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    Nichole: I would recomind that you go to a class. I am 35 weeks tomorrow and went to one last night. It was great. I am now so ready to BF. Try calling your hospital to see if they have a BF class you can go to.



    Oh honey! I’m sorry! Keep it up. In the meanwhile slather on the lanolin. Also, neusporin is a wound gel here in the US, I’m not sure if you have it there. I used it when Kekoa was biting me. Of course I washed it off before a feed but it really helped to heal my nipples. I’m sorry you are in pain!



    Prego- My son is 5 months and I still have not had a period. WOOHOO!****** mommyxs3-really? I thought the same as you – ha! maybe the customer service rep was wrong?! lol :p



    I got my nursing cover from ebay, I think it was from Joanne fabrics or something. I think she makes them and they are the same dimensions of hooter hiders. It was about $15 ish with shipping and you get to choose your design. I used it a few times, mostly in restuarants, but mostly when i’m pumping in my car while i’m at work. I travel a lot with my job throughout philly, so inbetween clients i pump, oh the joys of working while breastfeeding.



    Emi is almost 9 months and has gone off feeding this past week. She will go ALL day until mid afternoon before i can get her to feed and she feeds once through the night and before bed.. She also wont feed on my right side for more than a few seconds since i had mastitis a few weeks ago. Any suggestions of what might be going on there? She also only gained 95 grams in the past fortnight which is what she should be gaining a week. Does the growth slow down about now or would it be because she is skipping feeds? Im trying not to stress about it and i just offer her every few hours but she isnt interested…



    I thought 40 oz sounded like a lot too but I wasn’t sure. The reason I think it is so much is every two weeks we have a weigh-in with our nurse, and she has been saying for months that we need to feed the baby more or I don’t have enough milk. So we have really been pushing the baby to eat about every 2 hours, plus I have been working hard to increase my milk supply. Actually we just rented the infant scale because a few weeks ago we were telling the nurse we were sure he was eating lots, but again she just said ‘obviously he isn’t, since he’s not growing’.



    bri, how long would you pump at work? currently i only pump twice for 15 min each side. i nurse at 630 am, i pump on my lunch break at 11 and then at 3 then nurse at 6:30 when we get home and she usually eats two more times at night….



    My son is 5 weeks old and we have had a rough time nursing but I am committed to getting it right. Can anyone help me on some of the issues we have? 1)I believe we still have a poor latch especially for the right breast because it still tends to pinch during feeding unless I have a lot of milk with a let down. I have large breast with a huge areola and flat nipples. When we first latched my son would open really wide but because I was inexperienced I could never catch the wide mouth. Then the craking came. We got through that with pumping, bottles and a pacy. But then he never perfected his latch. He then got his tongue tie cut and still plays with his tongue alot. How can I perfect the latch or is the pain inevitable because breast are too big and baby will not open wide enough?
    2) because of my latching issues my right breast has less milk supply than the left and I am not sure if I have the correct milk supply at all. I pump alot now because I am at work. My son wants more sometimes and it seems as if I just dont have it, so I am forced to offer formula. Should i pump more; if so how much more, drink more water, or other recomm.?

    Please respond on my page since I am not on frequently.



    Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day!



    oh also, I drink nonalcoholic beer every night for milk supply – I don’t know for sure if it helps but I heard that it does.



    question for all you ladies who nursed past the first year–did you introduce cow’s milk at all or just kept giving breastmillk?



    I’m so jealous, I want to be pregnant again haha. I just have my hands full with this one right now. Next year though definitely!


    OK….need to know what this is. I have a big red bump on the areola (sp) part of my nipple. It hurts so much. It kinda looks like a HUGE pimple but I don’t know… How can I get rid of it if I am constantly pumping and BF? I don’t even know why I have this or what it is….anyone else had this before? DH makes fun of me and calls me nasty boob 🙁



    How long has she only been taking 13 oz? If it’s only been for a little while, she may be teething, when some babies teeth, they don’t want to eat…but if it continues I’d call her doc just to be sure everything is okay b/c I think she should be taking between 25-28 oz a day…(someone can correct me if I’m wrong, I EBF, so not real sure on the oz she is taking in). Just keep offering her throughout the day and I’m sure she’ll get back on her normal eating schedule!



    suzm – I use the Medela Pump In Style. I think over the course of a year of hardcore use the suction did get lost a little. I started noticing it around 9 months. I read on the website that they really are only waranteed for a year and its not even recommended to use them for another child so I am going to relish in the fact I never had to buy formula and get rid of it after I am done breastfeeding my son. Just make sure to hand express when you are pumped out. Sometimes hand expressing can trigger an additional letdown and then just hook the pump back up. That works for me. If you think the motor is going, call customer service and they can work with you to clean the motor and things like that.

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