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    Krystal it’s supply in demand the more demand the more supply. By pumping you are telling our body to produce more so when baby has that feed at 3 she is getting plenty of milk. You are never fully empty as tunny said.



    Styx – it’s 1 to 1.5 oz per hour you’re away, so 8 to 12 oz. Have a great time!



    I can’t stop laughing… I gave Braeden his first sippy cup (of breast milk) and his face was hilarious! He was absolutely disgusted! Apparently milk shouldn’t come from a cup! lmao



    Mileysmommy08 – That happened to me a lot this time around. I would stop bleeding but then I’d go and do something that worked the muscles and then I was bleeding again. It’s ok. Just sit back a bit, your body is still recovering.



    2ndtimemommmy – I would be so mad. That is a word that is in the bad word category for us. If my learn that then they’ll be explain why we don’t use those terms. Ugh! I’m not looking forward to some of those talks.



    didderty- could it just be gas? try not to get offended, i’m sure LO didn’t mean it lol. I’m sure she still loves it! I hope she takes it for the next feeding, also. Let us know!


    Seuban i’m so sorry, I’m sure you’ll do whats best. X



    Maddux, you are correct, the overall amount doesn’t change, just the increments. For example, I am gone 10 hours. Zach stated out with 3 3.5ish oz bottles and is now on 2 5oz bottles. When the ‘change’ takes place you might find that you are doing bottles of various amounts ie 2 bottles of 4oz and one of 2.5-3. Since you are going to be gone 9 hours, I would maybe start out with 4 2.5 oz bottles and see how she does. You might even be able to do 3 3oz bottles and have it be enough for her. This way you are risking having to dump extra milk because it wasn’t used in time (when I taught we had to dump anything left in a bottle after an hour. Didn’t matter if it was breast milk or not.) You also wont risk having her over eat and then demand more than you can keep up with. It will give you a little more wiggle room as she grows too.



    ps – I put the BF’ing sticker on my FB picture and my little brother just asked me what it was. He’s eleven. I told him and he said, ‘Oh, cool.’ Lol! At least he isn’t creeped out by it anymore!



    Well Alex is off! Not even 7 months yet!



    Bri, so the fact that I am super engorged now means I’m feeding Braeden too much solids? We just started last week, and he only gets one meal a day. I give him 1 tbsp of rice cereal, and one ice-cube of a veggie. It doesn’t seem like much to me, and I nurse him before hand, and usually again about an hour or so later, but OMG, my boobs feel like they’re going to explode all day now! I’ve always had a bit of an oversupply, I never really stopped getting engorged completely, but now it’s ridiculous. I’m more engorged now than when my milk came in! So does this mean he’s getting too much solids, or is it just because my body makes too much milk?


    Its really just first tastes at that age. I’d keep trying with veggies, they often prefer the fruit as it is sweeter. Maybe try veggies at different time of day see if that helps.



    Hello ladies! I have a question for those of you who pump. I am getting ready to start storing milk for when I have to go back to work and start giving Carter a bottle every couple days just to make sure he will take the bottle (don’t want him to starve). He is now 4 weeks old. Anyway; if I pump a little bit a couple times a day I can keep adding to the same bottle as long as I keep it at room temp for 8 hours right? I know you can add cold milk to cold milk, but it seems silly for me to refridgerate 1 oz then another oz, then another, then wait to put them all together.
    Also before I give it to him, after I warm it up I shodul shake it up right since I know the heavier milk goes to the top??
    Thanks ladies….trying to do everything right!



    Thanks deeyore! Ill look inot that for sure!



    So my mom thinks my Lo’s poo is too runny, but it has been the same since day one and she has never cared for a breastfed baby. His poo is like mustard, but a bit more liquidy. Is that normal for a bf baby?

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