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    HannahKay- My let down hurts. Sometimes really bad.



    JACQUECMSU: I think your baby is way too young to think that she is going to get into a habit of this. Also even bottle fed baby’s fall asleep while/after a feed- they’re full. Most of the time that’s how babies go to sleep. DJ is 5wks and when he starts to fall asleep too soon during a feed I say ‘hey no sleeping on the job’ and give him a little shake or play with his feet or tickle his back. Also I always hold my boob in place with my hand and have my index finger under his chin. So when he doses off I rub the bottom of his chin and he starts to suck again. Try to feed her with only a onesie on. Just remember that it’s soothing to them and comforting… she is so young and needs it. Also you can never spoil a newborn. My pediatrician says it isn’t until they are around 6mons they are getting the hang of knowing how to get what they want…



    nikkiandfred – My 1st AF was full blown! I’m just fertile myrtle I guess lol


    Hello all. I am currently breastfeeding twins. They were bornat 34.3 weeks. Jake was 5.5 and Lexi was 3.4. I have been pumping since day 1 and feeding them with bottles. I tried several times to get them to nurse but they were not interested. last week Lexi started nursing and is doing great. Jake still has no desire so I am still pumping and bottle feeding him. He takes about 5 ozs every 3 hrs but goes for about 5 or 6 at night sometimes. I was wondering if any body else is nursing twins and does anyone know what I can do to tmake more milk. My babies will be 4 mths the 21. As of Dec 22 Jake was 13.5 and Lexi 11.4.



    Question–baby is now going 5 hours at night which is making me have lots of milk for the first feedings of the day. She ends up eating less than 10 minutes for the first few feedings. Should I switch sides even if it is a five minute feeding? Then, by the evening, it seems there is not enough to satisfy her without depleting BOTH sides and then back to the first. Is this common? I have never used a bottle or pumped and she is gaining about 3/4 lb a week (she is 6 wks and over 12 lbs now). SO, I know she is getting plenty. Just curious what you all have to say.



    Our boobs are proverbial (and literal!) punching bags!


    So the other night my son was feeding off my left breast and my nipple started to get really sore. Like it was burning. I wanted to get him off it to change to the other side he would let go but he wasn’t even eating so I ended up having to just pull it out, which hurt and now my whole breast is sooo sore. Feels like it’s brused. Is that possible? Also even since then when I pump I’m getting alot less milk out on that side then before.



    I have a question for all, My lo is now almost 10 weeks old, and all of a sudden It seems that my milk supply has taken a huge dip. I did start back to work last week and have been using the pump in style advance when I had used the symphony when I was still at home. I work 3 days a week twelve hours a day and then nurse when I get home. I am pumping once before I get to work and 3 times at work as close to 3 hours a part as I can but some times it ends up being a little longer. I am taking fenugreek and blessed thistle 3 caps 3 times a day and a reglan every now and again because it makes me so sleepy. Baby still seems hungry sometimes after I nurse her, but she seems to still have plenty of wet diapers. Also a little concerned that she seems to sleep a lot!! literally at least 20 hours a day. Any one else have either of these going on with either milk supply or little one sleeping so much. She falls asleep at the breast a lot still too.



    My ten month old has half a tooth and started using it last night on my nipple. He was in hysterics every time I told him no and pulled him away from the breast. It took two nursing sessions (I gave up on the first session after 4 bites and switching sides) and five interruptions before he calmed down and nursed proper. I hope that was the end of it, but my kid is stubborn so I doubt it is.



    MRSOFFICER: No, you are not ‘perv’ for thinking that, LOL! It only makes sense, seeing that’s all we’ve used them for till now. As other girls have said it can be quite painful (but beautiful at the sametime) in the beginning. My boy is now 6mons and we BOTH have it down pat and now it feels good when he nurses, but there is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) sexual about it. It’s weird… it’s a different ‘enjoyment’ I guess, I don’t know how to say it without you thinking I’M a perv, LOL! But once they’re older and pros at nursing it has a nice sensation when they are nursing. It very well could just be the final let down of milk or just the pure enjoyment of feeding my baby… nothing sexual about it. I totally understand your wonderment though =) HAPPY NURSING, IT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!



    errrr…i am dealing with yet another clogged duct, really hope i can work it out before it turns into mastitis like the last 2 times. i dont know why i cant seem to work it out…i do hot/cold compress, massage, offer that side first, and often, point babys chin towards the clog, pump after feeding, i hand express and massage in the shower under hot water, i have even tried cabbage leafs…can anyone suggest any other techniques other than the ones i have listed?



    You ladies are amazing! Keep learning and sharing.



    Hi everyone. I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and have been successfully breastfeeding her. Well, that being said I had a question for the breastfeeding pro’s that you ladies are, I just recently started pumping to increase milk production and have a freezer stash. I have an excellent hospital grade pump but only manage to pump 2 ounces from both breast in the morning and about 1.5 ounces every other feeding. Sometimes even less in the evenings. I am only pumping after I feed my daughter so I dont expect to get 8 ounces but I want to know if this has happened to any of you ladies… any feedback is much obliged.


    well i expressed got just over 5oz in a few mins. Dh is giving baby a bottle now. Which means i get to put my 19 month to bed which i haven’t been able to do since baby was born. Very happy mammy!



    god-iva – My boys have always gone with me to restaurants and anywhere else we go. Probably one of the reasons they are well behaved. They know what to expect at a restaurant. We went to Costco when Chris was five days old. With Alex the first outing was the grocery (safeway) when he was only a couple days old. I guess I just hit the ground running with Alex cause I had Chris and we had to do things like the park and play groups. Olive Garden is definately a place the boys love. Well, Chris loves it, Alex just hangs in the carrier right now but I’m sure he’ll be joining us real soon.

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