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    1stbabyboyaug2nd – It is totally normal. The first three months are the hardest. Once you get through that you will feel like super mom. HAHA! Babies eat often because when they are born their tummies are the size of a marble and grow from there. By a couple they are the size of a plastic egg. Eating often is your babies way of getting your breasts to make more. You’ll notice growth spurts in the next few months as well. You’ll think FINALLY my dear sweet child is giving me a break and then pow! you are feeding every hour again. I tell new moms, as hard as it is give it three months. At the end of the third month if you and you still can’t take it then do what you will but most come back and say it gets easier. Many reset their goals to six months and when they get there they think why not a year. Congrats on your baby.



    thats the infamous breast milk poo…gutta love t!



    illy2 – It could be jealousy but a lot of little girls emulate their moms. So, it’s only natural that she breastfeeds her baby when that’s what she see you do. The biting and hitting is part of being two. Just need to teach her that we don’t hit/bit. I know, sucks but it’s the age.



    Chel: to stop the biting, place your thumb on baby’s chin and put a little bit of pressure. Bubs won’t be able to clamp down then



    For ladies that use washable nursing pads: I have tries everything under the sun, and can’t seem to get all of the milk out of them… am I the only person with this problem?



    SHIZ!!!!!!!!! my dear!! glad to see ya!! and that breast feeding your princess is going well!!!



    Hi fellow mommies! I need some help, my daughter is 6 weeks old and has been ebf, i need to go back to work in 2 weeks so I have started pumping, but she wont take a bottle. I am afraid I have waited too long to introduce the bottle…she will ‘gum’ the nipple for a few minutes but then starts fussing and then really crying (the I’m really frustrated cry). Do any of you ladies have any suggestions?



    Hey ladies! This is the first time I have posted on this particular forum, but I have some questions/concerns. My daughter is 4 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed. I tried breastfeeding with my son, (who is now 2) but it didn’t work out and I am desperate to make it work this time around. My daughter caught on right away, but as this is still pretty new to me I have some questions. I have noticed in the past several days that she has been gassy about an hour after feedings. I have read that many babies have sensitivities to dairy and am wondering if this could be the problem. If so, why would she just be developing the sensitivity now? Also, I have noticed that she has less bowel movements in the last few days. Before, she was having several per day, but lately she only goes once every other day (but when she does it is like an explosion). She is gaining weight and still having plenty of wet diapers, so I am pretty sure that she is getting enough to eat. Could this be from a food sensitivity as well, or is it normal? The other question I have was regarding a diaper rash that she has had for a few days. It has not been getting better even with cream and frequent diaper changes. I contacted her dr today and they told me to stop using the cream, as it could be causing it to get worse/not get better. I have also left her diaper off for stretches at a time so the rash can get some air. Since all of these things began at the same time, i’m wondering if they could be related. Her next dr appt isn’t until Monday, but I am not sure if I should bring her in earlier to address these issues. Any input is appreciated.


    Cassie- I hate the same problem with my breasts itching so badly. I am not even weening, but about 3 times a day they just start itching like CRAZY! i notice mine more often when they are fuller so maybe it does have something to do with that.


    my baby weighs 14lb 2oz today. he was 8lb 13oz when born 6 weeks ago and thats ebf! yay for magic mummy milk.



    Okay, so I finished the last leg of my qualification process to become a breast milk donor today. A lab technician actually came to my job to draw the blood. Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks to get the okay to ship the milk off. I know a lot of mothers have problems keeping up a supply for their own babies, but if you have an oversupply and your baby isn’t drinking it, please consider signing up to become a donor. I’ll be the first to admit that it is not an easy process. You have to have both your doctor and the pediatrician sign off as well as have blood drawn and do a DNA donor sample, but to me it’s worth it. I’m giving mine to the International Breast Milk Project. 75% goes to preemies here in the States and 25% goes to children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. If anybody has a lot of stored milk and is thinking about throwing it away, please consider volunteering. They need all the help and support they can get.



    amys 9 months today and i got my 1st period today exactly 9 months from her birth lol


    andys now terified im ‘fertile’ again hehe



    i give my baby a sponge bath & massage every night too…



    readyforbaby – that’s sad for you and just goes to show that despite all the advice that breastfeeding is such a natural thing that should come as second nature to every woman blah blah… it doesn’t always work out. Likewise, for Lilymae I agree with what Bri said about nipple pain. Some midwives will insist that if it hurts, the attachment must be wrong. Well, by my third baby I knew that attachment didn’t get any better (on my nipples, with a small baby, tiny mouth) than I was doing and I just had to grit my teeth and get through that first painful stage. Lansinoh and a bit of fresh air work quite well. I recently made it to 1 year with my 3rd baby and nothing could be easier or more convenient than breastfeeding now. Mind you, my nipples are now a completely different shape to how they started (flat) with baby #1!



    allisonjacobson- Drink, drink, drink! Really, I am amazed at how much water I need to drink in order to stay hydrated while BF and I am constantly drinking all kinds of liquids. It is true that chapped lips are a sign of dehydration, although not always. Maybe TMI- but drink enough so that your pee is very light yellow. Also, it helps to exfoliate your lips before applying moisturizer!

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