It’s a great schedule for both of us. She still BF at 3, 6, 9, 2am, and around 6:30 the next morning. I pump once while I’m gone and thats all I need. Anyway, sorry this is so long….LOL.



    my doughter is 12 months now.still she feeding.iam 7 months pregnant now.its no good to breast feeding now.for who is affect it?



    Thank you all for the support! I have been looking at kellymom – wow there is a lot of good information! I will have to read more closely, for now I was reading about weight gain. One thing though is they say is the WHO charts are better since they are for breastfed babies, but my doctors use WHO charts so my baby is dropping compared to other breastfed babies. Those of you who said your babies also dropped in percentile – was that also using WHO charts? I did really like the section that said sometimes babies grow slowly but are still healthy – at least that is what I want to believe! My baby seems completely healthy and normal except for slow weight gain.



    My baby is 8 days old. My nipples kill- I am working on a good latch- but they still hurt- how long should this last- is this normal.



    Bri… I think that is my problem. I work 4 10 hour days. I am up at 4:40 am, sometimes a little earlier depending on if RJ gets hungry, out the door by 5:20 am, drop off RJ at my aunts, meet my mom, drop off hubby, get to work by about 6:45, pump, start work at 7am which I am a shipping manager and have to do all the work my dock hand does, get off work at 5:30 pm, get to RJ by 6:15, get home, nurse, cook, bedtime bath, and try to get him in bed by 8 – 8:30 (lately he has been staying up till 10:30 – 11), then dishes, shower and in bed by 11. I am jealous of all the SHAM’s, but I am the one making the most money so I can’t quit working. I agree RJ is so worth the stress, but he makes # 3 for my hubby and we are in a court battle to get his little girl from his mother so that will be 2 kids in the house so I really am ok with only one biological child, I have 3 total so it is all good. Again, I am so happy for you. Pregnancy can be fun and the outcome is a wonderful blessing!!!


    natesmomma: i jsut bought a big bag of oats and soaked half a cup of oats in half a cup of water overnight. plus, i started drinknig more water. i had been kinda of slacking on that, so i drank 8-10 oz glasses for the last couple of days. my son woke once last night to eat, so i pumped after he was done eating and got tired and went to bed after 4oz!



    natesmomma – if you leak a lot you can by milk collection cups (Medela makes some for example) so you can save the milk that leaks from the other side while you are pumping or breastfeeding. I bought some in the beginning because I felt like I was leaking a lot, but actually I found it was only about a tablespoon most times. But every drop is worth saving I guess!



    i gave my daughter cereal at night and it worked for me getting her to sleep throught the nights. Some babies it will work for and some not. Eventually she just didin’t need it when i gave her solids. Some are more hungry than others.



    Angie – perfectly safe. A lot of ladies on here are pregnant again and still nursing. I think the main issue is comfort especially in the later months. Good luck and congratulations!



    1byfatith – When I went back to work at 8 weeks, I was sick over the fact that my LO wouldn’t eat and would cry all day, so after reading and talking with my lactation nurse, Maddy would start to drift to sleep in her swing, or in someones arms and you could pop and bottle in and she would suck away, and I would feel better that she was getting something during the day. Eventually, they could feed her awake, and for about 3 weeks now we moved on to the MAM bottles and she does fine with them – even lets me give her one.



    SydneeMay2009- Thanks so much. I was wondering. But the color and consistency is what it is supposed to be so I guess I can just relax.



    frenchie-My son is almost 8 weeks old and for the first month of his life he was bottle fed. I had supply issues as well (he wasn’t bf’ing well….at all really and I had a slow start) and was pumping to bring it up. I used to only try him at the breast once a day. Once I got my supply up enough that I could sustain him without supplementing (around 4 weeks) I tried a nipple sheild. It worked. I think that it sort of transitioned him from bottle nipple to my nipple. I only had to use it once or twice. We started ebf when he was 1 month old. There was definitely some frustration the first 4 days but we stuck with it and it’s been smooth sailing for the last 3 weeks. Keep trying and good luck!



    with breast feeding …my liitle one is 12 days old…do i just offer one breast a sitting and the other one if she wants more after pulling off the first but then requesting more within say 5 mins….whats the formula for breastfeeding adequatley? whats foremilk and hindmilk and what colour and texture should her poos be? It was grainy looking in a yellow gel (seeded mustard) and now is more creamy yellow but still bright.



    PGFirstTimer – So I understand sticking your arm straight out and LO’s head is almost or barely touching the arm…but does baby stay laying on his/her back for the feeding, or is LO on his/her side when latched and feeding. i’m sorry so many questions; we just can’t get it right! : (

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